20 Advantages of Having Tea in the Workplace

office tea time

To help you get the most out of your tea break meeting, we’ve put together a list of 20 advantages which make a significant contribution to the productivity of your team when using a team building exercise that involves a high tea.

  1. Shared Focus. When you and members of a team sit down to have a relaxing drink it’s likely you will all be thinking about the past. But, as you chisels away your tensions will be lowered as your focus is unified – this allows energy to flow more freely through the team and make it more effective.
  2. Communication. As you sit down together the shared focus of the other members will allow you to tap into each others communication skills.
  3. Team Building. Because your attention is now free to think about another task it opens the door for team building. The ability to work as a team and to work well as a team has always been important to businesses.

4.Materials. Tea really does open up the mind to new ideas and outputs. During the tea break you are likely to go brain storming about new ways of doing things and new solutions for problems.

  1. A Break from Work. This is important for some people, as they feel this as a sort of ‘asted investment’ in the team’s performance. The break gets them out and energised.
  2. Motivation. Who hasn’t wanted to have a nice relaxing drink, been presented with an endless stream of fresh ideas, or have experienced a desperate cry for help? Having a relaxing break is a little time away from the work and this breaks the back-and-forth between work and your daily tasks.
  3. Communication. Some people are just plain better at listening than talking. A healthy tea or coffee is a great way of helping with these communication skills.
  4. Motivation. As you relax and talk about more recent events then you are more likely to discuss and consider new ideas. If you’re used to the business or are in a different department you may be more likely to let doors hang.
  5. Generation of Generous Ideas. As discussed above we are all more likely to engage new ideas when around other people. A good team SUPPORT each other. Thus helping to generate some really terrific ideas.
  6. Fun. The lightness of a drink rejuvenates the body. Silence on a tea bone visual can lead on to a big idea.
  7. Gifts. If people feel they’re getting a bonus for showing their attention to a project or idea then they are more likely to be more generous in their idea sharing.
  8. A Memory. As tea breaks are often shared (rather than one of the managers making a cup for themselves) you can generate a memory chiseling afterwards.
  9. A Room Full of Volunteers. This shows that a BAAM team is tall, large and growing. This is a good thing for a team to see. In a smaller organization the teammates are not ignited and it’s easier for them to hide if a member of the team feels a team’s motivation.
  10. Communication. This is the most obvious benefit but does not really have something to do with ‘tea‘. In general the team is able to communicate more freely while curious activity can take place. As the old saying goes we need more communication than we receive.
  11. Interesting Discussions. Does the meeting get boring? Do you ever process Monday mornings and wonder how you got to today? Have you seen someone in one meeting who is totally lost. The WHO of that meeting will usually drive that conversation. Even if the conversation does not proceed as expected the question will help to generate interest. Stop thinking ‘I told ’em before’ about work from home ergonomics.
  12. Add Some Creativity. The room becomes a large canvas on which a team can experiment with new ideas. It also provides time for brainstorming.
  13. Relate. The act of forming virtual teams is excellent way to develop team members relations. The more the team member feels part of something larger the more willing they are to help a team member.
  14. Value Discussion. If you’re a designer if you’re a copywriter if you’re an engineer this is a great activity in which you can apply your skills and talents and also establish a new world for your company.
  15. Perspective. Time spent away from work, even if only for a couple of hours can be a really good thing. There are different reasons for this. There are also different ways of valuing all the time you take away from the day.
  16. Collaboration. As part of a team, there is little personal interaction or face-to-face interaction. The small amount of time back and forth discussing and brainstorming is a great way for online teams to work closer in close quarters.