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The year 2020 was a mix bag of fortunes for the people of Nashville. Whereas the year started well and upbeat, it is the coming of the corona virus which changed everything. People had to adapt to what they called the new norm. Despite the challenges, Nashville experienced an interesting year too.

This article is a guide on the major events in the year 2020 in Nashville.

Nashville News 2020

Like almost every place in the world, Nashville was heavily affected by corona virus. Between March 16 and March 20, the impact of the virus started taking toll on the people of Nashville. In these dates, the bars were closed, and limitations were put in place on the use of restaurants. This was the start of a far reaching economic impact of businesses in Tennessee and it adversely affected the people of Nashville. As a matter of fact, some people in Nashville lost their businesses and were not able to recover, at least by December, 2020.

The first death due to the corona virus was reported on March 20. This was a moment of impact on the people of Tennessee. This was more so on the people who had one medical or the other, asthma for instance. Like in other places, the older people of Nashville got worried about the impact that corona virus has on everyone, more so on the old people.

On April 12, there was an order from Governor Lee that everyone should stay at home for a week. One of the most critical moments was when 150 inmates tested positive for corona virus at Bledsoe County Correctional Complex. Another critical day was May 26 when it was reported that all employees in a farm at Rhea County had tested positive for the virus (around 200 people who were working in the farm). Similarly, some university students were blamed for holding a party at a time when the country was facing imminent threats from the virus. Such cases contributed to the spread of the virus in Nashville and beyond the city.

During the time of the corona virus, Harvard University identified Tennessee as one of the states which did a good job in testing cases of corona virus. At least, such efforts made the population more aware and more conscious of how to behave. For example, being tested meant that one was careful not to expose the virus to other people, more so, the older people.

However, Nashville was at the center of attention on how public gatherings lead to spread of the virus. This was observed on June 22 when a dozen people who had attended a service at Westmore Church of God tested positive for coronas virus. Such incidences continued to take place in the town with the authorities urging more responsibility among individuals.

Like other cities, Nashville started appreciating the use of masks in public places in order to manage the spread of the virus. Again, like in other places, this was a matter of controversy. Dr. Fauci was concerned about the high rate of transmission in Tennessee and requested the Tennessee community to be more cautious about its behavior when it comes to interacting with others.

The year 2020 was a tough economic time and Nashville was not immune to the economic predicaments that faced the country. For example, night businesses such as bars cried foul over the restrictions they faced and how it affected their businesses. The industry told the Mayor of Nashville that night life economy is the backbone of Nashville and that due to the restrictions, sound engineers, bar staff, and musicians were being thrown out.

On the positive side, Nashville would be one of the contributors to the development of a COVID 19 vaccine. Moderna announced the discovery of a vaccine stating that this was due to the effort of various organizations and professionals including Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). In the efforts to fund a vaccine, a prominent country music artist, Dolly Parton, helped in funding the vaccine. Dolly Parton made this noble effort at a time when many people did not believe that a COVID 19 vaccine would ever be found.

The year closed with Governor Lee emphasizing the importance of wearing masks in public places. By this time, there was a public concern that Tennessee had one of the greatest dangers to the transmission of the virus. Again, Governor Lee emphasized the need to wear masks as the country prepared itself for the New Year.

American Elections 2020

On October 2020, Donald Trump arrived in Nashville for the American presidential debate with Joe Biden at Belmont University. It was estimated that a whopping 90 million people would watch and follow the debate. Matters of discussion on this debate included the welfare of American families, race issues in America, climate change, national security, and country’s leadership.

Belmont University was the center of an audit of how the country has performed when it comes to the management of the corona virus. The debate offered a platform of how far the state would go when it comes to the restrictions that are placed on the corona virus. This platform enabled Americans to monitor the plans of the two leaders when it comes to the issues related to the corona virus.

Belmont University, a private Christian university, was hosting its second presidential debate. The debate saw the introduction of a mute microphone as a tool of managing the two candidates. Previous observations on conversations between the two noted that the two would “talk over each other” rather than addressing critical issues facing the country in a comprehensive manner. It was hoped that the mute microphone when one is not speaking would help the speaker be heard in a better way.

Belmont University provided a platform for the discussion of one of the most hotly contested topics of discussion, the issue of immigration in the US. Donald Trump is well known for his tough immigration laws stating that the US should be more pro-active in solving the problems facing the American people themselves. At some times of the day, some roads in Nashville were closed by the police and the secret service in order to allow Biden and Trump to move from one place to another in a convenient way.

On November, 4, 2020, the Tennessean reported that the results of the American presidential election brought moments of calm, anxiety, and patience. A significant number of the people in Nashville had voted early. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the results started trickling in late causing a lot of anxiety, and perhaps confusion, among the voters. Nashville people raised their concern about how the American election 2020 had created a deep division between the family and friends.

On September 2020, a federal judge in Tennessee blocked a law that would bar a first time voter from mail voting unless identification was offered. It was noted that this law had affected 128, 000 first time voters, thereby curtailing their rights to vote. The issue of voting by mail was of particular interest in 2020. This was because it was seen as making the choice between good health and getting transmission from the virus. With such reformed laws, it was hoped that there would be a wider democratic space.

Nashville Knights Football

Nashville and Sports, 2020

The year 2020 was a trying moment for sports in Nashville, just like in other parts of the world anyway. For example, the National Hockey League faced major interruptions to an extent that it was called off at last in order to help the city manage the Corona pandemic. Other challenges would face sports, challenges not related with the corona virus. For instance, on 2020, the Nashville Knights was suspended bringing an end to the much anticipated fan from the fans in the entire state.

metro Nashville Police

Crime in Nashville, 2020

Unfortunately, Nashville faced a significant number of homicides in the year 2020. Metro Police reported a worrying 105 homicides. This was compounded by the fact that around 50 % of the cases were not solved, at least by the time the year ended. Again, compared to the year 2019, Nashville had more cases of unresolved murders.

Between September 27 and October 30, there was a man who was robbing commercial businesses in the greater Nashville. Metro Nashville Police reported that the man had robbed a liquor store, tobacco and beer business, and Exxon business among others. The police noted that the man would go behind the counter, with a gun, and demand money. If that trend is anything to go by, the police were getting prepared for a continuation of the same. Luckily, nobody died from his adventures.

In August 19, 2020, David Powell robbed a pharmacy which had cabinet refacing Nashville recently done with the use a fire arm. He entered the pharmacy, Walgreens pharmacy, holding a gun, and demanded that he should be given all Lortab, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone, in the pharmacy. The pharmacist had to comply with the order, and the robber escaped from the pharmacy.

Officers and responders from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department went to West Valley Drive where they noticed a man leaving the vehicle with a white bag. The officers instructed the man to stop for a check, but he disobeyed. David Powell was eventually arrested the same day and charged. The records showed that he was convicted in Northern District, Illinois, for possessing a fire arm. If the conviction is successful, he would face at least 7 years in prison. The case is prosecuted by Joseph P. Montminy, the assistant U.S. Attorney.

Despite such peculiar incidences, Nashville is generally safe compared to other cities. Neighborhood Crime gives the city a score of 3 in its analysis of crime (this is when it is compared to other cities). Despite that, anyone visiting Tennessee should exercise general caution. For example, one should be very careful when walking late at night as this could have far-reaching consequences on one’s safety.

There have been a few instances where tourists in Nashville were attacked in order to take their belongings and valuables. If such a thing happens to you, the best thing is not to interrupt evidence, and should let the police handle the issue. If you rent a car in Nashville, ensure that you have your driving license with you; otherwise, you are going to have a big problem with the police.


The year 2020 saw a person by the name Anthony Quinn Warner be known by every one in Nashville. The man denoted an RV bomb in Nashville. The explosion affected almost 40 buildings, with eight injuries reported. Anthony Quinn Warner died in the blast. It was observed later that he knew that he would not survive the blast and had given up his home and car.

This case did not fall under the definition of terrorism because there was no clear identification of a political ideology in the man. Anthony Quinn Warner had made some suicidal thoughts before, at least according to a woman who was dating him. The neighbors to Anthony Quinn Warner did not have much to say about him stating that he was a loner in the neighborhood. Anthony Quinn Warner had, nevertheless, stated that he would be a very famous person to an extent that Nashville would not forget him. Governor Lee called it a miracle that no one was killed in the explosion.


The year 2021 will be a year of hope and optimism for Nashville. Already, Nashville is expecting many doses of the vaccine to be allocated to the state and the city, and it is laying down concrete plans to roll out a mass vaccination program. It is hoped that with the roll out of a vaccine, and upon achieving a herd immunity, the economy will come back, and the people will experience recovery of their jobs and studies. Though the process of getting back to normal life is going to take long, 2021 will generally be a year of hope.