The Most Beautiful Designed Homes in the World

Most Beautiful Designed Homes

Creating one of the most beautifully designed homes in the world is a welcome challenge to every designer. It’s something that can show of all their skill and inspiration. The best thing about this kind of designer is their ability to adapt, there able to find the right style for any location, whether it’s a remote place in the woods or a sprawling metropolis.

Using their budget as a base, and the area as inspiration, designers can make every person on the planet envy the one who gets to live in it. People can’t but help but dream of one day living in those homes, just like the artist’s dream of building them.

To help your dreams come to life a little, here is a collection of the most beautifully designed homes in the world.

Starwood Estate, Colorado

Located in the heart of Aspen, Colorado is the Starwood Estate. It’s at the top of our list for a reason as it is one stunning piece of architecture. It’s a wood cabin the size of a palace, full of charming luxuries that give comfort. Cozy little fireplaces litter the estate, wooden furnishing, and comfortable carpets on wood flooring.

The outside of the building is just as stunning on the inside. Surrounded by mountains, trimmed with expensive woods, and situated on great fields of green grass. It’s an amazing sight to see out your window every morning, the sun rising as you start to wake up, and the birds singing to you.

When people talk about this house, they say it’s one of the calmest places they’ve ever visited. There’s no rush of a city, no talk of business with coworkers, just pure calm. It’s also known for its romantic qualities, those fireplaces I mentioned are especially loved by couples. It’s a dream for some people to visit it one day, maybe you’ll be able to one day.

Casablanca, Camp’s Bay, South Africa

Down south in Africa is the mansion estate Casablanca, a house that was designed with the highest of standards and luxury. It boasts eight bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, and a grand kitchen that is stocked full of appliances. Down below the house is a wine cellar and a whiskey bar, a nice little place for adults when they need to unwind with a bit of drink.

It’s designed to imitate the classic Greeks while keeping it to a modern standard. Using white stone, and marble accents, it’s stunning to see. The interior is rich with comfortable furniture, giant soft beds, and lovely carpets.

The location is even more stunning than the house itself. Looking out the back of the house, you can see the ocean to the horizon, unhindered by anything. Out the front is the giant mountains, towering over the planes, the sun peaking over them as it sets, it’s fantastic to see.

One of the best things about the house is the lap pool. Imagine swimming in the deep blue water as you feel the African air hit you.

Chartwell Residence, Los Angeles

This is the most expensive home in the United States, The Chartwell Residence. The house which sits on 25,00 acres of land, has eleven bedrooms and eighteen bathrooms. It could fit an army with its massive size, a monument to anyone’s wealth.

It’s a French Chateau-style home that used to host Jerry Perenchio, who passed away in 2017. It was designed by the Los Angeles architect Sumer Spaulding; he completed the home way back in 1935.

Since its opening though, the interior has been completely renovated to fit a more modern aesthetic, as I said turning it into a French chateau, which was designed by Henri Samuel in the 1980s. Every room is made to be sleek, but never the same, each one uses a different wood, pattern, etc.

It’s been on the market for quite some time, and I imagine it will stay that way for another long while, very few people would be able to afford something this grand. Though we can all dream of one day stepping inside, maybe even getting to stay the night, so they can watch the California sun.

Updown Court, England

The Chartwell Residence may be the most expensive in the United States, but the Updown Court has been called the most expensive in the world. Located 25 miles from London, and through giant iron gates is the sophisticated mansion of everyone’s dreams.

The main house has four floors to its name, each one having its special magnificence for itself. Next to it is two guest houses which have nine bedrooms and bathrooms for each. The main house has 22 bedrooms itself, 5 swimming pools, two in the landscaped gardens, one on the roof, and two indoor pools, one of which has a sauna, there’s a bowling alley, and a 50-seat cinema which has a private bar inside. It’s the perfect house, it comes with everything you could ever want in a home. It’s larger than Buckingham Palace, there isn’t anything I can say beyond that.

The Breakers, Rhode Island

The Breakers Estate in Rhode Island is how I imagine Bruce Wayne’s manner to look like. It’s classy, giant, and so expensive that only one percent of the one percent could afford it, making it one of the coolest houses designed in the world. In 1892, the “cottage” burned down, so the next year the owners contacted architect Richard Morris Hunt to design them a new villa, one that could replace the old wooden frame and give them a fresh look that had Italian Renaissance all over it.

They crafted the house to have seventy rooms that were inspired by the 16th-century palaces Genoa and Turin. This new feel of the house gives a warm feeling to anyone living there and makes them have a sense of wealth as they lay in their king-sized beds.

If it were possible, I would certainly take a visit to it myself, but alas, I wouldn’t be able to afford it, let alone buy it for myself. I can imagine just roaming the Italian halls and soaking up all the history that they hold while I sip on my espresso. I’m sure you can imagine doing the same looking at its photos.

Manalapan Residence, Florida

With 5.5 acres of land, and 520 feet of Atlantic Ocean, The Manalapan Residence in Florida is a beautiful blend of old-world elegance and classicism with 21st-century amenities. It took the design team an entire year, to just plan out the building, going to Rome, Venice, Florence, and more to study architecture necessary for this type of house.

To say the least, they were quite successful in their endeavors. It’s a three-story building, and 67,672 square feet, it has 24 bathrooms and 14 bedrooms and amazingly has an 18-car garage. Whoever owns this home has enough money to afford it, but they can potentially store 18 cars inside if they so choose, they would be at the height of luxury.

Along with the house itself, it has a movie theater, casino room, gourmet kitchen, outdoor summer kitchen, 2 wine rooms, 2 swimming pools, an actual shark tank, a tennis court, an archery range, butterfly gardens, and of course they have a bowling alley.

This house isn’t just a pretty face, it has everything you could need, but it can only ever be afforded by billionaires. So, this one we can add to the daydream list I suppose.

Taohuayuan, Suzhou

Right at the edge of Suzhou’s Dushu Lake is Taohuayuan, the luxurious mansion in China that’s name can be translated to Peach Blossom Land.

So far in our list, we’ve had mansions that could hold armies, and mansions that can make even the angriest monster relax, but this house is the epitome of relaxation and size. It boasts 32 bedrooms, with 32 bathrooms to match, it took over three years to build it to completion.

It was designed to look like a traditional Chinese home, with ponds scattered about on the island and surrounding lake. Along with the plethora of bedrooms and bathrooms, this property also has a wine cellar, a pool, and some amazing gardens.

The house has yet to be owned as its price is that of a ridiculous variety. It is currently priced at one billion yuan, in U.S Currency, which’s around 150 Million dollars.

Villa Leopolda, France

This house is particularly historical as it was once owned by a king. King Leopold the Second of Belgium, which is the reason the house is named Villa Leopolda. In a world war, the estate was used as a military hospital and was later modified and renovated by Thérèse Vitali, who was a French aristocrat. The American architect and designer Ogden Codman Jr. renovated it, which took him two years to complete.

After which, many different billionaires throughout history, some of them you may know, tried to acquire the property themselves, but for some reason or another were not able to, it was only able to switch hands a few times throughout, less than a dozen. It could be said that it was like a real-life game of Monopoly.

Anyways the property itself is one of the most beautiful ever seen, it’s not surprising why so many kings, queens’ ambassadors, and billionaires would want it. It’s peaceful and isolated on the French Rivera, some would call its location an oasis, and can be considered the third largest home in the world.

With its many rooms, and hallways, and studies, it could take years to have it memorized the way an average paying consumer would their normal home. you could wake up one day and not know where the kitchen is located, or the dining room, or even their favorite bathroom.

It would be a journey walking through the house though, viewing the French architecture with keen eyes, taking in all the stories the walls could tell. It would be like a fairy tale for anyone to walk through, you could be Alice in wonderland, daydreaming about another life where you would enjoy yourself.

Cove Spring House, St. James, Barbados

The mansion overlooking the marvelous Caribbean Sea, the smell of the ocean, the coral reef being taken in as you stand on the balcony of that perfect home. The house is surrounded by lush green vegetation, giving you perfect peace as nature comforts you. It’s the dream that you’ve had about the Caribbean for years, a little retirement spot for you when you get tired of your dream job.

The décor of the house is made of coral stone and marble, with lush furniture in every room. The main house has seven bedrooms, and the separation has three, all open with giant doors and king-sized beds. It captures the very beauty of the island, using the natural light and natural winds to cool the home off.

We may never be able to visit it, but we can always imagine walking on the private beach, as the house is in the background.

Clifton 2A, South Africa

The modern house in South Africa, Clifton 2A, overlooks the Campus Bay beaches and a beautiful view of the city. At night everything lights up, the city and the stars, imagine sitting out in the back, stargazing as the distant city dreams.

The house is decorated with a modern style, everything up to date, and automated for the comfort of any patrons. All of it is sleek and easy to walk around in its contemporary design, the furniture different in each room to keep it fresh.

It’s designed heavily with dark woods and glass and keeps it open enough that the natural surroundings make it fit in almost perfectly. The wind if chosen can be used to keep everything cool, and it uses the sun and stars to keep everything lit. It is a marvel of art and engineering in its design, utilizing nature and technology to find the greatest amount of comfort for its host.

This particular home is hard to describe, it’s something you need to see to believe. The design is incredibly beautiful and complex, with the dozens of rooms it contains.

What are Structural Engineers?

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineers are trained professionals working in different industries such as construction, mining, petroleum pipelines, and utilities. They are always in demand, and some of them even establish their own design firms to do all the design and engineering work for the customers.

Educational Background of an EngineerAll professional engineers are required to complete a four year Bachelor’ degree at an recognized university or college. Industry-recognized universities and colleges administer courses that prepare students to pursue a career in the engineering industry. These degrees are awarded by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Prospective students are required to complete their Bachelors’ degree earning a minimum GPA of 3.0 and taking part in four four-year program of Mechanical Engineering. In order to continue in their education, students also have to complete a master’s degree which can be completed at University of Baltimore, Either in Building and Structure or Civil Engineering.

Food for Thought

All professional engineers need at least a G diploma or a Bsc in Architecture, Civil, or Structural from completing a 4-year degree program. Educational background can also enhance a student’s job prospects. In order to promote a sustainable engineering practice, companies and institutions also encourage their employees to take part in a variety of professional Engineers Association conferences and exhibitions and to take up rule and practice being registered in online engineering forums.

Civil Engineering– A Professional Engineer (PE, Uncertified) has to pass the Certified Building Process Approval Commission ( Navajo437) gladly after studying architecture, risk assessment, security assessment, construction process planning before certification

Structural Engineering– A Professional Engineer (PE, uncertified) must complete a minimum 3 years Bachelor’ degree in Structural or Fall Prediction Engineering and two years of working experience in this field to apply for Professional Engineers Registration (PER) after successfully completing the 3-year program of Structural or Fall speculation Engineering.

Structural Engineering also involves a neutral Dis Lawn Access (DsAL), which is allowed by the International Blind Access Board International (IBB, D seas) and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The Dsal is designed for temporary entry at factories and/or construction sites where entrance and exit from Building’s Steel, wood, or concrete could not be accomplished by any other means.The Dsal can be chosen from four available models, which are Level 1 Free-Cging dsal level, Level 2 Air Bearings dsal level, Level 3 Level 4 Avcheatonding Air Bearings dsal level, and the official Level 4 AvousandRate Dsal dumb gauge dsal dsal level.

The professional engineer must pass an examination with a passing score in order to Society collars and work experience by having a minimum requirement of one hundred fifty credited hours of Professional Experience. Furthermore, a Professional Engineers Registration (PE, uncertified) has to be submitted by an approved PE from an approved college with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Work experience with the Federal Government, State Government, Organic farmers Association, and in-house organizations such as the drought resilience initiative maintained the overage and local farmers agency within Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DRI) Network Millies Program, the Organic Foods Direct Group processed interventions forced classed yield and soil conservation certification.

Professional engineers must also have knowledge on state requirements and be determined to commit themselves in a career that provides advancement opportunities. For example a Structural Engineer Los Angeles would have different requirements than a Structural Engineer in Phoenix.

Professional Engineers can be defined as an engineer having technical competency in the design, development, and construction of piping, construction or inspection for, mining and municipal commodities. Professional engineers are required to be well-educated in mathematics, psychology, engineering structure and/or science and/or natural science to practice on a broad scope basis to engage in engineering practice. Many technical and related professionals are scattered geographically, and demand remains for professionals without engineering, management and/or other specialized titles.

Great Architecture of Sacramento

Architecture of Sacramento 
38.5816° N, 121.4944° W

Sacramento was an entirely different place back in the mid-19th Century. It was at the mercy of consistent flooding. Eventually, the authorities took steps to elevate the city above the floodplain. The structures that were constructed in the subsequent years were designed to withstand challenges of this sort, which is why they are still standing in the 21st Century.

But they are not the only architectural marvels in the city. Sacramento’s modern buildings are just as fascinating as their ancient landmarks, which is why the city attracts so many architecture enthusiasts. Sacramento has something for everyone. The city’s most impressive architectural offerings include:

The Tower Bridge in Sacramento
The Tower Bridge

1). Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge was built by the Department of Public Works in 1935 and it was such an impressive undertaking for its time that it won a national award in 1936. The American Institute of Steel Construction recognized it as one of the most beautiful bridges of the year.

The Tower Bridge is still standing today. Originally silver, it is now coated with gold. This signifies Sacramento’s history with the Gold Rush. The bridge is one of Sacramento’s most iconic sites.

Governor's Mansion State Historic Park
Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park

2). Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park

Despite its name, this property does not house the governor of California; though it was once the official home of the individuals that held that position. The fact that it does not have a governor living in it makes the property the only governor’s mansion of its kind in the US.

Recognized by the National Register of Historic Places for its historic importance, the mansion is quite impressive. Built for Albert Gallatin in 1877, the State of California gained ownership of the property in 1903.

Boasting 30 rooms, a visit to the mansion will reveal that it still contains the furnishings of former governors. Anyone passionate about architecture will also appreciate the fact that it has been renovated on numerous occasions with the aim of making repairs and updating some elements.

The Ziggurat in Sacramento
The Ziggurat

3). Ziggurat

As far as impressive works of architecture in Sacramento are concerned, the ziggurat is one of the most extraordinary. As some might have guessed, Edwin Kado based his designs on Mesopotamia’s ziggurats.

Completed in 1997, it was initially meant to house The Money Store. Today, you will find the Department of General Services within its confines. But no one cares about the offices that it houses. The structure’s exterior is its most impressive offering. The shape, which is reminiscent of a pyramid, is like nothing else in the city.

Sacramento Masonic Temple
Sacramento Masonic Temple

4). Masonic Temple

The Masonic temple became a national historic place in 2001. It has been traced back to 1913. The temple pays homage to the architecture of that time which is why it became a historic place in 2001. It has a medieval-style that immediately captures the eye. The rooms are large and magnificent. There are stained glass windows, cast bronze rails, and beautiful oak doors.

California State Capital
California State Capital

5). State Capitol

People that have only heard of California’s capitol building are unlikely to appreciate the significance of the structure. The capitol building was completed in 1874. It has spent a century acting as California’s seat of power, which is why it is so important, not only among architecture students but historians.

The building, with its regal dome, stands out. The mosaic tile floors and stained glass imagery are popular among visitors.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

6). Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

This cathedral was the work of Patrick Manogue. After becoming the city’s first Bishop in 1886, he decided that he wanted to construct a structure inspired by European projects like L’Eglise de la Sainte-Trinitein Paris.

Currently the mother church and seat of the ordinary bishop of the Sacramento Diocese, the cathedral was a marvel in its day, eclipsing all other cathedrals West of the Mississippi River.

Even though it has undergone numerous repairs and changes in color, the cathedral has maintained its distinct style, a blend of Victorian architecture and Italian Renaissance.

Elks Tower Sacramento, California
Elks Tower

7). Elks Tower

The Elks tower is one of the least impressive structures on this list. At the end of the day, it is just a building. But it occupies a special place in the hearts of the locals. The tower was constructed by an organization known as the Sacramento Elks. After outgrowing their meeting places in 1926, they decided to invest in a larger, more enduring home. For a time, it was the tallest building in Sacramento.

Today, the 14-story tower is quite popular among couples that are looking for suitable wedding venues.

US Bank Tower in Sacramento
US Bank Tower

8). US Bank Tower

The so-called 621 Capitol Mall is an impressive building that stands at 25 stories. Completed in 2008, it got its name from the US Bank which purchased the naming rights along with a sizable chunk of office space.

The most notable aspect of the structure is the series of LED screens that create a flowing river at the top of the building when they are activated at night.

The Bank of the West Tower is similar to the US Bank Tower. It is also just as impressive. Boasting 25 stories and a steel frame, the building features a massive parking garage (10 levels and 800 stalls), penthouse restaurants, and a 5-story atrium. As a fan of modern architecture, you cannot ask for more.

Old Sacramento
Old Sacremento

9). Old Sacramento

This is the first place a lot of history buffs visit. Old Sacramento slid into disrepair after workers abandoned the 19th Century waterfront business district. While plans were eventually made to restore these 28 acres to their former state, the area is still populated with historic buildings and museums that provide tourists a glimpse of a life they have only read about in history books.

wells Fargo center in Sacramento, CA
Wells Fargo Center

10). Wells Fargo Center

The Wells Fargo Center was completed in 1992. The skyscraper sits on 2.3 acres. The work of Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum – not a general contractor Sacramento. The Wells Fargo Center is Sacramento’s tallest building. If you don’t care about the marble walls and clear glass atrium, you will probably appreciate the museum in the ground floor lobby which chronicles Wells Fargo’s history.

The building doesn’t necessarily have the charm of its historic counterparts but it is still impressive to behold.

The Importance of Architectural Design in Indianapolis, Indiana

39.7684° N, 86.1581° W
Indianapolis Architectural Design

Who doesn’t love appealing interiors and exteriors? It’s the visual appeal that draws any person in Indianapolis toward a structure. To make the best out of the aesthetics of their structure, people either rely on builders or architects. However, not all buildings are as appealing as they should be. Some are better than others. So, what could be the reason for better visuals of certain structures? It’s here a good architectural design comes into the picture. Folks who depend on architects for crafting their home interior and exterior enjoy an edge over others.

Perks of architectural design in Indianapolis

Many people in Indiana never pay heed to the expertise of architects. They just hire a few daily wage workers for the job. This is usually the case with a small house. People check a few design books, choose a design, and try to build the structure on their own. Sadly, most of them finish up with a less pleasing interior and exterior. Why? There’s a world of difference between picking a design and making it into reality. You need an expert to transform the design into reality. That’s what a professional committed to architectural design does for you. This is part of the psychological aspect.

Better curb appeal

The most obvious benefit of the well-documented architecture is better visual appeal which plays into the human experience. You might have already seen that certain structures stand out even in a crowded place in Indianapolis. Although other structures in the same area feature good designs, they come nowhere to some structures. It’s the architecture of those structures that keep them separated from others.

Some folks in Indiana try to copy the architecture and rely on home builders for the job. Unfortunately, they fail to get the desired curb appeal. A reliable builder will, undoubtedly, construct your building as desired. However, he can’t craft the architecture into reality as you perceive. He may try his best to do the job, but the details won’t come up.

Only a certified professional dedicated to architectural design could help out. These experts design appealing architecture for various buildings and sites. Consequently, they can craft your building in the most appealing fashion. All you should do is tell the professional about your expectations and the expert will take care of the job.

Indianapolis, IN Architectural Design

Increase in Indianapolis property value

Today, almost all sectors in Indianapolis, Indiana are witnessing a deep downward trend. Recessions and uncertainties are common in all fields. Despite this fact, certain builders manage to sell their property at the best price. How? They hire experts immersed in architecture. Such experts dedicate themselves to crafting structures that align well with the region, location, and materials.

For instance, they’ll incorporate the elements of Indiana nature and commerce in your design. This, in turn, will make the structure more appealing to buyers. Your potential prospects may fall in love with the architecture of the building. Consequently, they might be ready to pay a premium price even in a downward market.

Better ergonomics

You may wonder what ergonomics have to do with architectural design in libraries for example. Well, both the concepts are interrelated. Let’s understand this point with a simple example. Suppose you buy two properties; both are visually appealing and well made. However, one of the structures may appear alien to you in certain respects.

You may feel more comfortable at one Indianapolis structure than the other. It’s the ergonomics that make the difference. A structure with great architecture will be built keeping in mind all the aspects of the design. Whether it’s the seating arrangement or the theme, all points will work coherently. Such an arrangement makes you feel at home and offers hidden mental health benefits.

Perfect space

What makes perfect space in Indianapolis, Indiana? You may brainstorm some ideas and say that it’s the design and choice of the plants. Others may assert that the proper positioning of the furniture will render a better look to the place. Most people will say that it’s the beauty of the building. Well, a perfect place is the one that features great architectural design.

Such Indiana architecture incorporates all the elements mentioned above. As well as including a lovely design, good architecture features top-quality workmanship. Plus, it incorporates the choice of unique, quality materials that render an exclusive look and feel to the place. Above all, the decks, the lights, and other elements are well-positioned in such a manner that each element communicates with one another efficiently.

Architect in Indianapolis

Uniqueness and exclusivity

Today, the world of construction in Indianapolis, IN has undergone drastic changes. Gone are the days when people used to stay content with whatever theme they were offered. Modern people stress on bespoke designs. Despite this point, many people fail to have everything in the structure as they’ve envisioned.

On the flip side, certain individuals in Indianapolis bag the best design. These folks pay heed to good architectural design by hiring an expert architect. A professional architect comes up with unique architecture you won’t find anywhere. Through bespoke designs, innovative materials, and new additions, you enjoy exclusivity and uniqueness you ever wished.

Your money is in the detail

Some people in Indiana stay clear of architects fearing the high charges. They think that depending on the builder will save money and let them accomplish their dreams. While a builder will commit to quality construction, he won’t promise unique architecture design. That doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy appealing designs. It indicates you will lag in terms of uniqueness. When you depend on an architect, your investment is in the details.

It’ll show up in the specifications and drawings along with the explanations on the methodology and intentions of the build. A quick look at the structure will let you know where and how your money details your dreams and desires through an exclusive design. If you sum up all the benefits, you may conclude that the architectural design recoups the cost on all parameters.

Bottom line

The importance of sound architectural design Indianapolis IN is well documented in the above points. Whether you wish to engineer a commercial outlet or a residential building, it’s the architecture that rules in the end. Perfection, uniqueness, curb appeal, better ergonomics, etc. are the premium perks of good architecture. If you want to cap on these benefits, turn to a reliable architect and enjoy the exclusive benefits.