How to Create a Safe Workplace

safe workplace for employees

When the safety of your workplace is taken lightly, you risk the health of your employees. You also instigate a work absenteeism crisis due to medical leaves. As a result, you decrease your work input hence the output.

Businesses, despite their sizes, need to embrace safety measures. According to OSHA, almost 4.1 million workers get injured or ill during work. Also, an average of 12 workers perishes every day.

It is imperative for you as an employer to make your workplace safe. Regarding the OSHA act of 1970, employers must avail gear pertinent to the place of work. They are also required to train their workers on safety issues.

Fostering a safe workplace will not just abate injuries. To an extent, the program shall reduce medical costs and boost employee morale. Moreover, it’s the base for increased productivity as well as retention. And on the overall outlook, it indicates that you are considerate of your employees.

What is a safe workplace?

Absolutely a safe workplace depends on the nature of drudgery and enterprise. Safety requirements for a tech company will be dissimilar to an industrial plant. If your workplace deals with dangerous equipment, personal protective tools must be in place. The employees must also be trained to handle the hazardous components and safety tools.

For offices dealing with light jobs, safety is critical too. Fostering a safe environment starts with ergonomic furniture installation. They will reduce health injuries such as tunnel syndrome, among others.

With all things considered, workplaces can only be safe if safety precautions are adhered to. While training your employees, you should refer them to OSHA training programs. The programs impart your employees with the ability to analyze occupational hazards. Thereon they can take the necessary course of action.

Also, when you are hiring, it’s imperative that you consider interviewees with OSHA certification. Having a list of individuals who can analyze and alert you on hazards fosters a safe workplace.

Tips for creating a safe workplace

1. Create a safe work lifestyle

The foundation of having a safe work environment starts by making it a habit. Safety workplace habit encompasses the values that your faculty has on safety. The culture depicts consideration of the cognitive and physical wellbeing of your staff.

2. Offer a continuous training program.

Despite the nature of your business, safety training is critical. As for office workers, training is based on ergonomics. Being equipped with such knowledge will help them analyze work hazards within the office.

Additionally, if you are dealing with recruits, you must educate them on PPE use. Also, you have to show them places where they can replace damaged equipment. Showing them emergency exits and first aid kits will be helpful too.

Still, in terms of training, you should encourage your workers to take OSHA training courses. The same also applies to already certified employees. If your work advances, safety precaution changes, and so is the need for new knowledge.

What’s OSHA training?

OSHA training is in the form of outreach courses. They vary depending on the workplace. To some extent, work positions also impact the type of training.

OSHA training can either be 10 hours or 30 hours. In most cases, the 10-hour course is ideal for regular employees. The 30-hour training is suitable for supervisors or safety specialists, but anyone can go through them.

The extended duration is to make the specialists or supervisor understand the safety regulations. Breaks are a mandate. Thus, the course can take up to 7 days, depending on your commitment.

OSHA training is specific. Given that you work in a chemical plant, your training will be based on the safe handling of chemicals. Upon completion of the training, you get the department of labor OSHA card ( DOL). The card proves that you completed the course and thus certified.

Notably, if your employees have the card, it shows that the workplace is safe. All in all is up to you as an employer to be in line with genuine OSHA training facilities, where you can refer your employees.

workplace safety gear

3. provide relevant gear to your staff

Proper gear is essential when it comes to creating a safe work environment. If your workplace deals with construction, home remodeling, firefighting, shipment, headgear, and uniforms are a must-have.

Firefighters must have fire retardant uniform hard helmets. To construction workers, sturdy headgears should be availed. Additionally, welders and chemical handlers must have protective goggles.

After providing the necessary gear, it’s imperative that you emphasize safety with signs. Also, you have to ensure that your supervisors adhere to the gear rule. It should only be altered after task completion.

4. Create room for discussions

Each organization needs to create time for safety discussion after every task or month. The panels shall bring to current light defects on safety measures. It also depicts a new cause of alarm in workplaces. It’s only through them that the arising situations can be addressed. However, this is not a safety regulation. It only helps in pinpointing unobserved threats and the necessary touch-ups to be done.

5. Monotonously asses and review the workplace

Safety processes keep on evolving with a growing business. As a result, safety equipment becomes phlegmatic. Inspections shall depend on the corporation’s size. If your employees have OSHA training, you can assign the work to a specific group. If not, you can hire a safety inspector. The inspections shall point out hazards in offices and worksites. Thereon you can work on the necessary rectifications. At last, you have to inspect the PPE you provide for your employees. Should they have damages, they can cause unforeseeable work injuries.

6. Build your work with emergency exits

You can’t be too careful when it comes to workplace safety. For this reason, you have to beware that anything can happen. Your workplace, therefore, needs to have emergency exits.

Your employees need to be taken through the drill over and over to familiarize themselves with the exits. Moreover, documents showing the exit blueprints and emergency protocols should be issued to them.

Emergency signs should be installed in their designated area of work. Additionally, smoke detectors should be frequently updated. Water spouts also need to be adequate to counteract fires.

7. Schedule inspections with OSHA consultants

An external eye should interview your workspace safety. You have to enlist the help of OSHA consultants within your area. The consultant shall evaluate both environmental and mechanical hazards in your workplace. Thereon he will pinpoint anything that violates the stipulated rules. The consultant will also review your safety programs. Should there be any flaws, he will talk to the employees and advice measures to take.

8. Rectify the problems outlined by the inspector

Given that the consultant outlines things that violate OSHA rules, rectifications should be done. After that, you can contact the consultant again for re-evaluation. Your employees should also be informed about the new advancements. That can either be done through writing new rules and the lately implemented safety strategies.

9. Improve your workplace security.

In as much as you deal with occupational hazards, you also have to know that security is a significant concern. There’s in no place that’s guaranteed to be no victim to an aggressive third party.

Robbery can even take place during the day. You can never be too careful. This is the reason that you need. As a manager, you should ensure that your workplace security protocols are up to date.

If necessary, you have to improve your locks or even add security personnel. It would be best if you also designated workers for specific purposes, such as calling 911. Integrating your alarm signal with police patrol or base will also suffice in case of a break-in.

10. Emphasize safety on all levels of your workplace.

A safety program can quickly fail to work. You will only enjoy their fruition if every level of your work affiliation embraces consistency. Putting a few safety signs in your workplace won’t suffice. A viable safety program is only guaranteed if every level supports and crusades it.

As a manager, you should address safety within your workplace through emails, meetings, or even newsletters. If your contact with employees is consistent, you have to discuss the issue daily. Your supervisor should also lead the crusade by being a perfect example.

Additionally, employees need to be responsible for one another. For instance, leaving chemical spills on the floor because you are occupied is inconsiderate. It’s irresponsible if another employee sees and ignores it. Such spills could end up causing injuries. As per my perspective, encouraging responsibility for one another and teamwork can create a safe work environment.

11. Give honors to employees that contribute to safe upkeep.

Honoring employees through rewards or promotion sets the safety bar standards for others to follow. Rewards will motivate employees towards embracing a safe culture. After that, it shall aid the uniform approach of secure workspace.

12. Give a short break to your workers.

The 20 minutes breaks are critical in improving your workplace ergonomics and health. Despite having all the safety measures in place, mere fatigue can cause despicable harm.

It can, however, be avoided if your employees are allowed to stretch and get refreshed. Stretching will relieve muscle strains and reduce monotonous motion bodily damages.

13. Put safety protocols right from the start.

The safety of your workplace starts from the first day. Sufficed to say, you have to hire employees who pay attention to safety measures. A safe workspace depends on the employees’ abilities to adhere to stipulated procedures.

To some extent, you as an employer have to work with therapists. They analyze the physical and mental demands of each work. Thereon they file the findings, which come in handy when creating functional job scrutiny. It also helps in the post-bid pre-assignment tests.

female workplace safety

Benefits of creating a safe work environment

1. increased productivity

A safe work environment is devoid of occupational hazards. Unlike unsafe workplaces, it has protocols that ensure physical wellbeing. The rate of productivity depends on the health of your employees. If your workplace accounts for their excellent health, both mentally and physically, productivity grows exponentially.

2. Improved service delivery

Proper service delivery depends on the cognitive state of your employees. Once your employees know that they are safe, the way they respond to customers or any other duty changes.

3. Abates the quitting number of employees

The chances of your staff quitting work become minimal, provided that you make their environment safe. Making them work in a dangerous environment will coerce them to seek employment somewhere else. For you to evade this, you have to ensure that their workspace guarantees their safety.

4. You get branded as OSHA compliant.

As long as you have a safe workplace, you can relax knowing that your corporation is on the right side of regulations. OSHA’s sole goal is to perpetuate safe working environments for workers. The administration is there to ensure that every corporation is in line with its code. If not, they enforce them. Therefore, Failure to adhere to their stipulated rules will make you subject to fines.

5. Polishes your reputation

Work injuries and ailments will damage your reputation. Consequently, if your corporation is branded as a red zone, you lose business opportunities. However, if you strictly follow the stipulated safety rules, you create yourself a positive reputation.

You get immune to legal suits.

It’s not bizarre when employees sue their manager for work-related injuries or illnesses. To some extent, corporations get closed because of legal suing. Nonetheless, you need not go through the ordeal. Embrace the fostering of a safe workplace.


In retrospect, creating a safe workplace relies on you as a manager and the cooperation of your employees. It starts with training, and fortunate enough, training periods are short. The occupational safety and health administration offers safety courses. It also has inspectors to assess if your work complies with its regulations.

Referring your employees to OSHA is courses will be worth it. The benefits also linger. You do not only get the improved reputation, but you also realize increased productivity. Additionally, medical expenses and the number of employees quitting work abates exponentially.

How to Set Up Your Workstation to Make it Ergonomic Friendly

ergonomic workstation

Are you in pain when using your workstation? Studies have shown that an ergonomic workspace can help to reduce injury and back pain.

Whether you have a whole office that needs to be assessed or a simple workstation, ergonomic consulting can help to meet the needs of employees. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and low employee downtime. In this post, we’ll discuss how to set up your workstation and make it ergonomic-friendly.

Let’s jump right in!

How to set up the perfect ergonomic workspace

Adjust your height desk

A working desk comes in a variety of designs. But the most ergonomic aspect is the height. An overlay low desk will cause your back to hunch while a too high desktop can strain your arms. Through ergonomic consulting, you can determine the right size of the desk. Some of the tips that can help you determine the right height include:

  • The angle between the upper arm and forearm should be 90 degrees
  • The legs should fit comfortably under the desk – ample space to cross your legs

Adjusting your posture will not only prevent motion-related injuries but also fights fatigue.

Adjustable height desks allow you to set the workstation at the preferred level. When under the desk, make sure you have enough clearance for the feet and thighs. But if you can’t adjust the desk, you can use a footrest to adjust the chair. Similarly, if the desk has a hard edge, you can use a wrist rest.

Invest in the right chair

While finding the right chair for your workstation may look like a puzzle, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you spend 8-15 hours in any type of chair, you’re simply inviting all types of ailments including neck and back pain. This is where ergonomic consulting comes in.

90 is the magic number

Ask any ergonomic consultant and they will tell you that a good workspace should ensure that all joints are individually aligned. When your muscles over-compensate, it often leads to pain and injuries. A 90-degree angle means that your knees, ankles, elbows, and hips are properly aligned. There are a couple of things you can learn through ergonomic consulting:

  • If your feet don’t touch the floor, you should prop them
  • The back should be straight
  • The arms should be straight
  • The wrists should assume a neutral position – not flexing up

If you’re new to ergonomic consulting, most experts recommend the use of:

  • Kneeling chairs
  • Saddle chairs
  • Ergonomic stools

But with tons of working chairs in the market, ergonomics is all about focusing on the important factors.


You should pay attention to the chair you use in your workspace. The most important thing is to adjust the height. If you want a chair that can help you reach a tall desk, then you need a taller chair. Be sure to use the footrest to get the right angle.

Lumbar support

The shape of the backrest matters. If your chair doesn’t have proper lumbar support, you should invest in the right pillow. Without the right support, you’ll feel overworked and tired.


The material of your chair matters. This is another important area in ergonomic consulting. You should focus on a material that gives ample support.


While this is something that is often overlooked, the armrests determine how comfortable you’ll feel while working on your keyboard. Through ergonomic consulting, you can find adjustable armrests that can support your forearm.

Once you invest in the best ergonomic chair, you can adjust your sitting position. This relieves tension on the lower back and allows blood to flow in all regions.

Position the monitor correctly

If you experience fatigue when working on your computer, it’s time you check the position of your monitor. A poorly placed monitor will not only trigger back pain but can also cause a headache. Through ergonomic consulting, you’ll learn a few things on how to position the monitor.

Proper monitor position


A general rule of thumb is to place the monitor at about 20 degrees. Anything higher than that can trigger neck strain. If you wear bifocals, you may want to adjust the monitor lower for comfortable viewing.


You should place the monitor at an arm’s length. If you put it too close, you may strain the eyes. Likewise, if you place it too far, you may have to slough to assume a comfortable position.


The best ergonomics consulting services recommend that you invest in good lighting to reduce eye strain. If you want to boost the wellbeing of your eyes, you need an abundance of natural lighting. Natural daylight allows your eyes to recover from any strain you encountered during the day. Perhaps, you can open the windows to allow in natural light. But if you’re working on cloudy days, overhead lighting can help.

Good lighting in your space should involve:

  • Elimination of shadows or dark spots
  • Picking the right color temperature
  • Sufficient lighting 300 lux
ergonomical office

What if you use a laptop?

Laptops are sleek and portable, but getting the right typing posture can be a challenge. One thing you’ll learn in ergonomic consulting is the laptop stand you use matters. You should focus on elevating the laptop to attach an external keyboard and optimize the distance between the typing surfaces and monitor.

Organize the workspace into zones

Ask any expert in ergonomic consulting, and they will tell you that the way you organize workspace will determine the level of productivity. What does this mean? If you prefer minimalist space, then your desk is the dashboard. Also, everything you need should be within an arm’s reach.

You should divide your working space into zones and arrange all your items accordingly throughout the day.

The first zone

Here, everything should be arranged horizontally, and the elbows should remain comfortably on the sides. Generally, the area should be dedicated to the mouse and keyboard. If you constantly talk to people on the telephone, you can place it on speaker or use a headset. This will prevent you from moving back and forth.

You should also keep key objects like a stapler and printed materials within an arm’s reach. Your goals should be to reach out to everything you need without standing.

Second zone

This zone ensures everything is reachable without bending the waist. As far as ergonomic consulting is concerned, you should keep stationary, reference books, and notebooks within reach.

Third zone

This area is the opposite of the second zone. It’s ensuring everything is reachable by bending the waist. You can reach this area without standing up, so it’s a good place to keep things that you use occasionally. It could be something like vertical shelving above the desk, etc.

Those who seek ergonomic consulting services will be advised to use the third zone to keep family photos and ornaments. Make sure there’s enough space where you can add some warmth to space but should not distract other workers.

Pick the right mouse and keyboard

The best ergonomic consulting services will ensure you have the right mouse and keyboard for your workspace. Think about it – an ergonomic mouse and keyboard will keep your body in a neutral position while working.

Be sure to get the right angle, even if it means ditching some of your current devices. And the reasons are straightforward. Poorly designed keyboards can make office workers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.

The sitting posture will also determine the exact position to place the keyboard. Your keyboard should be in a place that you can comfortably reach without stretching your elbows. If the keyboard has a number pad, make sure the letter `B’ is at the center of your navel.

Pay attention to the angle

The general practice is to ensure the keyboard tilts away from you instead of towards you. But because most traditional keyboards are flat, you’ll find two little feet that tilt the keyboard towards you. This can cause flexed wrists or carpal syndrome in the long-run. After you go through ergonomic consulting, you’ll learn how to use ergonomic keyboards that keep your wrist in a neutral position.

setting up ergonomic workspace


The height of your desk will tell the correct height for the mouse and keyboard. Your wrists should be straight, while the forearms should be parallel to the floor. If your keyboard is too high, you may want to use a drawer to find the right height.

Ergonomic mouse

An ergonomic mouse eliminates the gripping and tension on your fingers that can lead to injury or nerve pain. Some people prefer a vertical mouse because you don’t have to twist the wrist when operating it.

If possible, you can adjust the sensitivity such that you can use a light touch to operate it. How about using a mouse that fits your hand? A standard mouse can cause stress on the fingers so you should look for a device that gives a comfortable grip.

If your mouse causes fatigue on your hands, you may want to invest in a comfortable device to reduce wrist movements.

Reduce repetitive movement

Did you know that repeating the same motion over and over again can lead to injury? Thankfully, you can combat the problem by changing the tasks. Most ergonomic consulting services will emphasize changing the tasks more often. In an office setup, you can change the seat to an upright position. And you never know – changing the positions could be musculature for the task at hand.

Environmental setting

The environmental setting involves things that surround your overall work environment like:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Lighting

The lighting you use should not cause glare on computer systems. If you want to boost the productivity of your employees, be sure to use softer lighting systems. In any ergonomic consulting, experts are of the view that the lighting for computer displays may not be the best for printed material.

Tips to set up your workstation

Now that you understand what ergonomic consulting entails, here are some tips that a Philadelphia Ergonomic Consulting firm suggests to follow when setting up your workstation:

  • Give yourself some space – you should use the mouse and keyboard comfortably
  • Position the head directly in front of the computer
  • Reduce the shadowing on the screen
  • Use a separate full-sized keyboard if you’re working with a laptop
  • Position the computer in a way that you don’t need to twist your neck
  • Sit close to the desk

Take regular breaks

It can be rewarding to take regular breaks from your workstation. You’ll not only relax your eyes, but you also allow the brain to relax. This encourages a productive work environment.

Set reminders

Unlike working in an office where you can set reminders, a home workspace may require that you set reminders. You can allocate time in the calendar to walk or stretch every 60 minutes. Some of a few stretches you can pick include:

  • Side bend
  • Neck rotation
  • Backbend
  • Wrist bend
  • Back stretches

Benefits of ergonomic consulting in your workspace

The benefits of ergonomic consulting reach far and wide. While working in an incorrect position is ignored by many, it can lead to long-term health problems.

A consulting service involves performing an ergonomic assessment and making the necessary adjustments. This gives the workers the responsibility to adjust to workstations based on morphological characteristics, product/equipment to repair, and the task to perform.

Improving the workspace means addressing the safety concerns of workers by using the right equipment. In addition to that, an ergonomically designed workstation optimizes worker’s activity and boosts productivity.

Through ergonomic consulting, employees can understand how to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and anything related to back injury. When you adjust the workstation to meet your needs, you’ll get better alignment of the body, strengthen the muscles, and improve posture.

With time, your muscles will more relaxed and less tense.

Ergonomics improve employee engagement

A happy staff means more productivity. So, if you put more effort into employee health and safety, you boost their morale.

Wrapping it up

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, you should strive to create an ergonomically sound workspace. But this doesn’t mean that you invest in fancy chairs and desks – it’s developing practices that can boost productivity and reduce injury. Proper ergonomics like good desk posture, adequate equipment spacing, and correct chair height can help you stay comfortable at work.

Are you ready to give your space a makeover? It’s time you get the best ergonomic consulting services.

Top Michigan News Stories of 2020

Michigan News

There’s no doubt 2020 was the busiest year in news history – and Michigan was no exception. From US elections, social unrests, to the global pandemic. With COVID-19 at the center stage, there were stories of hope and inspiration that we may have forgotten amid the turmoil. Here is a rundown of the top Michigan news that was featured in 2020.

Men charged with a plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer

On 6th June, Five Michigan residents Daniel Harris, Brandon Carseta, Adam Fox, and Kaleb Franks faced charges on a plot to kidnap the governor. According to the local police department, the group was brought under investigation. It’s believed that the five were of a militia group of 12.

They used to meet often to deliberate on how they would kidnap the governor. The FBI also gave a recorded conversation of Fox asking the militia to combine forces. Most Michigan news bulletins highlighted the story for a couple of weeks.

Catastrophic floods hit Mid-Michigan

In May 2020, catastrophic flooding in Michigan left shocking damage to houses, roads, and the entire city was in a mess. According to the reports that reached Michigan news media houses, it’s believed that the dam breached but didn’t break.

A week later, the House Energy and Commerce Committee questioned how the dam was allowed to operate. This is because it had received non-compliance for many years. And because there were gaps in the system, the authorities promised to do everything to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This information was well captured by Michigan news media houses.

But that the most important information that was highlighted by Michigan news journalists is that the dam wasn’t licensed to operate. Later, the House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote a letter to the regulatory commission and demanded answers. Some of the questions put across included:

  • What did the state do to prevent the flood from happening?
  • Why the dam was labeled `fair structural condition’?

While the local lawmakers tried to uncover the mistakes, the locals continued with the cleanup by the time this news was being aired.

A Michigan court gives parole to a man who was convicted for killing 3

The most unprecedented Michigan news in November 2020 was the release of a man who had spent time behind bars for half a century. Brent Koster admitted to killing three ladies in 1972. By the time he was sentenced, he was a teenager. The Kalamazoo man served for 48 years.

But not everybody took the Michigan news positively. The Kalamazoo prosecuting attorney stated that the department of corrections made a mistake in releasing the serial rapist. Brent pleaded guilty at 19 years of age. In response, the head of correctional facilities in Michigan stated that Brent was eligible for release under provisions of Michigan’s Lifer Law.

Lawmakers make changes to sex offender registry rules

In 2020, the legislators in Michigan made changes to sex rules after the federal court termed it unconstitutional. The new rules were passed by the senate and eliminate living 1000 feet close to schools. This law of prohibiting people from being around leaning institutions was vague. Over the years, those convicted of such offenses serve their sentence and continue with the normal life. And this is a reason why it should be scrapped altogether.

If you can recall, a federal court stated that it was vague to make changes to the current registry laws.ACLU attorney has emphasized over the years that the registry is counterproductive and doesn’t prevent one from committing an offense. In addition to that, Michigan news journalists have interviewed residents, and they believe the law is vague.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Criticizes the US government over vaccine shipment

A frustrated Michigan governor has criticized the Trump government over the shipment of fewer doses of vaccine. This was after the state received a fraction of the vaccine it was slated to receive. Whitmer pointed her fingers to the White House despite hospitals being ready.

At the time of writing this Michigan news, the spokesperson at the department of health was yet to give an official statement concerning the matter. However, a senior administration has stated that have been challenges on the distribution of vaccines.

There was even more confusion after Pfizer said that they were ready to distribute 2.9 million doses immediately. The government was also holding about 500,000 doses to cater for emergencies. To emphasize what the governor said, the CEO of the Michigan health & hospital association said the whole thing is confusing. And any delay means that the workers increase the risk of contracting the virus.

Epic Swim across Lake Michigan

Six friends embarked on an epic swim to cover 54 miles in 21 hours across Lake Michigan. Does it sound unrealistic? On 12th August 2020, the swimmers appeared with wetsuits and goggles. When the onlookers appeared, they cheered them up.

But what fascinated many Michigan news reporters is that they were to swim day and night. The day before, Jeremy, Dave, Jon, Hobson, and Todd has departed from the two rivers. They managed to complete 54-miles and clocked a record time of 20 hours and 54 minutes.

While this challenge may have looked like a big achievement, Joh is no stranger to such impressive defeats. About one year ago, he biked across the state of Michigan with a record 8 hours and 17 minutes.

What makes the swimming challenge unique for him is the fact that he had broken an elbow while cycling. In an interview with Michigan news reporters, he said that the accident was an eye-opener and made him even look for bigger challenges in 2020. Most people describe Jon as a person who is committed to being inspired by adding more things to his bucket list, not putting things off.

Detroit couple gets creative in their wedding after being downsized by COVID-19

Detroit couple gets creative in their wedding after being downsized by COVID-19

When the government gave strict measures on the social gathering, one couple in Michigan decided to do something that shows life has no limits. Bryce Huffman (a Michigan news reporter) was there to see how the whole thing would go down.

Before Covid-19 brought the strict social gathering measures, his brother had planned a big wedding that would be followed by a gigantic reception. But this was not to be. With all these things on hold, nothing could stop the couple. Just like in their previous arrangement, they wanted to include all their guests. They had at least 300 guests watching the ceremony at the same time.

Bryce brought his radio equipment, and that’s why this was possible. After the ceremony, he secured an exclusive interview with the new couple. They also held a bridal party with just a live stream.

A man tied to floating bags of marijuana

Glen Richard Mousseau admitted to smuggling drugs between Canada to the United States using a submarine, next to a crane rental near me. According to officials, he was found in Detroit River tied to bags of Marijuana in the middle of the night.

After arrest, the office of the Sherriff released information to the local Michigan news desks that they found a large plastic that contained money and drugs. Mousseau also admitted that he had successfully transported the illegal drugs seven times.

As the investigations continued, Mousseau admitted that he was the owner of the submarine. He also permitted the agents to search his phone and managed to get contacts where the drugs were being smuggled to.

Mousseau also gave links to a consignment that was to arrive in Detroit the following day.

A woman found alive after being declared dead

On 23rd August 2020, a 20-year old South Field woman was declared dead. According to reliable Michigan news sources, the family called 911 after being unresponsive. Sources showed that the woman was believed to be in cardiac arrest.

When paramedics arrived at home, they found that the woman was not breathing. And after performing CVR, nothing worked. So, given the medical conditions of the woman, it was determined that she had no signs of life.

The sources of this information reached Michigan media and stated that Southfield police saw the woman move. But the medics said it was the side effects of medication given to her. The female was later taken to a funeral home. And it was at this time that the workers in the funeral home discovered that she was breathing.

The employees called EMS and drove her to the hospital. According to Oakland Medical Examiner’s office, there was no indication of foul play. But upon arrival at the hospital, she was determined to be dead. Without a doubt, the story brought a lot of confusion to Michigan news reporters.

Judge refuses to block a ban on indoor dining

In the last quarter of 2020, Michigan’s ban on indoor dining seems to have caught businesses by surprise. Judge Paul declined the request in response to reduce the rising cases of Covid-19. And the court was very reasonable. The judge further argued that restaurant patrons can’t wear a mask while drinking.

But the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association argued that they were being treated unfairly. The head of the restaurant group asked for further explanation of the extended closures. Based on the information gathered by Michigan news journalists, the ban was met with some defiance.

But the judge considered all the claims as a matter that violates the state constitution. He asked for time to consult the Supreme Court for further guidance.

John James Concedes senatorial seat to Gary Peters

James was congratulated by many Michigan residents for conceding defeat after the senatorial election results went in the favor of Gary Peters.

According to the information gathered by Michigan news houses, James lost the race by over 92,000 votes. This was considered a landslide win. The move was unexpected because most supporters of John had asked the canvassers to delay the certification to give room for auditing.

While James didn’t call peters to concede, he wished him and his family good health. He also emphasized that the elections were over, and it was time to move forward and build the nation.

The court rejected the Republican attack on Joe Biden

The Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit that was meant to overturn the victory of Joe Biden. Being the nation’s highest court, it refused to subvert the will of voters. According to Michigan news reporters, the high court stated that the information presented was dubious and baseless.

In an earlier statement presented to Michigan news houses, the lawsuit filed was the big win. It focused on three states:

  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

The Supreme Court also stated that Texas did not have a legal mandate to sue other states. But Donald Trump continued to undermine the independence of the judiciary, stating that the panel did not look at the facts presented before it. But none of Trump’s appointees noticed any illegalities.

In another statement released to Michigan newsrooms by Nancy Pelosi, the court has rightfully dismissed the case without any favor. While some republicans expressed their concern about the outcome of the case, most of them remained silent amid Trump’s endless claims.

It’s worth mentioning that Trump had spent the better part of the week claiming that his victory was robbed. He even challenged the Supreme Court to show its `courage’, and win the biggest case in history. It was later discovered that Trump’s petition was based on conspiracy theories and election-related falsehoods.

Michigan police warned of an impersonating trooper

In December 2020, the state released a report to Michigan news houses that there was a man who was impersonating the local police. He was identifying himself as a state trooper and managed to make some stops over the weekend. The police advised residents to call 911 if they get stopped by a man driving a dodge charger.

Michigan Chief Justice requested vaccination for judges and court staff

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack

The chief justice requested the health sector to vaccinate judges and court staff to keep the system running. According to reports that reached most Michigan news desks is that the chief justice wrote a letter on 8th December 2020 to the Chief Medical Executive requesting a consideration.

McCormack stated that judges and court staff are among the group of essential workers. In another statement released by a health official in Michigan, the state was set to receive about 185,000 doses. The chief justice has been working with the local health to determine how to approach the matter. Keep in mind, the judiciary has a responsibility of identifying the staff who fall under the category of essential workers.

The chief justice also highlighted that most the business require in-person work. This request came at a time when most hearings were conducted online.

How to Pick a Color Scheme for your Home

color choices for your home


Traditionally people choose to decorate or color the interior of their home white. But as time passes people realize that monochromatic whiteness might not be the most wonderful thing in the world. For example, making the whole house white might remind people of a dystopian novel, like The Anthem by Ayn Rand, where everything is all white, everything and everyone is the same. A house, much like everything else in your life, should be, to a certain degree at least, a form of self-expression. That is why more and more people are looking to break the chains of monochromatic color scheme and bring more joy, wonder, and pleasure to every room that they have in their house.

If you are one of those people who has finally said: “Enough is enough, I need more color in my everyday surroundings”, this is the article for you. We will touch upon every idea every color scheme concept that will and should help you decide how and why you can brighten the interior of your home.

Knowing the Right Color or Colors

The vast majority of people struggle and overthink the color scheme of their house. Picking the right color can be an endless struggle, with countless back and forths on this color or that. So people try to stay away from picking many colors because they just think they will go through that endless struggle not with the whole house but with each room on its own. And we admit, that prospect might seem anxiety-inducing.

But let us start with the basics. First, we will look at the colors. There are three distinct ways that we can separate our everyday colors:

  1. Primarily colors- this first group includes red yellow and blue. Some people include white and black in this list, but art majors would disagree with that, as well as physicists since they are not colors per se. They would just tell you that white is pure light and that black is space devoid of any light, so technically not colors.
  2. Secondary colors – This group includes, green, purple, and orange. They are a combination of two primary colors. So green is a mix of yellow and blue. Purple is a mix of red and blue. Finally, orange is, you guessed it, a combination of yellow and red.
  3. Tertiary colors – an additional mix of the first group with the second group to create certain shades or hues that complement each other. For example, violet a mixture of blue and purple is one of the most popular tertiary colors, as well as magenta.

Color Scheme Index

There are four distinct ways in which we can categorize color schemes. Here they are:

  1. Monochromatic – translated into English monochromatic means one color. But that is not necessarily the case with a monochromatic way of arranging or coloring your house. In most cases, monochromatic means picking a base color like gray or blue. After that you experiment with various shades or hues of the first, founding color until you figure out what shade or hue fits what room in your house the best.
  2. Analogous – In other words, analogous means colors that follow each other on the color wheel. So for example a natural progression would be red, orange, to yellow. This could be a lot of fun if you have a lot of rooms that are connected not by doors but naturally glide one into another. So for example, you have a living room that is connected to your dining room. You can make your living room blue, which is a chill and relaxing color, and you can make your dining room, green or purple.
  3. Contrast – This type of color scheme is hit and miss with a lot of people. It is based on brightness and some would argue color shock when you walk from one room into the next. In general, a contrast color scheme will combine two colors that are thought of as progressions, so for example blue into green.
  4. Complementary – Out of the 4 different layouts of your potential color scheme this is by far the boldest. If you want to spark people with color and vigor you will pick this one. What it does is to propose that you combine colors that are thought of as complete opposites. So for example, you could color your living room blue but the room next to it orange.

Key Choices To Make

The foundation of your color scheme should be the color of your home walls. There are a lot of reasons for that. The first reason is that they are the least expensive thing. Wall paint is cheap, so if you don’t like the way your house is painted you can always redo it. And the second reason for making your walls the foundation of your scheme is the fact that it is easy to change. With a bit of experience and help from the internet, everyone can easily paint a room.

You must know your home inside and out. Imagine what it would feel like when you walk from one room to another and you see color X on the walls. This can be especially tricky for new homeowners. Light strikes your house and your walls differently throughout the year, so knowing the right shade of color for a certain room can be a lot to think about.

That is why you should start from the biggest room or most lived-in room in your house. In most cases that is your living room. Consider its location, how much color it has during each of the four seasons, etc. Besides, you have to think about how it connects with other rooms in the house. So for example, if you dread cooking, you might want to color your living room a bit more relaxing but your kitchen with a bit more brightness and color in hopes that it relives the dread of doing something that you dislike but have to do. The classic choices for the color of your living room walls are white and lighter shades of blue.

The second approach to this issue could be based on your will and feeling alone. If you have lived in your house for quite some time, you will notice that you have certain moods when you enter a certain room. Color helps to augment those feelings to your desire. With the help of color, you can amplify or decrease the effect of that feeling. This is especially great if that feeling is negative and has a stronghold over you. It is your home and your will. It doesn’t matter if you go very complimentary or contrasting. Let us say you have issues with your mother in law who comes over and stays in the guest room. You might want to paint the walls black or red.

The third approach to this could be recreation. If you moved to a snowy part of your country from somewhere warm you might want to make life easier on yourself with a bit of nostalgia that recaptures the way it was living in say Hawaii.

Matching Tones in Your Color Scheme with Items

Since furniture is a lot more expensive than wall paint you might have to consider what colors on your walls would go easily with your furniture or other expansive items that you might have around your house or on your walls. You can also amplify the effect of the wall paint with a little bit of help from accessories. For example, rugs are not the most expensive thing in the world, but they can add a bit of flair or be the additional spark that gives a room life.

Another way to do this is by adding artwork. For some people, painting the walls is the last phase of their home renovation or home reinvigoration. If the last sentence also applies to you we suggest that you keep your walls neutral for now. White is a classic and universal way to make your walls look good and it goes with almost everything on your walls. In addition to a white wall, you can also add a couple of pieces of artwork, like paintings with bright colors. Our choices would be paintings of still nature, with a lot of green or blue.

Different Approaches for Different Levels of the House

If you have a home that has two or more levels then we must suggest that you try and approach every single level as its own entity. You can pick a foundation color for every level and paint various rooms with different shades of said color. If you have indoor steps that connect your first floor to your second floor we suggest that you paint that area with a color that is between the one you use as the foundation on your first floor and the one you are planning to use on your second floor.

For example, you have chosen this color scheme, blue on the first floor and yellow on the second floor. This means that you will probably paint the area where your steps are green. But that is just one way of approaching a house that has more than one level to it.

Another way to approach the color scheme in a house with more levels is to paint the walls of the lower levels with a neutral color like white, or something quite easy on the eye like a gentle, welcoming shade of blue, azure comes to mind. If you have a layout of your house that has the living room, kitchen, and office space on the first floor and the bedrooms are located on the second floor, you might want to keep the second floor a lot more dynamic than what you have on the first floor. This is especially the case if you have children. Kids love and thrive when they have their very own space. This is where you throw all the rules out the window. When it comes to their rooms, let their little imagination sprout and take over. Color their rooms to their heart’s desire and don’t worry how it looks or combines with the rest of the house.

choosing a color palette

Additional Questions You Might Have About Color Scheme

What if I love patterns that are mostly checkered or stripes?

If this is the case then you should not worry too much, but you will need to make those beloved patterns stand out. The best way to do that is to let them be the standout thing, something that you notice right away as you enter the room. You can accomplish that by considering using colors that are softer and more neutral than those on your beloved pattern.

How can I maximize my love for color shading?

If you are really into monochromatic expression and your color scheme is just one color, yellow or blue, you will need to pay extra attention to the way light interacts with the rooms you want to paint or decorate. In most cases, designers take a from down to up approach to colors. In other words, you will go as dark as possible in the lower parts of your room. As you go towards the ceiling of your room you will look to bring in brighter and brighter tones of your desired color. Even a monochromatic color scheme can work wonders with imagination.

How Can I Be Sure What my Favorite Colors are?

Not everyone is always aware of what they like and dislike, but our subconscious mind is always active and does the work for us. If you are not sure what your favorite colors are, just look into your closet. This was suggested by a Chicago Painting Company and it works 99% of the time with their clients. Most people instinctively buy clothes that are in their favorite color. Take that as a clue and paint your home so it goes with your everyday outfits.

What is the Best Way To Balance Multiple Colors in a Single Room?

For those who love a color scheme with a lot of colors, it could be a struggle to balance it all out. That is why designers look at what Renaissance artists did and created a 60-30-10 rule. Pick three colors. The first color will be the dominant color and it will represent 60% of the color in that room, the second will get 30% and the third color gets the remaining 10%.

Best Places to Eat in Marquette, MI

Marquette Restaurants

Marquette is a beautiful city, and it is located in the state of Michigan. Here it is possible to visit different tourist destinations with waterfalls, coasts, and beaches of unique nature, walk in parks and visit various recreational facilities of all kinds.

But not only that but if there is something that stands out among visitors, it is the delicious variety of dishes that can be found in each Marquette Restaurant. Without a doubt, you will feed not only your body but also your soul and senses.

Here are some of the best restaurants to eat in Marquette:

1) Lagniappe Cajun Creole Eatery

This place opened its doors in 2006. In this restaurant, it is possible to get traditional Louisiana food thanks to its variety of Cajun-Creole cuisine. One of the best characteristics of this restaurant is that here each ingredient is prepared from scratch in a homemade way, which guarantees the quality of the dishes.

When you enter Lagniappe Cajun Creole Eatery, you will find exquisite food and delicious aroma, and the staff’s warm attention. All of this will make you live an unbeatable experience. It is important to note that, although Creole and Cajun cuisine tend to be very spicy, this is not a problem in this restaurant. Here spices are used mainly to give an incomparable flavor to the dishes, without adding an excess of spiciness that could ruin the experience for more than one.

One of the most popular dishes at this restaurant is the Boudin Balls, which are seasoned meatballs and rice sausage, which have been breaded and then fried. Visitors cannot resist accompanying them with their delicious creole honey mustard dip.

Other dishes in demand are the Chicken Creole and the Crab Cake Flatbread Sandwich; both are clear representatives of the surprises that can be found in the kitchen of this restaurant and that leave all customers wanting to return for more.

2) Donckers

Not everything in life about food is salty food, so a lot of people go to Donkers every day to enjoy the sweet side of life. This is an entirely family-friendly place where chocolates and candies are made by hand. They have accompanied the people of Marquette for more than a century.

Although in reality, this Marquette Restaurant is much more than a sweet shop. They also offer food made entirely by hand from scratch, with special menus for breakfast and lunch.

Donckers is located in a quite relevant historical building within the city. Inside, you can find both a gift shop, a chocolate shop, and a soda fountain where customers can sit and share a pleasant moment with ice cream, milkshakes, or sodas. On the upper floor is the restaurant where you can enjoy quality food.

This restaurant stands out for its delicious breakfasts, especially for its Big Flapjacks, which consist of pancakes made from scratch, accompanied by real butter and locally produced maple syrup, to which you can add various flavors such as chocolate chips, whipped cream or cranberries, among other.

Likewise, its French toasts are among the most delicious in the country, without forgetting its omelets, which is part of its main specialties. As for lunch, the options vary between salads, hamburgers, sandwiches, and more.

3) Iron Bay Restaurant & Drinkery

You can find this Marquette Restaurant in one of the most emblematic places of the city with rebar fabrication near me. Here, you will find a fusion of tasty food, local history, and excellent quality service. The dishes on its menu have been designed to please even the most demanding customers. But not only the food is exquisite, but they offer a cozy and familiar atmosphere.

The menu of Iron Bay Restaurant & Drinkery is quite varied and traditional. It is possible to find different Starters, Salads, Soups, Burgers, Paninis, Sandwiches, and even have a special menu for children.

One of their most popular dishes is the Superior Whitefish Sandwich, as it is made with local whitefish and premium ingredients. Likewise, the Pulled Pork Sandwich is another of the most sought after preparations by customers because it has a perfect balance of flavors and ingredients that satisfy anyone’s appetite.

Its salad menu includes the Greek Salad, the Farmer Salad, and, of course, the Iron Bay Chopped Salad. As for soups, the Whitefish Chowder is highly appreciated by its customers, as it is a perfect companion for any dish.

4) The Vierling

This restaurant opened its doors to the public in 1985. Since then, it has established itself as one of the best and friendliest Marquette restaurants to be found. Their proposal focuses on fresh and homemade food. They have an extensive menu that includes house specialties, salads, desserts, fish preparations, pizza, soups, and, of course, their cellar is very well stocked.

Another important detail is that this place offers a really fresh beer of its own production, and it is not for less, since this Marquette Restaurant was one of the first beer bars in the state.

On the menu at The Vierling, the French Onion Soup, a customer favorite, stands out. Another popular dish is BBQ Pulled Pork, which has the juiciest pork and the flavors of its ingredients complement each other perfectly.

In the case of beers, they have a varied selection of fresh craft beers throughout the year, such as Honey Wheat, Red Ale or Stout. But they have select options that vary from season to season, like Peach Wheat, Summer Wheat, or “Where’s My Bike?”, Which is a double IPA with unbeatable flavor and ABV of 9.9%.

5) The Delft Bistro

This dining venue offers one of the best dining experiences in all of Marquette, combining high-quality ingredients with cinematic entertainment. The Delft Bistro is a unique proposal where you can enjoy from an individual outing to a romantic date or even a family night.

This Marquette Restaurant offers an open kitchen concept that allows customers to see how their dishes are being prepared, which guarantees the quality and integrity of the food and provides a unique show.

The menu of this site changes each season, so it is possible to enjoy a different varied gastronomic experience throughout the year. Likewise, creativity stands out in each dish, without this making it difficult to place an order.

The dishes’ options are usually divided into salads, entrees, meats, soups, hamburgers, and special dishes. There are also popular dishes such as Delft Wings, which are one of the most sought-after options by this restaurant’s customers.

Steinhaus Marquette

6) Steinhaus

Those who are lovers of good food with high-quality ingredients of natural and local origin will certainly enjoy Steinhaus. This restaurant specializes in German food and food from other regions of Europe.

In this place, they use the products available locally in each season, so their menu is constantly renewed. This helps to ensure the freshness of the dishes. As if this were not enough, every day, new menus are printed to only offer those dishes with the freshest ingredients, as well as those dishes that can be made from scratch at that time.

Among the ingredients that they usually include in their dishes are pork, beef, fish, chicken, duck, and others, fed with grass, which guarantees that they will have an incredible flavor and a high amount of nutritional properties.

As if that weren’t enough, Steinhaus offers a wide variety of beers, as customers can find up to 50 different options to accompany their drinks. Without forgetting the delicious homemade cocktails that they prepare in the restaurant and an exquisite selection of wine.

Without a doubt, all customers leave this place more than satisfied, and with their thirst quenched enough, so this is one of the best gastronomic experiences that can be enjoyed in this city.

Portside Inn Marquette

7) Portside Inn

This restaurant offers a pub-style atmosphere that is certainly cozy. But not only is the atmosphere casual and friendly, the food on offer is simply delicious. It is important to note that each dish is prepared from scratch, so freshness is guaranteed.

The ingredients used in the preparations are of local origin. This is an essential detail to take into account, as this guarantees that the flavors will be perfect and balanced. Not forgetting that this helps boost the economy and local producers.

Among the most important dishes that can be found within the Portside Inn menu, its famous gourmet pizzas stand out, which are different from any other pizza that you have been able to try before. Likewise, their Stacked Sandwiches and salads are highly requested by customers. They also offer Southwest Specialties that will leave you wanting to repeat as soon as possible.

In short, this restaurant is ideal for sharing with friends or family, and it is even perfect to go to dinner with your significant other. Once you arrive, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the delicious food and top-quality care. By the way, if you want to have fun with your friends, you cannot miss Happy Hour, where you can enjoy excellent drinks at an unbeatable price.

aubree's pizzeria & grill marquette mi

8) Aubree’s Pizzeria and Grill

This renowned pizzeria opened its doors in 1972. Over the years, it became one of the most popular and complete family restaurants in Marquette. This site is perfect for sharing with family and friends since its environment is entirely familiar.

All the pizza dough is prepared during the morning following a traditional recipe that has helped them become a local tradition. Together with the freshest ingredients, including an exclusive blend of five locally made kinds of cheese, this dough creates a balanced, unique, and, of course, incredibly delicious pizza experience.

The staff of this place is characterized by treating each client as if they were members of their own family, in addition, they tend to feel a lot of love and pride for the place where they work, which is reflected in first-class service and quality food.

This site also offers the option of holding parties at your premises with a small reservation, offering the best options so that any little moment becomes a memorable one forever. After all, this is a family restaurant that wants to be an important part of every moment of its customers’ lives, and they have indeed succeeded so far.

stucko's pub and grill marquette michigan

9) Stucko’s Pub & Grill

If you want to go to a Marquette Restaurant with the most exquisite food and a great atmosphere, Stucko’s Pub & Grill is your best option. Inaugurated in 2006 by two lovers of the restaurants world, this place became a must-see in the city.

On the one hand, they offer a wide variety of excellent quality dishes at really affordable prices. All the staff provides a high-quality service, always upholding the friendly values ​​of this restaurant.

This restaurant received the Reader’s Choice award for the best burger in all of Marquette, as well as the best nachos in town. The Marquette Mining Journal presents these awards, so you can be sure that you will have an experience here like no other.

Its menu is very varied and includes Starters, Soups, Chili, Salads, Wings, Baskets, Wraps, Burgers, BBQ, and other dishes such as quesadilla, whitefish, or Salmon. The chef can prepare these entrees for the clients’ taste, so you will indeed find your new favorite dish on this menu.

10) Elizabeth’s Chop House

This restaurant was founded by an Executive Chef and his wife in 2007. Its aesthetic is particular since they fuse various styles such as art deco, leather upholstered furniture, brick walls, and lighting typical of New York jazz venues. This site turns out to be extremely stylish and comfortable.

Here customers will have a delicious variety of dishes to choose from and a menu with about 100 wine options that can be enjoyed. On the menu, you will find dishes prepared with the finest cuts of meat and the freshest seafood, including Alaskan King Crab or Lobster.

But this is not all. Once you have finished your meal, you can enjoy a delicious gourmet dessert created at the moment, along with a delightful and steaming cup of the best coffee. It is possible to eat all this accompanied by the best music while receiving quality care.

Inside Elizabeth’s Chop House, each client will be treated like royalty. The best of all is that they don’t have a dress code, so your only concern here will be to enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones.

Different options to choose from

No matter your favorite type of food, you can be sure that you will find a Marquette Restaurant to suit your taste. It is possible to find a varied gastronomic offer in this city, with cuisines both local and from other parts of the world. In all these restaurants, you will receive first-class service, and you can enjoy an unbeatable experience with your loved ones.

Nashville News 2020

Nashville News


The year 2020 was a mix bag of fortunes for the people of Nashville. Whereas the year started well and upbeat, it is the coming of the corona virus which changed everything. People had to adapt to what they called the new norm. Despite the challenges, Nashville experienced an interesting year too.

This article is a guide on the major events in the year 2020 in Nashville.

Nashville News 2020

Like almost every place in the world, Nashville was heavily affected by corona virus. Between March 16 and March 20, the impact of the virus started taking toll on the people of Nashville. In these dates, the bars were closed, and limitations were put in place on the use of restaurants. This was the start of a far reaching economic impact of businesses in Tennessee and it adversely affected the people of Nashville. As a matter of fact, some people in Nashville lost their businesses and were not able to recover, at least by December, 2020.

The first death due to the corona virus was reported on March 20. This was a moment of impact on the people of Tennessee. This was more so on the people who had one medical or the other, asthma for instance. Like in other places, the older people of Nashville got worried about the impact that corona virus has on everyone, more so on the old people.

On April 12, there was an order from Governor Lee that everyone should stay at home for a week. One of the most critical moments was when 150 inmates tested positive for corona virus at Bledsoe County Correctional Complex. Another critical day was May 26 when it was reported that all employees in a farm at Rhea County had tested positive for the virus (around 200 people who were working in the farm). Similarly, some university students were blamed for holding a party at a time when the country was facing imminent threats from the virus. Such cases contributed to the spread of the virus in Nashville and beyond the city.

During the time of the corona virus, Harvard University identified Tennessee as one of the states which did a good job in testing cases of corona virus. At least, such efforts made the population more aware and more conscious of how to behave. For example, being tested meant that one was careful not to expose the virus to other people, more so, the older people.

However, Nashville was at the center of attention on how public gatherings lead to spread of the virus. This was observed on June 22 when a dozen people who had attended a service at Westmore Church of God tested positive for coronas virus. Such incidences continued to take place in the town with the authorities urging more responsibility among individuals.

Like other cities, Nashville started appreciating the use of masks in public places in order to manage the spread of the virus. Again, like in other places, this was a matter of controversy. Dr. Fauci was concerned about the high rate of transmission in Tennessee and requested the Tennessee community to be more cautious about its behavior when it comes to interacting with others.

The year 2020 was a tough economic time and Nashville was not immune to the economic predicaments that faced the country. For example, night businesses such as bars cried foul over the restrictions they faced and how it affected their businesses. The industry told the Mayor of Nashville that night life economy is the backbone of Nashville and that due to the restrictions, sound engineers, bar staff, and musicians were being thrown out.

On the positive side, Nashville would be one of the contributors to the development of a COVID 19 vaccine. Moderna announced the discovery of a vaccine stating that this was due to the effort of various organizations and professionals including Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). In the efforts to fund a vaccine, a prominent country music artist, Dolly Parton, helped in funding the vaccine. Dolly Parton made this noble effort at a time when many people did not believe that a COVID 19 vaccine would ever be found.

The year closed with Governor Lee emphasizing the importance of wearing masks in public places. By this time, there was a public concern that Tennessee had one of the greatest dangers to the transmission of the virus. Again, Governor Lee emphasized the need to wear masks as the country prepared itself for the New Year.

American Elections 2020

On October 2020, Donald Trump arrived in Nashville for the American presidential debate with Joe Biden at Belmont University. It was estimated that a whopping 90 million people would watch and follow the debate. Matters of discussion on this debate included the welfare of American families, race issues in America, climate change, national security, and country’s leadership.

Belmont University was the center of an audit of how the country has performed when it comes to the management of the corona virus. The debate offered a platform of how far the state would go when it comes to the restrictions that are placed on the corona virus. This platform enabled Americans to monitor the plans of the two leaders when it comes to the issues related to the corona virus.

Belmont University, a private Christian university, was hosting its second presidential debate. The debate saw the introduction of a mute microphone as a tool of managing the two candidates. Previous observations on conversations between the two noted that the two would “talk over each other” rather than addressing critical issues facing the country in a comprehensive manner. It was hoped that the mute microphone when one is not speaking would help the speaker be heard in a better way.

Belmont University provided a platform for the discussion of one of the most hotly contested topics of discussion, the issue of immigration in the US. Donald Trump is well known for his tough immigration laws stating that the US should be more pro-active in solving the problems facing the American people themselves. At some times of the day, some roads in Nashville were closed by the police and the secret service in order to allow Biden and Trump to move from one place to another in a convenient way.

On November, 4, 2020, the Tennessean reported that the results of the American presidential election brought moments of calm, anxiety, and patience. A significant number of the people in Nashville had voted early. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the results started trickling in late causing a lot of anxiety, and perhaps confusion, among the voters. Nashville people raised their concern about how the American election 2020 had created a deep division between the family and friends.

On September 2020, a federal judge in Tennessee blocked a law that would bar a first time voter from mail voting unless identification was offered. It was noted that this law had affected 128, 000 first time voters, thereby curtailing their rights to vote. The issue of voting by mail was of particular interest in 2020. This was because it was seen as making the choice between good health and getting transmission from the virus. With such reformed laws, it was hoped that there would be a wider democratic space.

Nashville Knights Football

Nashville and Sports, 2020

The year 2020 was a trying moment for sports in Nashville, just like in other parts of the world anyway. For example, the National Hockey League faced major interruptions to an extent that it was called off at last in order to help the city manage the Corona pandemic. Other challenges would face sports, challenges not related with the corona virus. For instance, on 2020, the Nashville Knights was suspended bringing an end to the much anticipated fan from the fans in the entire state.

metro Nashville Police

Crime in Nashville, 2020

Unfortunately, Nashville faced a significant number of homicides in the year 2020. Metro Police reported a worrying 105 homicides. This was compounded by the fact that around 50 % of the cases were not solved, at least by the time the year ended. Again, compared to the year 2019, Nashville had more cases of unresolved murders.

Between September 27 and October 30, there was a man who was robbing commercial businesses in the greater Nashville. Metro Nashville Police reported that the man had robbed a liquor store, tobacco and beer business, and Exxon business among others. The police noted that the man would go behind the counter, with a gun, and demand money. If that trend is anything to go by, the police were getting prepared for a continuation of the same. Luckily, nobody died from his adventures.

In August 19, 2020, David Powell robbed a pharmacy which had cabinet refacing Nashville recently done with the use a fire arm. He entered the pharmacy, Walgreens pharmacy, holding a gun, and demanded that he should be given all Lortab, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone, in the pharmacy. The pharmacist had to comply with the order, and the robber escaped from the pharmacy.

Officers and responders from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department went to West Valley Drive where they noticed a man leaving the vehicle with a white bag. The officers instructed the man to stop for a check, but he disobeyed. David Powell was eventually arrested the same day and charged. The records showed that he was convicted in Northern District, Illinois, for possessing a fire arm. If the conviction is successful, he would face at least 7 years in prison. The case is prosecuted by Joseph P. Montminy, the assistant U.S. Attorney.

Despite such peculiar incidences, Nashville is generally safe compared to other cities. Neighborhood Crime gives the city a score of 3 in its analysis of crime (this is when it is compared to other cities). Despite that, anyone visiting Tennessee should exercise general caution. For example, one should be very careful when walking late at night as this could have far-reaching consequences on one’s safety.

There have been a few instances where tourists in Nashville were attacked in order to take their belongings and valuables. If such a thing happens to you, the best thing is not to interrupt evidence, and should let the police handle the issue. If you rent a car in Nashville, ensure that you have your driving license with you; otherwise, you are going to have a big problem with the police.


The year 2020 saw a person by the name Anthony Quinn Warner be known by every one in Nashville. The man denoted an RV bomb in Nashville. The explosion affected almost 40 buildings, with eight injuries reported. Anthony Quinn Warner died in the blast. It was observed later that he knew that he would not survive the blast and had given up his home and car.

This case did not fall under the definition of terrorism because there was no clear identification of a political ideology in the man. Anthony Quinn Warner had made some suicidal thoughts before, at least according to a woman who was dating him. The neighbors to Anthony Quinn Warner did not have much to say about him stating that he was a loner in the neighborhood. Anthony Quinn Warner had, nevertheless, stated that he would be a very famous person to an extent that Nashville would not forget him. Governor Lee called it a miracle that no one was killed in the explosion.


The year 2021 will be a year of hope and optimism for Nashville. Already, Nashville is expecting many doses of the vaccine to be allocated to the state and the city, and it is laying down concrete plans to roll out a mass vaccination program. It is hoped that with the roll out of a vaccine, and upon achieving a herd immunity, the economy will come back, and the people will experience recovery of their jobs and studies. Though the process of getting back to normal life is going to take long, 2021 will generally be a year of hope.

Amazing Kitchen Remodel Ideas

kitchen remodeling

Best Kitchen Remodelling

Years ago, the kitchen was the last place that home owners would think about re-modeling. However, in modern times, the aesthetics of the kitchen are as important as the rest of the home. Having stated that, it is critical that you plan for your kitchen re-model work. This is going to take time and a lot of planning. It is important that you start this process early enough so that you can achieve optimal outcomes.

With advancement in technology and enhanced modeling skills, the modern homeowner can benefit from the best in the kitchen. This article will guide you on the best kitchen re-modeling ideas.

Why You Should Re-Model Your Kitchen

There are a plethora of reasons on why you should carry out kitchen re-modeling. To start with, the kitchen is now a place of socialization. Family and friends meet here after school and work in order to socialize. It is therefore critical that the kitchen is as comfortable and appealing as possible. This should be done for both the adults and the children, and not just the adults.

By re-modeling your kitchen, you are going to be improving the aesthetics of the home. This is going to be appealing to you, the other members of the family, and the visitors. In addition to that, if you are looking for a buyer of your home, the quality of the kitchen matters among other options. The aesthetics of the home helps you to feel confident, and even proud, when visitors come to your home.

The kitchen is not limited to preparing food and washing the dishes. It is now a place of preparing exotic meals and an ideal setting for social bonds. Here, there is conception of ideas, and other ideas are research, how to cook the best meals for instance. Children can learn to be creative in the kitchen. As far as you are playing an over-sight role, and they are safe, you can leave them to do various experiments.

Some Americans view the kitchen as a source of income. For example, a woman could start baking in order to earn a part-time income. Such sources of income grow and expand to even become a franchise. All these achievements start from the kitchen. Therefore, re-modeling your kitchen could determine future financial fortunes.

Ideas that are hatched in the kitchen, and reach the market, include the following:

-Canning fruits and vegetables

-Renting out the kitchen

-Delivering cooking lessons

-Preparing chef products

-Preparing meals for the elderly

-Cooking meals for foreigners

-Participating in cooking contests

Best Kitchen Remodeling

The modern trends today are to use smart solutions. The use of smart solutions is easier to use, and cheaper in the long run (though it might be expensive to buy). There are sufficient technological solutions to enable one to achieve this objective. If your kitchen is old, you can replace some of the gadgets in order to replace them with smart solutions. If your home is new, then you are best placed to make and implement the kitchen remodel choices that you want.

Whereas white is considered an appealing color when it comes to kitchen re-modeling, there is no reason why you should not experiment with your favorite color. After-all, this is where you entertain your friends, and this is where you spend your free time. All you need to do is to evaluate the market and make a choice that you feel comfortable about.

It is important that you consider a natural light when it comes to re-modeling your kitchen. According to Health line a leading Kitchen Remodel Salem company, fluorescent bulbs have a glare and can be harmful to an individual. Harvard Business Review has confirmed this as much stating that the use of natural lights is seen as a means of enhancing human needs. The use of natural light is very important for the health and protection of the eyes more so when you look at the benefits in the long-run.

Unfortunately, the kitchen can be a source of waste, which, directly and indirectly, contributes to environmental degradation. For example, a lot of trash comes from the kitchen, and this trash can end up in natural resources such as the river. At the same time, there are kitchen products which can be harmful to the environment, plastic for instance. A look at the modern American environment shows a worrying trend on the destruction of the environment.

When you think about remodeling your kitchen, think about how you can reduce food wastage. For instance, the kind of refrigerator that you buy can play a critical role in helping you save on food. The ability to preserve your food for a longer time leads to better management of food and helps in reducing food shortage. Closely connected to this is the need to order what your kitchen can handle.

When you are remodeling your kitchen, think about the kind of products that you are going to use for the cleaning products. The use of artificial cleaning products is bad for you and it is bad for the environment too. Product such as chlorine gravely disrupt ecosystem. In this light, then, you need to think about the use of natural cleaning products for your kitchen. Such products are not only healthy for you but are sensitive to the environment.

For some components of the kitchen, quartz is still a very popular choice. The handy product can last for a very long time. Unlike granite, quartz does not need a high level of maintenance. When homeowners started using quartz, there was no much variety. However, today, homeowners can make sufficient choices related to quartz as the niche has evolved to the better.

Today, cooking is not just about preparing meals, it is an art in itself. There are homeowners who have discovered their own recipes. Others have decided to go beyond the US and borrow food preparation ideas, with others doing a mix of cultures.

If cooking is an art, then think about how best you can display your kitchen appliances and other items. You could buy a kitchen clock which is going to reflect your kitchen style and preferences. Some businesses are going to provide customized clock products and you can make your choice.

Flooring plays a critical role in re-modeling the kitchen. The kitchen floor has to be aesthetically appealing and still be safe. As a matter of fact, you cannot compromise on the safety of the future. The kitchen is regarded as a high traffic area and comes with stains and spills. And it goes without saying, the bigger the size of the family, the more busy the kitchen is.

Having discussed that, there are a number of kitchen flooring types that one can consider when doing kitchen re-modeling. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. To start with, resilient or vinyl flooring is stain-proof, water-proof, and eases fatigue.

Porcelain tile is considered a champion when it comes to durability as well as the kitchen flooring. It is harder, and is able to withstand the spills. If you have somebody who is disabled, then this is the type of flooring that you can make, and the Americans with Disabilities Act confirms this as much.

Hardwood flooring offers a perfect combination of both warmth and beauty. In addition to that, it is a low-maintenance option and comes with durability. Though hardwood flooring can withstand splashes, a spill should be managed immediately through wiping it out. Otherwise, it is going to destroy the flooring.

Cork is resilient and waterproof. It is not only moisture-resistant, it is also comfortable. For home owners who care about sustainability, this is the choice to make. One only needs maintenance in every 3 to 4 years.

kitchen remodeling ideas

Factors to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

The first thing that you should consider doing is working within your budget. Depending on the choices made, a kitchen re-modeling can be an expensive under-taking, and it is important that you stick to your budget. However, you should be prepared for a possible cost over-run and you should be flexible as much.

You need to consider the main purpose of the remodeling. If you are aiming at looking for a buyer for your home in the near future, choose a kitchen re-modeling style that others are comfortable and familiar with. In this, choosing the path not taken may not be a very ideal choice due to the difficulty of getting someone who is interested in unfamiliar styles.

If you have long-term housing plans, then you need to make options which are durable. Of course, you have the opportunity to make your own choices. This is unlike a person who might sell the house soon, and the choices must reflect what others prefer.

If you are doing this for your family, make sure you incorporate the opinions and preferences of individual family members. For example, ask your children what they think about a certain kitchen re-modeling option. You will be surprised at how informed they are.

You need to evaluate if you have the time for supervision. If you do not, then think about delegating this duty to a family member. The process of kitchen re-modeling can consume a lot of time, and you need to make sure that you allocate enough time for the same.

kitchen remodeling

Why Hire a Professional

It is possible to do the kitchen remodeling all by yourself. Any Do It Yourself (DIY) is a cheaper option in the long-run. In addition to that, through DIY, you are going to let your creativity take center-stage as you go through a process of learning and trial and error. Moreover, you are going to use your time wisely because re-modeling is fun and engaging.

However, you need to evaluate if you can do a high quality work on the same and if this is worth it in the first place. Simply put, you may not have the skills and experiences required in order to achieve a high quality piece of work. Again, you may not have the time needed to have such an endeavor. You do not want to make decisions, then regret later.

Choosing a professional helps you to save on the overall cost of the project. Whereas you will part with some cost in paying the professional, you will be surprised about the discounts and loyalty points that the market offers, and it is the professionals who have the right professional information and network for such offers.

Closely connected to the issue of saving project cost, if you hire a professional, you are not going to make building and construction mistakes. Homeowners do understand how expensive building and construction mistakes can be. If you make such mistakes, you are going to start the project all over again.

When you decide to hire a professional, there are a number of things that you must put into consideration. You need to evaluate if the firm in question has competent team of professionals who are going to do a good work for you. In addition to that, such professionals should have accumulated vast experience in re-modeling.

When you hire kitchen re-modeling professionals, ensure that they are certified and licensed. In the field of building and construction, the issue of licensing and certification cannot be compromised. Licensing and certification ensures that quality standards are followed for the best of everyone.

You need to evaluate the reputation of the re-modeling company. You can check this through the comments that others are making. A reliable way of shopping around for a re-modeling company is to ask your friends, relatives, and close business associates. They are the best-placed to help you make an informed decision.


With upcoming better technology, there will be more kitchen re-modeling ideas. Again, the market is going to generate more kitchen re-model trends. What the home owners should do is to monitor the best trends in the market and make an informed decision. Overall, whatever you decide to do about the kitchen, stick to your budget and seek the opinion of a professional.

Top News Coming out of Colorado for 2020

Colorado News


Like the rest of the US, Colorado has a vibrant media. This takes the form of TV, Radio, and newspapers. Media channels in Colorado include the following:



KVOR Radio

The Denver Post (newspaper)

Boulder Weekly

There are other organizations which advocate for a wider media space, and promote the access of the media by the people of Colorado. For example, the Colorado Media Project is concerned about the future of media news and are concerned about the ability of the future media to produce high quality content.

One particular observation to note is that national and global have colonized the American media space. After all, they have the resources that can help them go deep into a story and carry out an investigation. However, there are still people who prefer local news. Here, the term local news includes anything from the state level to small towns, neighborhoods, and outskirts.

This article will guide you on the major events and discourses in the year 2020 as covered by the media in Colorado.


Like other states in the US, and indeed many parts of the world, the shocking news of COVID 19 continued to affect the people of Colorado. The first case of the virus was reported in March 5, 2020, and on that day, two cases were confirmed. On the two cases, one of the patients had travelled to Italy, and the other had taken a cruise in international waters. With such an exposure, it is not surprising that the two had contracted the virus.

By then, little was known about the virus, and a lot of information was based on what was already known. Like in other places, the virus led to panic as the people feared for the worst. By then, Wuhan china was already facing a big challenge when it comes to the management of the virus.

On December 30, 2020, Joe Sutton and Jason Hanna reporting for CNN reported that there was a second case of corona virus in Colorado (a variant originating from the UK). This variant is known to be more contagious, though it does not mean that one is going to be more sick. The man in the second case has no travel history. This made the people fear that they might be facing another medical nightmare. Luckily, some vaccine manufactures have stated that they are able to manage the new strain too.

The seriousness about Corona Virus made the authorities in Colorado to be more pro-active in its management. For example, Denver Public Health states that to give ample data and information about what COVID 19 is the symptoms, prevention modalities, and treatment. Individuals took more responsibility in the management of the virus.

The following are the major incidences and impact related to COVID 19 in Colorado:

-Deaths, starting on March 13, 2020, when an 80-year old woman from El Paso County. The woman had other health problems.

-Cancellation of conferences, eg Conference on World Affairs, University of Colorado, Boulder.

-At some times, downtown ski areas were closed

-Cancellation of sports events

-Closing of schools

-Banning of gatherings

-First box of COVID 19 arrived in Colorado

Like the rest of the Colorado, the people of Colorado were taking major steps in order to reduce the transmission of the virus. The main methods used, as it is recommended by WHO, includes the following:

-Washing of hands

-The use of sanitizers

-Quarantine measures if one knew he or she was sick

-Going for treatment

The 2020 Elections, Colorado

The year 2020 was an year of anticipation, euphoria, and uncertainty due to the American elections. Early enough, Denver was to host the Democratic Convention but declined stating that it had other major commitments. Though there was no confirmation yet that Denver would host the convention, Colorado Politics reported that the city had withdrawn its expression of interest thereby stating that it would rather concentrating on hosting other events in the region.

 international sportsmen’s exposition

Sports Events

Despite the challenges that have faced the nation due to COVID 19, Denver was able to host the international sportsmen’s exposition. This was a premier expo targeted at anglers, hunters, and sportsmen.

The 2020 Rocky Mountain State Games was held on July in Colorado Springs. The origins of the games are in New York in 1978 and the tradition has been retained ever since. The major games in the event include archery, badminton, diving, cricket, tennis, and weightlifting. The event also invited volunteers to take part in the games.

Generally, when it comes to sports, the year 2020 was a year of cancellation due to the far reaching impact of the corona virus. Some of the major sports events that were cancelled in Colorado include the following:

-NBA was suspended in March

-Major League Baseball was suspended in March 12

Real Estate

The opportunity to own a home is one of the most desirable opportunities in the US. It takes long and a lot of planning to own a home, more so if one is looking for a home in a strategic location. The desire to search for a home is no different to the people of Colorado.

There were a lot of discussions on real estate in Colorado. Hunters for houses have faced an increasing number of challenges in their search four houses in the city. The local area has faced an unexpected boom making it difficult to get a house at desirable prices. In short, there are more buyers than the number of available homes making it difficult to match the supply with demand. The Colorado Association of Realtors, the prices of homes in Colorado is going up thereby making it difficult to manage the prices as it stands at the moment. This could signify a dangerous market as far as buying of a home in Colorado is concerned.

Despite the challenges, the real estate industry in Colorado remodeling is going to be more vibrant. Of course, there are challenges which come with doing transactions during the time of COVID 19. For example, there are more challenges when it comes to the closure of a transaction. However, those are just superficial challenges which do not matter much in the long run.

Having stated that, one should try and secure a home in Colorado before the prices spiral even further. One way of doing this is through having a concrete saving plan or using the services of mortgage. Whatever decision that you make, you need to seek the help of financial advisors who can help you make informed decisions.

The following are the main steps towards buying a home in Colorado:

-Evaluate your financial situation (you need a credit score of at least 620). If the credit score is lower than 620, then it is time to think about the best ways of improving it. Note that you are also going to require a down payment of 20 %

-Evaluate the neighborhoods available and choose the right one

-Seek the services of a real estate agent in Colorado. The agent should understand the real estate landscape in Colorado

-Apply for the mortgage seeking pre-approval

-Inspect the home and identify potential weaknesses


Colorado Fires

On August 20, 2020, Colorado Public Radio (CPR), reported the issue of fires in Colorado, more so in Glenwood Canyon. The news agency reported how smoke would burn the eyes of the residents. Scientists in Colorado blamed the fire incidences to carbon emissions and the impact of global warming not just in the US but in the world as a whole. With carbon emissions, when summer comes, it comes hotter than other summers in the past years. Of course, there is a lot of individual responsibility when it comes to starting fires, and this could over-whelm the firefighters.

The Washington Post states that some states in the US are now 2 degrees Celsius warmer than they were before. The Western slope is particularly known to be vulnerable to fires. There are three main ingredients to a fire: dry conditions, fuel for burning, and a spark. The summers are becoming highly stressful for the people of Colorado as they devise ways of staying safe.

CPR reports that it is unrealistic for the people of Colorado to leave the burden of fires to the fire fighters, simply, they are going to be over-whelmed. It is the responsibility of everyone in the society to fight the problem that comes with fires, and the people of Colorado realize this as much.


Colorado is not new to earthquakes though they are minor earthquakes. In December 2020, Bedrock, Colorado, experienced a minor earthquake at the Colorado-Utah boarder. This was reported by Seismographs Stations, University of Utah. The residents were able to feel it. The earthquake was triggered by an underground saltwater injection.

Death of Elijah McClain

The death of Elijah McClain was one of the most shaking moments in Colorado. Elijah McClain was working as a massage therapist. His family had moved to Aurora from Denver for the purpose of escaping gang violence. When he died, the results of the autopsy were not conclusive and the coroner was not able to determine the exact cause of death.

In June 2020, Aurora City Center Park was the center of protests and speakers presentation. This was in protests on the death of Elijah McClain and the way the police behaved. The day was a day of another showdown with the police, though no one was arrested. The conflict and tension continues as the people continue to seek answers.

Such incidences have damaged the reputation of the state more so in cases where the community feels that justice was not done well.

Crime in Denver

In the year 2020, sociologists noted a strong co-relation between crime and homicides. Between January 1 and July 13, there were 45 instances of murder in Denver. The death of a family member leaves others in emotional frustration, and leaving them without a steady source of income. This has made the residents have a poor perception of some states which they perceive as unsafe.

The time of COVID 19 brought a lot of frustrations on the ability to keep a job leave alone getting a job. When a community is deprived of its source of income, then they can easily turn to crime.

Unfortunately, Denver has observed a poor relationship between the police and the community. When such a relationship is poor, then, the community is not able to assist the police in their day to day work. This has made it difficult to manage crime in the state.

Impact on the Media Itself

The year 2020 had some very interesting news for the media itself. To start with, it was reported that Alden Global Capital hedge fund was planning to acquire Gannet, the most prominent newspaper in Colorado. This gathered a lot of interest because Alden Global Capital hedge fund is known to be quite aggressive in acquisition and has spread its tentacles in the country.

Critics of Alden Global Capital have termed the company as a vampire which has the ability to bleed a newspaper dry, and it has done so a number of times. The management of the company has been criticized for their tendency to maximize profits. The company strongly favors downsizing, and companies such as the Denver Post have made an open revolt against the company.

The merger of Gannett and GateHouse is one of the largest mergers that have been recorded by newspapers. This effort was approved by the European Union and the US Department of Justice. Researchers from the University of North Carolina notice that one in every five newspapers has the name Gannett.


The year 2021 will be a year of optimism. It is hoped that the COVID 19 vaccine is going to reach everyone who is interested in having one. Operation Warp Speed was a watershed moment in the management of COVID 19. With the right strategies, the vaccine will reach all the residents this year.

The Construction Permits Process in California

CA Permit Process

California is considered one of the most dynamic states in the US as far as the construction industry is concerned. There are thousands of commercial buildings and skyscrapers. And there’s no doubt the state presents unique opportunities for aspiring investors. But before the official groundbreaking starts, contractors and homeowners must get permits from the relevant authorities.

In this post, we’ll discuss the process that must be followed to obtain construction permits in California.

Permit California provisional restrictions

In California, building permits regulate the construction of property to ensure it’s safe for human occupancy and habitation. The permits are required for a demolition project, construction repairs, erection of temporary structures, etc. So, before you embark on any project, you should understand what the permits California government requires.

The Permit California Code of Regulations (title 24) require that no building or structure shall be constructed, improved, or repaired unless a permit is issued. You should check with the building, zoning, fire, and public works department about the specific requirements.

The permits California government requires

Some of the permits California offers include:

  • Grading permits
  • Plumbing permits
  • Demolition permits
  • Landscaping permits
  • Electrical permits

Who should get a building permit?

Now that you know what the Permits California government requires, you should understand who should get a permit. Any property owner and licensed contractors must be issued with a building permit before any work begins. Contractors must assume full responsibility and must know the codes and construction methods.

The permits California code protects public health and reduces any potential hazards that can lead to unsafe construction. Secondly, it ensures the minimum standards for materials are used. Plus, the public will understand the laws that affect building construction.

General guidelines the permits California building department has set

  • Permits are only available to contractors who work on behalf of an authorized property owner or agent
  • No work will be covered without being approved or inspected
  • A permit is deemed null and void if you don’t commence the work within 180 days
  • The permit can be revoked if you start the work and abandon it after 180 days

After the completion of the projects, you must obtain approvals. Then, the permits California building departments will authorize utility release, and you’ll get a certificate of occupancy.

Common improvements exempted from obtaining building Permits

  • Fencing not over 6-feet high
  • Patios and driveways constructed on natural grade
  • Finish work – wallpapering, painting, and carpeting
  • Partitions and counters that are less than 5-feet high
  • Storage sheds and playhouses not supported by adjustment buildings
  • Fabricated swimming pools with a capacity of fewer than 5000 gallons
  • Window awning supported by an exterior wall

It’s worth mentioning that these are not the only improvements exempted from getting permits. You should liaise with City Municipal to understand the permits California government has set in place.

The Construction Permits Process in California

Are you curious about the permits for the upcoming project? Well, obtaining a building permit doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to keep stress at a minimum, you should budget for design fees. The application process will be reviewed by the various departments.

Each department will require some conditions that may be part of the approval process. A newly constructed building may require the approval of:

  • Economic development
  • Public works
  • Development services
  • Project management
  • Neighborhood code compliance

An overview of the general permit process

Every application must be reviewed and the fees paid. The first page will show the calculations and report of the submittals. Then, the plans are set according to applicable codes and state laws. If there are corrections, they are rectified before being approved.

The minor corrections are made to the initial plans that you submitted. If you have to do a major change, you should submit the base drawings and make the necessary corrections. Any revised plans are submitted to the permits California construction department that initiated the corrections. And depending on the correction done, it can take 2-3 weeks for approval.

Once the contractor or owner pays the fees, he or she will get a copy of the approved plans. And before the work begins, an inspection is done. This helps to verify that you have adhered to all rules set by the relevant permits California department.

Submit the architectural plan

A structural plan can enable the contractor to obtain a permit from the city planning department. You should call or visit the relevant department, and the staff members will be ready to answer all questions they may have.

If the project may require approval through the planning process, you may be forced to make a different application. Still, you may be required to consult with the health or fire department to evaluate what else you need during the application process.

You can obtain the structural plan approval from the Permits California planning department and recommend any changes. The process could take up to 10 days to complete. Keep in mind that the state requires you to allocate part of the planning to an engineer or an architect.

CA Building Permit

Apply for the permit

As you make your application, you should contact the building and safety division. The information you give on the plan should include:

  • The plan review deposit
  • Copies of required documents
  • Supporting documents – energy, structural, and soil analysis
  • Completed application – checklist and related forms

You’ll be required to pay the plan check fee and a deposit that is credited back to your account.

The review process

Depending on the nature of the project, the review can involve several departments. For example, the fire department will check whether you’ve followed the safety requirements. Also, the building and safety division will confirm the building, mechanical, and plumbing issues.

The planning division will ensure compliance with the zoning regulations like:

  • Required parking
  • Building height
  • Lot coverage
  • Density requirements
  • Setback
  • Waste management

The fee is paid and the permit is issued

Once approved, the applicant will be notified of any fees due. You can make the payments via credit cards, checks, or business checks. After that, you’ll get a certified copy of the permit card.

The final inspection is important. Sometimes, the building permits California offers may lapse, so you have to apply for another one. What if you change the plan before the final inspection is done? In this case, you should get a permit for the specific plan.

Check the website

If you want to get the details of the permits California government needs, you should check the website of the local municipal council. You’ll get first-hand information about the list of documents required and everything about the local building codes.

Seek approval of homeowners association

If you’re a member of any association, you must seek their approval before you proceed with any work. Some have clauses about the color of your house, paint to use, etc.

Comply with the permits California building code

While your local town can make minor modifications, they must comply with permits California building code. If you’re working on an older building, you may be required to upgrade things like the electrical system. Also, you may have to obtain separate permits on:

  • Demolitions
  • Additions
  • Fabricated structures
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Plumbing systems

Before you think about the permits California State has to offer, you should consult the local public work and inform them of the project you want to start. Some projects may require two permits, so you may want to enquire first.

Picture this – a truck is coming to your site to offload materials, and then the building inspectorate department is on the site. The staff insists that you have to check the footings. To avoid disappointments, you should ensure that your building first passes the inspection.

If there’s a problem, you should ask the contractor to help you comply with the building code. You never know- some matters can be corrected on the spot.

How long it takes to get a building permit

If you want to obtain a building permit for your remodeling project, it can take time to complete. In most cases, permits for residential projects can take one week. The approval process for a commercial project can take 2-3 weeks. If you have a small remodeling project, you can obtain the permit within a day. You may want to check with the local authorities to confirm the timelines.

Each city has different requirements, but most of them will range from several weeks to a couple of months.

Once the process is over, you’ll be issued a permit that should be posted on the construction site. At times, you’ll see the inspectorate department coming to verify the authenticity of the permit. To be on the safe side, you should never rush to see what the Permits California buildings department requires from you.

The construction permit division will review applications on a first-come-first-served basis.

Sometimes, a building permit can be pre-approved. The local council can offer the initial designs if you want to construct something like a deck. If you can follow the laid plan, you don’t have to submit your plan.

For other structures like a solar room, you don’t need a plan. You just follow what the manufacturer states. And for projects like installing a water heater, you don’t have to wait for weeks to get the approval of the plan. This is something that can be done on the same day.

Residential and commercial buildings permit California cost

While building permits for commercial and residential buildings may look similar in some way, they differ in terms of cost. The reasons why residential buildings cost less are:

  • They come with low inspection fees
  • They are designed for couples and families
  • The approval process is less strict

On the other hand, commercial buildings cost more because:

  • Of strict approval processes
  • Are specifically designed to represent businesses
  • Come with expensive permit fees

Whether you want to remodel or develop a commercial building, you should ensure you conform to the permits California building department has set in place. But along with the standard building costs, you should expect to pay 5% of the value of the contract.

Where can you get a building permit in California?

If you want to start or remodel your property, you need a permit issued by your city. Your building permit application will vary depending on the project you want to undertake. When you make an application for the permit, they will require the following information:

  • The legal description of a property
  • Project description
  • License number
  • Type of permit applied for

Online documents must be obtained according to the regulations set by the permits California building code.

CA Permit Process

Why the process can take longer

Contrary to a common belief that the permits California State offers are complex, this is not the case. The reason why the process can take longer is that many departments are involved. Plus, the state is required to enforce numerous regulations to ensure the project is safe for the community.

The number of inspections will depend on the scope of the project. Also, structural inspections should be conducted by a professional. Simple repairs like replacing a window glass don’t require a permit but replacing something like a door may require a permit.

What if I skip getting the permit?

If you’re working with a contractor who advises you to skip this process, then you should move to the other one. Some cities can triple the fees if they find out that you didn’t get the necessary permits for your construction. You could also attract huge penalties if the construction is not done according to the set codes. Even if you’re undertaking a small project, you should enquire to make sure everything is done according to the set standards. Why not consult the city building and permit office?


The above information can help people with little or no experience understand the construction permits California State requires. Generally, you should obtain a permit when building, repairing, demolishing, or upgrading structures. While the building department may process a permit as one package, they can be divided as mechanical, plumbing, building, or electrical permits. It’s your responsibility to ensure all the inspections are completed.

It’s time you comply with all the Permits California building codes.

Why Hire a Nutritionist

Why Hire a Nutritionist


With the modern professional and social commitments, individuals have largely ignored the importance of diet. This is a big mistakes and it comes with harsh consequences. You need to evaluate your perceptions and beliefs about diet, and make an improvement thereon. Rather than doing this on your own, it is better if you sought the help of a professional who can guide you on the best way of nutrition.

A nutritionist is an individual who advises the people on what they should eat. He or she is an expert in food as well as nutrition. They evaluate the diet that you consume, and thereon offer personalized advice.

This article will explore the position of a nutritionist in the life of an individual, the significance, and why you need to hire a nutritionist.

Why Hire a Nutritionist

One of the most prominent reasons why many people hire a nutritionist is for the purpose of weight loss. Quite a number of people desire to lose weight, and as a matter of fact, some are desperate for the same having tried and failed many times. Again, there are individuals who diet, lose weight, but start gaining weight immediately they stop dieting. In such a case, a nutritionist is well-placed to offer viable and sustainable solutions to such a phenomenon.

The importance of weight loss in the life of an individual cannot be under-estimated. Obesity and weight gain leads to various diseases and medical conditions such as heart attack. In addition to that, obese people have a low level of confidence and may find it difficult to interact with the others. In connection to this, their level of interaction is affected thereby contributing to stories of exclusion.

There is a strong correlation between the diet consumed and stress. Stressful events tend to affect the attitude towards food as well as food intake. In particular, chronic stress drives individuals towards high-energy foods, and this, in turn, leads to weight gain. Longitudinal studies reveal that stress is a significant contributor to cases of obesity. There is a strong link between stress and the hormones that are responsible for appetite.

Healthy nutrition plays a critical role in the prevention of disease. As a matter of fact, preventing diseases goes a long way in saving you a lot of time and money. In addition to that, nutritionists help their clients to come up with the most effective ways of preventing diseases. Most of the times, nutritionists help you to change your diet for the better.

A nutritionist can help you to drop a bad dietary habit. For example, consumption of soft drinks can be detrimental to your health. This is more so when you are taking many soft drinks frequently. With such a behavior, your health could be compromised, and this can lead to far-reaching consequences in the future.

Nutritionists can help you recover from illness. Of course, you are going to finish your prescription. However, you need to seek a long-term solution towards illness and the best way of managing the same. A lot of medicines that individuals use could be replaced by a healthy diet, greens for instance.

The right diet is seen as a holistic health measure. Whereas the modern man gains a lot from advanced medicine, medicines come with their inherent challenges. Such challenges include dependence on the medicines themselves.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Nutritionist

The right nutritionist is going to help you achieve your objectives. The wrong nutritionist is going to lead to a waste of time and money. Therefore, you should make sure that you are careful in order to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, there are many people who claim to be nutritionists, but their credibility is wanting. Moreover, the field of nutrition is not highly regulated leaving many people to claim authority on the same. In fact, in some states, almost anyone can claim to be a nutritionist with just a few short courses.

There are a number of factors that you should consider when hiring a nutritionist. To start with, ensure that you evaluate the education of the professional in question. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with professionals claiming to offer professional advice on nutrition; however, this does not in any way mean that their education is solid. This is mores when it comes to online courses where qualification comes easy.

In connection to this, try to hire a nutritionist who have a taken a college degree in a conventional college or university. Such a person has already shown commitment and passion in pursuing a career in nutrition. For example, the Florida Department of Health is quite strict in giving licenses in the practice of nutrition.

Be sure to check the certification of the professional in question. Some American nutrition bodies and boards have a rigorous certification process. Some even require an advanced degree and hours of training, not mentioning the need to pass an examination.

Ask the nutritionist about his or her modus operandi, methodology, and strategies. The following are some of the strategies that are used in the field of nutrition:

-Leading by example

-Trial and error

-Drafting a meal plan

-Theory about the human body

-Group nutrition therapy

-Monitoring the calorie count

-An online community and an online social network

You need to check on the charges of the nutritionist. You need to bear in mind that seeking for nutrition services can be a recurring charge and you might seek the services of the professionals for many months to come. Thus, it might be expensive in the end. Therefore, do your financial planning from the word go. If you feel that you cannot a certain professional, then do not start. Again, bear in mind that it is better to have one solid and long relationship with one nutritionist rather than hopping from one professional to another. Working with a professional creates a deep and personal relationship with the professional. By working with one person, you could get loyalty points and a discount.

The charges of a nutritionist depend on the specialty, location, and experience. Remember that you are still going to pay for the initial appointment which will play an important role in creating a rapport and setting the rules. Some nutritionists do accept insurance, but others do not. It is better to seek a provider who accepts insurance because this will be cheaper for you in the end. You can hire a full time professional, a part time one, or a consultant.

If you need specialty nutrition, then this is a factor you cannot ignore. The following are situations which will warrant specialty:

-Diet for sportsmen and athletes

-Preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy itself, and getting strength back after delivery

-Recovering from injury

-Addressing emotional issues that affect nutrition

There are some enterprises that warrant the services of a nutritionist. For example, suppose you offer clinical services, your patients will feel more appreciated when they realize that you do care about their long-term welfare. One of the ways through which you can offer value to your clients is through offering nutrition services right in the clinic. A research carried out by Stanford and published in a peer-reviewed journal stated that individuals who combined diet and exercise had better outcomes including the following:

-More enhanced exercise

-Eating more fruits and vegetables

-Limiting the intake of saturated fat

Similarly, if you have a gym, you can recommend a diet that goes hand in hand with an exercise regimen. You are not going to do this on your own. Rather, you are going to seek the services of a nutritionist. Such initiatives are going to give your business a competitive edge in the market and help you stand out among your peers in the modern highly competitive business environment.

You need to evaluate the experience that a nutritionist brings in. Having a green or amateur professional can be counter-productive to your diet objectives and you might not achieve your goals and objectives. Therefore, check if the professional in question has worked somewhere else. Such an experience is going to come in handy in enabling you achieve your objective in both the short and the long run. In addition to that, experience adds credibility in the working relationship.

Nutritionists can help you start with the fundamentals that govern nutrition. These include nutritional analysis that is based on macronutrients vs. micronutrients. Some individuals seek to learn advanced topics from their nutritionist. Whereas this is not easy, it helps one make informed decisions that will stand the test of time.

In connection to this, you should be aware of the following red flags:

-When it comes to matters such as weight loss, you cannot hire a nutritionist who is having lofty objectives and over-promising. In nutrition, objectives take long to be achieved. Such professionals could be hiding something about what they can achieve.

-Some nutrition coaches are mere sales people who are promoting a certain health product. In such a case, they do not have the consumer in mind, but rather, they are concerned with selling the product by all means. Such coaches should be avoided as working with them will not be sustainable.

-Nutrition is a science, and it should be based on the scientific method. The nutritionist should give empirical evidence and make unsubstantiated claims about a certain product or health service. Decisions on health should be based on science.

Nutritionist Near Me

It goes without saying that you need a nutritionist who is in close proximity. After all, you are going to be honoring a number of appointments over a long period of time. Therefore, you should consider hiring a nutritionist near me who is going to offer you essential and unique services that are related to food and nutrition.

Significance with nutrition near me is that he or she is going to be of much help when you need urgent attention. For example, people with chronic pain could need urgent help and attention, and in such a case, they are not going to wait for long to be attended to.

Harvard Health states that diet can help improve the immune system, which in turn, will lead to less incidences of pain. A poor diet leads to a weak immune system which in turn leads to constant low-grade inflammation. Foods that contain polyphenols are known for their anti-inflammation properties and characteristics. When it comes to pain management, the more natural the methodology, the better the outcomes of the intervention.

Where to Hire a Nutritionist

Where to Hire a Nutritionist

The good thing with modern internet is that you can Google local businesses right from your smart phone or computer (geo-targeting). Again, data bases such as Yelp contain a list of the best providers of nutrition services. Such databases contain reviews which are going to help you know the pros and cons of every nutritionist and therefore make an informed decision.

One of the most reliable ways of getting a nutritionist is through a referral/ word of mouth. Such a source is not only credible but also reliable. In addition to that, your friends, relatives, and associates, know which professional offers the best services in nutrition, and you just need to ask around.

Your doctor could be having an established interaction with a nutritionist. In such a case, then, he or she is going to know which professional is best suited for your nutritional needs. The good thing with such a source is that it is a trustworthy source.

The health departments of colleges and universities will most likely have a nutritionist. Such institutions could host research centers on various issues that affect food and diet, and you will directly benefit from the same.


Even in the future, the role of the nutritionist will still be relevant. Diet is a constant factor in determining the health of an individual. You therefore need to appreciate the positive role of a nutritionist in promoting your health. Starting with checking a nutritionist near me will help you in achieving your dietary objectives.