What is Project Management and Why Should Every California Business Consider Hiring a Project Manager?

project management in California

What is Project Management?

The term project management refers to the planning and organization of business resources in order to move a certain duty, event, and specific task. Project management is regarded as the core of all the daily business operations. At one time or the other, you are going to carry out a business management project, and you need to be conversant with how a project management works.

There are five main stages of a project lifecycle. To start with, the initiation stage is the start of the project. This is the conception of an idea, and the idea is developed. A project charter guides the project on what is going to be achieved and how. The kick off meeting defines the goals of the project and the schedule.

The planning stage defines where you intend to carry out the project and break down the work into manageable chunks. In other words, it’s a road map for the work from the beginning to the conclusion. The Gantt Chart gives an example of breaking down the project from the overall picture to manageable tasks.

The heart of project management is in execution. It is an execution of the plan. There is monitoring and controlling of the work in order to meet the objectives in time. At this stage, you have to carry out tracking in order to ensure that you are on time in both the resources and the schedule. Closely connected to this is the need to control risks and manage the problems that arise in the course of running the project.

Lastly, it is important that a project is closed in an organized way. At this stage, the company makes an audit of the project, the mistakes made, and the points of improvement in the next project. It should be noted that projects offer a strong learning opportunity. Again, at this stage, the company evaluates the amount of resources it used and the time that was taken to carry out the project, and it compares it with the initial plans made.

There are several ways on how to manage a project. The business case is a justification that a project carried out is worth and carries a high rate of return on investment. Bear in mind that you cannot start a project without consulting with the stakeholders. Here, stakeholders are the people, or group of people, who are going to be affected by the project. For example, you may ask your loyal clients what they think about your expansion. You might be surprised to learn that they support your long-term plans.

Every project must exist within certain goals and objectives. For example, a business could be seeking to roll out an electronic method of handling data. In such a case, then, the goals and objectives are set out from the word go, and a timeline is given. Professionals in project management advise the business owners to avoid veering off from the initial goals and projects.

Another critical thing to consider is that the project must adhere to the authorities. Working within the confines of the law is going to ensure that you get licensing and certification. In addition to that, you are going to avoid going into conflict with the authorities in the future. The US has very strict business laws, and if you are to do business in the state. Breaking the law will limit you in future business and career opportunities.

Hiring a project manager

Why should every California business consider hiring a project manager?

California (the Golden State) is an ideal business destination for numerous business projects. The major conferences and trade shows are a testimony of the state as an ideal destination. The state is home to one of the largest tech companies in the world. The agricultural sector contributes an impressive contribution of the national agricultural activities.

California has a high purchasing power and this is good for your business. In addition to that, if you start a business in the state, you will have a big pool of talent to choose from. The fact that the state is big translates to better and more diverse business opportunities. If you decide to stay in California in the long-run, you will benefit from a good infrastructure, a favorable weather year-round, and a mix of cultures not just from the US, but from the world too.

When you plan on doing a business in California, you need to consider hiring a project manager. The good thing is that there are ample opportunities for hiring such a professional. With California Project Management, you are going to realize a stream of project management possibilities.

A project manager defines the scope of the project. Professionals know that trying to achieve everything in a short time is an act of futility. By defining the scope, the project manager is going to assess the time needed to achieve a certain objective and the cost of the project, at least an estimate of the cost.

Closely connected to this is the need to appreciate the role of the project manager in attaining the deliverables required. A deliverable could either be tangible or intangible. An example of a tangible deliverable is the development of a new computer. An example of an intangible deliverable is improving the computational efficiency of a company.

A project manager enhances team work and collaboration. Employees are assigned certain roles and responsibilities, and encouraged to work in co-ordination. In connection to this, some projects are going to warrant the input of multiple departments. In such a case, then, the project manager comes in handy in ensuring that different departments work together in harmony, and without over-lapping of duties.

The schedule of a business project is very important, and project managers ensure that this is enhanced. In some cases, the business could be vulnerable to harsh consequences because of missing the deadlines. Again, missing deadlines could come with a higher cost of running the project, both in terms of money, and in terms of time.

When you hire a project manager, you are going to realize that your project will be of high quality. It should be noted that some types of businesses must take quality assurance seriously in order to continue to legally operate in the market. For example, professionals working in the health and construction businesses must operate with high quality standards in order to meet the requirements of the authorities. Similarly, companies which are working in the health industry should understand that the government cannot compromise on the health of its people, and therefore, the business has to set a higher bar in terms of quality.

Clients do mind about the quality of the services that they receive. If the clients are not satisfied, they are going to report a low satisfaction score, which in turn, will lead to fewer chances of referrals as well as fewer business opportunities. Businesses should appreciate that branding comes through years of providing high quality products and services. The business of the future is the business which offers a high product or service today.

Project managers can help you develop quality controls. These are processes which are aimed at making an improvement to the running of the business, and as far as possible, reach the level of perfection. For example, a project manager could help in creating various benchmarks that are going to be used in order to make quality improvement. Such benchmarks can be used to establish a culture of setting standards.

Therefore, if you are to meet a high level of standards, you cannot do this alone. You need to seek the intervention of a project manager who will play an important role in ensuring that a California project is going to stand out in terms of quality.

Businesses should make an informed decision on the style of leadership that they choose to pursue. California project management will look at the structure of your business, and inform you on the best leadership style. The following are three main types of leadership with their characteristics:

Scrum: tasks are completed within a certain timeframe, emphasize on clarity, and prefer stable teams that do not experience changes. However, in scrum, a failure in one thing could lead to a slowing down of the entire process

Kanban: easily customized, visible, ambiguous, and prefers multiple teams that have a variation in priorities.

Agile: responsive to change, prefers continuous change, and is flexible

Whereas the project managers do not concentrate on seeking funding, you can ask such a professional on the best way of seeking funding if you are stuck. Bear in mind that such professionals have worked in many other projects, and they can be of great help in helping you solve problems that come along the way.

Closely connected to this is the need to employ a lean model of operations in order to save on resources. There are ample opportunities of saving resources, and project managers are aware of them.

The project manager will help you in the aesthetics of the project as well as seeking the extras. For example, if you are in the construction industry, you may desire to have a unique architecture which has never been seen in California. Similarly, your project manager could help you look unique. For example, if you are having an art shop, you may depict a hand-woven bag which is made from recycled materials. Thereby, you will be show-casing a green product, and this will be appealing to the business.

best ways to hire a project manager

How to Hire a Project Manager

California has immense opportunities to hire a project manager; you can hire from the state or outside the state. An ideal project manager should, at the minimum, have a bachelor in management (a master’s degree is an added advantage). A basic degree exposes an individual to critical skills such as human resources and management skills. In addition to that, if one has a bachelor, there is all the likelihood that one has taken an internship, and this is very important for skills development.

As far as possible, choose a project manager who is experienced. Green project managers can also give good results, but they may not have the necessary experience in solving complex problems.

When to Hire a Project Manager

Most of the businesses hire a project manager when it is too late. By then, the company has already suffered for long, and has experienced several setbacks. Such companies see hiring a project manager as an expensive and risky endeavor, only to realize that they should have hired one. When you realize your business has surpassed ten employees, you can as well start looking for a project manager.

The Cost of Hiring a Project Manager

If you hire a project manager, you need to understand a typical project manager salary. This would come to $ 66 k per year. Bear in mind that you may have to pay bonuses as a form of motivation. Other ways of paying for your project include the following:

Flat rate: This is paid upon the completion of the project

Percentage: This is calculated as a percentage of the project

Hourly: Depending with experience, a project manager will ask for $ 45 to $ 60 an hour.

If you are not able to hire an in-house project manager, you can opt for a freelance project manager. The cost of a freelance project manager is lower, and such a person is not influenced by the culture and politics of the company. In addition to that, you can easily hire or fire the professional. However, if you are considering having a long-term commitment to a project manager, a freelance one is not going to have a long-term vision.


A project manager will come at a cost, but he or she will bring you a lot of benefits. What is important is to have your project executed successfully, in a timely manner, and with a reasonable cost. Overall, California project management will play a critical role in ensuring that you realize optimal project outcomes.

Should you Hire a Professional for Restaurant Design or DIY?

Restaurant Designer

When it comes to effective and attractive restaurant design, people often tend to cheap out on professional design work and end up using their own time, effort and taste to create the interior designs of their owned restaurants, even if they don’t have much knowledge about it. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

You might be thinking that you don’t need to invest in a professional restaurant designer for your restaurant’s interior because it’s going to be expensive and sub-par in quality. You may be thinking of going DIY with the restaurant design to save money and get the right ambient feel that you want in your restaurant’s design. But how smart is this decision? Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about professional and DIY restaurant design, their comparison in different factors of design as well as the pros and cons of each of the design choices. We’re also going to talk about a few tips and tricks for an amazingly attractive yet subtle restaurant design that you can implement in your own restaurant and make it an overnight success when it comes to the targeted crowd.

What is restaurant design?

Before we delve deeper into which design choice you should opt for, let’s talk a bit about what restaurant design truly is. Well, like the house design, restaurant design is the art of creating an overall aesthetically pleasing and comfortable restaurant environment for the people it is targeted for. The only difference is that in a house, people are going to live and in a restaurant, they’re going to be served.

There are many different factors that are taken into account when restaurants are being designed.

· Wall textures and Colors

· Overall Restaurant Layout

· Lighting

· Theme and colors

· Entrance design

· Sitting space and furniture

· Menus

· Cutlery

All of these factors hold incredible importance when you’re looking to target a specific market of people in your restaurant. The overall ambiance and comfort that your restaurant provides to its customers is what’s going to decide whether it’s going to be a success or a failure. The restaurant design also depends upon an additional factor. The targeted audience. Whether you’re going for a more sophisticated Fine dining restaurant targeting business and formal meetings and lunches or a casual Fast-food Joint to cater to families and youngsters, or a coffee shop for the hipster crowd, the perfect design choice for either would be ten-fold different from each other. That’s why making the right restaurant design decision is incredibly important.

small restaurant design

Professional Restaurant Design

When it comes to creating the highest quality interior design for your restaurant, you need the help of a professional who understands the design process depending upon your restaurant’s theme and targeted audience. The utmost perfection in restaurant design can only be achieved with the help of a professional restaurant designer. Most of the fine dining and fast-food restaurants of today are designed by actual professionals because they understand the theme, color needs and floor plans of every restaurant which acts like a magnet towards customers.

They realize what will sell because they understand the basic psychology of the customer’s mind. This is a trait that is completely specific to professional designers only when it comes to restaurant design. Creating the perfect restaurant design requires an analysis of the conceptual design of the restaurant, the physical layout, the serving routes, and timings and everything in between.

Professional restaurant designers read between the lines that we aren’t able to. They see subtle details and morph them according to what the customer would like to increase the overall visual beauty of the restaurant itself.

Pros of Hiring Professional Restaurant Designer

There are many different advantages of hiring professionals in any field actually. The same is the case in restaurant design. Here are some of the amazing benefits of hiring professional restaurant designers for designing your restaurant.

  • Conceptual Understanding – If you hire a proper professional restaurant designer, you’re going to have an edge over DIY designing because the professional designer is going to understand the catering needs and the targeted audience of your restaurant. Depending upon the conceptual design of your diner, they are going to make accurate design decisions.
  • Subtle Design Details – From the smallest things like the cutlery to a single light placement, every detail is assessed by a professional in order to get the best design result. This is what makes professional restaurant designers a good choice for our design needs.
  • Customer-friendly design – Every single change and design decision is based completely on the targeted audience’s liking. A designer knows what a restaurant catering to a younger more casual audience would want and a restaurant meant for fine dining business and corporate meetings and dinners would require and makes apt changes accordingly.
  • Accurate Layout Design – From the placement of the restaurant bar to designing the serving route from the kitchen to the customer’s table, the entire layout will be considered by the designer. Thus, making sure efficient and quick service is achieved to reach customer satisfaction.
  • Saving Cost of Designing – This is an often misunderstood advantage. Professional designers have their own sources for design materials, wallpapers, furniture, textures, flooring, etc. which they are able to get at better rates than us. This helps in reducing the design costs which we’d have to pay if we did everything ourselves.
  • Saving time and effort – Obviously, when you hire a good professional designer, you won’t have to constantly revolve around them while the design process takes place. Instead, you can put your effort and time into the places of the restaurant that need your supervision and not the design itself.

These are just some of the many benefits of hiring a professional designer. All of these services are ultimately going to lead to a successful restaurant opening and possibly even instantaneous popularity.

Cons of Hiring a Professional Restaurant Designer

Although there are many advantages that come with professional restaurant designers, there are some disadvantages as well. Here, we’ve explained those disadvantages to your understanding.

  • Unsatisfactory Results – One problem associated with hiring professional designers is that you may not be looking for what you get. You might have had a different design idea in your mind for your audience and the designer thought of something else. This clash of ideas could lead to unsatisfactory results which might make hiring a professional more of a problem than a solution.
  • Over-budget designing – Sometimes, the professional restaurant designer might go overboard with expensive materials and design processes that your budget may not suit. In such a case, the financial situation of the restaurant can be affected and result in a bundle of problems even before the launch.
  • Low-Quality Materials – Another con of hiring a professional is that you may not trust the designer with the quality of products and materials they might use in the design process. This lack of trust can ultimately lead to unsatisfactory results and further problems for you.

Even though these cons do happen with restaurant owners across the world, it is less likely that they’ll always happen, that’s why in hiring professional restaurant designers the pros outweigh the cons.

DIY Restaurant Design

If you’re a go-getter and believe in doing everything yourself, there’s a high chance you’re going to take this route. DIY restaurant design simply means that you’re going to design the entirety of the restaurant, from lights and sitting to themes, patterns, and flooring, all by yourself without any professional design help.

According to many restaurant owners across the globe, designing a restaurant is incredibly easy for them because they have an idea of who they want to bring into their restaurants, how they can glue their customers to the tables and how they can get the customers to keep ordering from the menu.

This can actually go both ways. If you actually know what you’re doing, DIY restaurant design can work wonders but if you’re just shooting in the dark because of monetary issues, you might want to reconsider your decision of going for DIY restaurant designing.

restaurant wall design

Pros of DIY Restaurant Design

If done right, DIY restaurant design can lead to many amazing advantages over professional design. Here are some of those advantages so you can get the idea of DIY design.

  • Satisfactory Results – This is actually the best of the pros of DIY restaurant design. Because you’re in complete control of the design process, you are always going to be satisfied with the results that you came up with. It is psychological. At the same time, you’d know what your customers would want from your restaurant, so you’d be able to get the results you need, instead of getting generic design from an uninterested professional.
  • Implementation of your own design ideas – When it comes to DIY restaurant designing, you’re going to be able to implement the exact design ideas that you have in mind. This is seemingly unachievable when you hire a professional who isn’t able to understand the needs of your customers accurately.
  • Financial Benefits – If you know where to find the equipment and design services, you can save a lot of money when it comes to DIY design. Because one, you don’t have to pay a professional designer for their services, and two, you know how to get the best materials for the best prices making DIY restaurant design simply ideal.
  • Good Quality Materials ­– When you take control of the complete process of restaurant design yourself, you have one benefit that you know you won’t cheap out on the quality of lighting, furniture, décor, wallpapers, and flooring materials. In this sense, DIY restaurant design is superior to professional design.

These are some of the benefits of DIY restaurant designing. However, you still need to assess the cons in order to be able to make a proper decision in terms of your restaurants design.

Cons of DIY Restaurant Design

You might get the longer end of the stick when it comes to DIY design, but most people end up failing badly. Here are some of the cons of the DIY restaurant design process.

  • Unsatisfactory Results – You might start the design process with a lot of optimism, but there are many different aspects when it comes to restaurant design. You might be good at one thing but have no clue about the other. This could lead to unsatisfactory results which might cause a lot of problems for your restaurant.
  • Over-budget costs ­– Going into DIY restaurant design, you might think you’re saving money but in fact the high prices of materials that you’re going to get would end up being more expensive than hiring a professional in the field who knows what they’re doing and provides satisfactory design results.
  • Unable to implement design idea ­– Obviously, there must have been a really amazing idea in your head that you wanted to implement in your restaurant design. But due to inexperience and inability to implement these ideas, you might end up with an incomplete disaster, which will cost even more to repair.
  • Time and Effort Wastage – The time and effort that you’ll be spending in designing the interior could actually be spent in dealing with tasks which you have experience in. Because at the end of the day you might end up with unsatisfactory results which will take further time to resolve.

That is why we think the cons of DIY restaurant design outweigh the pros and ideally restaurant design should not be done if you’re not familiar with the design process.

Which one should you choose?

We would definitely suggest that you choose to hire a professional designer for your restaurant design needs because ultimately you’re going to get a better final result this way when it comes to lighting, entrance, themes, color and overall interior design. However, if there are budget restrictions and you cannot afford to hire a designer, you can take a chance with DIY restaurant design but make sure you learn about it and take the help of someone proficient in the design field in order to get the perfect restaurant design which will boost customer interest and lead to your restaurant’s success.

How to Get into the Food Consulting Business

Food Service Consulting


Savvy business people are careful in making decisions in entrepreneurship. They dissect the market in details and identify business problems that need to be solved. In short, you cannot make a mistake in starting a business. If you make a mistake, you are going to lose time and resources.

If there is an area which has a potential for growth, then that area is the food consulting niche. To state the obvious, people will always need food. As far as you have a concrete plan on what you are planning to do, you can never go wrong in the food industry because there is a ready market. This article will guide you on the most effective ways of being a food consultant:


A food consultant is an expert in the food industry who provides expert data and information to food production businesses, restaurants, and the retail food companies. Most of the contracts and positions on food consultancy are short term opportunities, whereas some are long term working opportunities.

The Food Service Consultants Society International defines a food consultant as a food expert, working independently, who for a certain scope of work and determined fees, helps professionals working in the food industry to achieve their goals. In other words, food consultants work to promote the business opportunities and efficiency of the organizations that they serve.

Food consultants can work as employees, or independently. On one hand, working as an employee offers a steady and predictable income but limited opportunity for expansion. On the other hand, working independently comes with higher risk, higher rate of compensation, and a wide expansion space.

A food consultant can offer general or specific skills. Specific skills provided by a food service consultant include competitive intelligence, new products, market research, advertising, and public relations. It is better to narrow down the business options. Focusing on a few business endeavours ensures that one is able to offer quality.

restaurant consulting services

Requirements: Education and Skills

Whereas formal college education is not necessarily compulsory in starting a food consulting business, you definitely need an education on the same. Working for a college degree is perhaps one of the most opportune moments that can turn around your management skills. Again, when you are taking a college degree, you are exposed to experienced lecturers who have travelled the world, and understand the food industry.

The food industry does not have a shortage of degree programs, courses which are directly or indirectly related to food. The decision on the degree to take should be made after a careful consideration on the career path that one needs to take. In other words, start with taking a career decision, and then take a degree course. You can make a career decision through taking doing a thorough internet research, taking an internship, taking a gap year, or having conversations with professionals in the industry.

There are a few people who choose to continue with the field to a master degree. This can carry a lot of opportunities for you. However, it should be a careful decision because a master is expensive and takes time. You do not need a master to succeed in the food industry, but it can obviously add to your portfolio.

Programs that you can enroll in include the following:

-Food and nutrition

-Wellness studies

-Culinary arts

-Food and beverage programs

-Agricultural programs

-Business degree

If for one reason or the other you are not able to take a college degree, think about taking other shorter courses and combine this with experience. By the end of the day, what clients look for is their satisfaction. If you are able to meet and exceed the expectations of your clients, then there is no need to worry much about your education.

Menu preparation and food development is one of the most critical parts of being a food consultant. In fact, this cannot be compromised by any means. If you are to succeed in this, you must read widely. Be sure to appreciate variety and variation in your menu development. The end consumer will need value for the money, and you have to be sensitive to this if your client is to realize a high rate of return on investment.

Like any business, being a food consultant requires a number of soft skills. Communication skills cut across the business spectrum. Closely connected to this is the need to learn the art of communication more so in public. If you do business beyond the US, cross-cultural communication is a matter of paramount importance. For example, wine is part and parcel of the French cuisine, both as part of the ingredients or as an accompaniment.

As a food consultant, you will face a public relations problem at one stage or the other of your career. How you handle a public relations crisis will have a great bearing on the success of your food consulting business or lack of it thereof. Some food companies have been wiped out after facing a public relations crisis.

As far as you are working in the US, you have to be sensitive to the cultural factors shaping the country. The US is built on diversity, and your business should be a reflection of this. If you become a well-established food consultant with a team of employees, be sure to have a cultural mix among your team members.

food service consulting

Roles and Responsibilities

In a nutshell, the following are the roles and responsibilities of a food consultant (scope of assignment):

-Has to be highly knowledgeable on the food industry

-Specialized in a certain area (an expert in a certain area)

-Has the ability to offer objective expertise

-Involved for a certain amount of time (a limited amount of time)

-Is an advocate for the clients and protects their interests

It is your responsibility to offer healthy food to your consumers. For example, read materials written by the American Dietetic Association and you are going to learn the best practices of preparing healthy food. Be conscious about the various health issues facing Americans. For example, a significant part of the American population is obese, and you do not want to make the problem worse. At the same time, do not recommend a food product that has been a matter of controversy in the public. Seeking the opinion of health authorities will help you protect your clients.

As a food consultant, the advice you give should be based on rational decision making and should be sound by all means. For example, when you are advising your business on the best financing methodology, be sure to make an informed prediction of a new finance policy. If you put your client into unmanageable debt, such a client could pay high interest rates and be pushed out of business. In order to be a better professional, be sure to compare notes with other professionals in the industry. You need to study the market, and identify the trends in the food industry.

The modern industry is changing drastically in terms of offering value to the consumers. You need to contribute towards making the world a better place. For example, be careful to evaluate your role in the food supply chain and do not source products from companies which do not respect their employees. At the same time, support efforts to manage climate change. The modern food consultant office can make use of green products and strategies.

Marketing and Client Relationship

You need to think about the incentives that you can offer to your clients. For example, the ability to deliver food to your clients has far reaching consequences in increasing your bottom-line. With the busy American workplace, employees may not get time to go out and eat. But when the same food is made available to them, they are going to buy eat. Similarly, when some Americans are not working, they like staying indoors, and prefer making orders online or via calling. In short, it is you to go where your customers are.

You need to encourage your client base to have fun with food. They ought to experiment on new types of food rather than sticking to what they already know. For example, you could introduce exotic food to your clients. This will help them learn life beyond the American boarders and they will definitely appreciate cultural exposure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has far reaching implications on the food industry. The use of SEO could help you attract credible leads. In addition to that, it will help you rank high in the search engines. The consumer buying process starts with the identification of the problem, and proceeds to the search of the product or service. In the food industry, a high ranking website will enhance the visibility of your food company.

A critical part of SEO and the food industry is local SEO. When one needs food, there is a need for instant gratification. Therefore, one is going to check the nearest place where one can get food. SEO will help you to exploit the opportunities that come with local SEO in order to tap the food market. In addition to that, a significant number of restaurants serve the local clientele.

Whereas you can have a Do It Yourself (DIY) SEO strategy, it is better to consider a marketing agency. Such an agency is going to help you in creating realistic SEO objectives. In addition to that, you are going to invest in consequential SEO strategies. Marketing agencies offer a wide range of services you can benefit from. Again, if you use a marketing agency, you are going to concentrate on other business activities such as the day to day running of the business or business expansion.

You need to appreciate the need of retaining your client base. One way of doing this is to ensure that you offer loyalty points if you can. Customers love being appreciated, and they like a relationship that extends the normal business-client relationship. If you offer excellent services to your clients, you are going to realize that they will give you the much needed referrals.

When clients are looking for a food consultant, they look at several factors and you need to be aware of them. These include the following:

-The number of years the food consultancy firm has been in service, here, the older, the better. Naturally, clients prefer old institution (however, if you are a new firm, you can still market yourself in other ways, eg, offering a discount)

-The review that other clients have left about their experience with you

-The ability to meet deadlines

-Your business strategies

-Your availability

-The cost and other payment incentives

When you are serving your clients in any business, you need to avoid conflict of interest. As a food service consultant, do not give advice that is going to directly benefit you. Again, do not be a competitor to your clients. Remember, your clients have trusted you in the direction of your business. Therefore, it would be an act of betrayal to give advice that is not based on the facts in the market, but rather, your potential benefits. Closely connected to this, food consultants should be sure to operate within the confines of business ethics. If you do not follow sound and ethical business practices, you could face a lawsuit.

Lastly, you need to position yourself for the future. If you are dealing with a very narrow niche, then it is time you thought of diversification. It is true that a very narrow niche will lead to specialization and better quality, but diversification ensures that risk is spread out and one has an option should things go wrong.


The food industry is going to grow. At the moment, the American population stands at 328 million, and is going to realize more growth through births and immigration. You can strategically position yourself as an esteemed and highly skilled food consultant, and you will be surprised at the business opportunities awaiting you.

The Basics of Good Commercial Landscape Design in St. Petersburg

landscape installation St. Petersburg
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Your St. Petersburg clients will obviously look at your business premises, and through that, you will either attract their attention or repel them. Your landscape design is one of the features that will create an appealing impact in your business. Commercial landscaping planning and design is not simply installation of plants and mowing around your business premises. It goes further than that, and it is critical that you do a professional job. You need to contact Commercial Landscaping St Petersburg who will guide you on the best practices in commercial landscaping.

Here are the basics of good commercial landscape design in St. Petersburg:

The Aesthetics of St. Petersburg Commercial Landscaping

If your business looks good and attractive, this will be appealing to the management, the employees, and the clients. An assumption made is that if your business looks professional, then there is all the likelihood that you are offering professional services in whichever niche you are engaged in. Some clients interpret your business from the face value and will make decisions based on what they can see, and not necessary what you tell them. Moreover, by choosing good commercial landscaping ideas, you are appreciating the contribution that nature makes to the people.

Remember that if you improve on the aesthetics of your business, and a time comes when you will need to sell it, you will not only get a ready buyer, but the market value of your property will be higher.

commercial landscaping

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Practices

The destruction of the environment is perhaps the greatest mistake that mankind has done in the last 50 or so years. Advancement in technology and better industrial innovations are supposed to help man to better conserve the environment. However, if the current outcomes such as climate change are anything to go by, man has done an injustice to nature. The level of pollution in some regions has caused diseases and affected local communities.

You should join the noble efforts to conserve the environment, this is good for you, and this is good for posterity. If you want to show your Florida clients that you care about planet earth, adopt sound ecological practices. Do not blame others for what is going on much as they are to blame; think about the little things that you can do on your part.

Commercial landscaping can help you to develop loyalty to the local flora. Going green is a noble business practice much is it could come with a cost. What better way to go green than starting with landscaping? Your sensitivity to the environment will be a testimony to the kind of person you are and your philosophy therein. Again, through eco-friendly landscaping, you are becoming conscious to the health needs of the Florida community, and in turn, you will be proud of what you are doing for other people.

Think About Size

Unlike a residential landscape project, a commercial landscape is more demanding and bigger in size. In addition to that, it might require more paper work than landscaping in a residential premise. There is a high likelihood that your employees will appreciate your landscaping, however, think about the scenario when time will come and you will need to hire more employees.

The Legal Requirements

Whereas many St. Pete business owners take meeting the legal requirements of landscaping for granted, they are subject to a number of legal requirements, explicit or implicit. For example, Section 373.185, Florida state laws, require that any landscaping is sensitive to the efforts of enhancing water quality and water conservation. In addition to that, the law requires that the landscaping is sensitive to the need of adapting to Florida’s local conditions. Landscaping that is sensitive to the environment is also known as xeriscaping.

The state of Florida encourages its residents to be sensitive to the following landscape governing principles: planting of the right plants, planting the plants in the right place, the right use of fertilizers, mulching, right pest management, the right waste management, reducing water runoff, and protection of the waterfront.

In Florida, the issue of protecting the environment is taken seriously, and you do not want to be on the wrong side of the law. If this is not clear to you, kindly contact your Florida lawyer, and he will explain to you the simple and complex things associated with the same.

St. Petersburg, FL Commercial Landscaping


It is one thing to invest in a good commercial landscape design, and it is another thing to maintain it. Your Saint Petersburg, Florida landscape can only look unique if it is maintained. In addition to that, maintaining your landscape is a responsibility. Pruning is at the center of your commercial landscape maintenance and you will need the right equipment and skills for the same. You should try and have edges that well defining. When carrying your maintenance, think about the safety of your employees and clients and protect them from potential injuries. If you are not sure that you can do professional maintenance of commercial landscaping on your own, contact Commercial Landscaping St Petersburg for help.

Long-term Planning

When you are at the initial stage of planning, you need a professional estimate of the size of the trees and plants at maturity. Do note that your enterprise might need to be expanded in the future- and the need to remove some trees will determine how landscaping is planned. If you are sure about where you will erect new buildings, the Commercial Landscaping St Petersburg will help you at the stage of design. If you are not sure, he or she will help you make concrete commercial landscaping decisions which are sensitive to the future needs of expanding the Florida business.


When choosing a commercial landscaper, there are a number of things that you should look for. To start with, the commercial landscaper in question should have accumulated vast experience in the field. Second, the landscaper should have the ability to maintain a large commercial enterprise. Third, kindly check the list of services provided by the company. Lastly, check if the company has adopted sustainable practices in its products and services.

The cost of commercial landscaping depends on the expertise and equipment that a certain agency has. Companies which have higher standards tend to attract higher cost, more so on labor. When you are perusing through the bid specification, be sure to ask specific questions. For example, bagged cypress mulch is better than basic hardwood mulch. Bear in mind that safety and quality of the final product and service is a matter of paramount importance. A Commercial Landscaping St Petersburg will help you to make informed decisions.

Benefits of Hiring a North Palm Beach, FL CPA

cpa in North Palm Beach, FL
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Running a successful venture involves a series of responsibilities. From planning and production to marketing and sales, each aspect needs thorough attention. Any miss out could be disastrous, leading to blunders and losses. No North Palm Beach business would like to invite hassles in due course of their operation. You need someone to keep an eye on your financial and statutory matters when managing core business activities. That’s what a qualified North Palm Beach CPA does. Such a professional helps you streamline your business chores swiftly.

Why hire a reliable North Palm Beach CPA?

Appointing a CPA isn’t mandatory for businesses. As such, most ventures hardly pay heed to the services of a CPA. They hire an accountant and handle the tax issues on their own. However, no businessman can manage tax and financial matters efficiently. If you attempt to do that, you may lag in other areas such as marketing and finances. Plus, mistakes may happen and you could run into issues. Hiring a CPA lets you say bye-bye to all such issues. Here are the key advantages of hiring a certified CPA.

Avoids misinformation and filing problems

Various guides are available on tax filing. Small businesses usually rely on such guides to file their taxes. Unfortunately, most of these ventures face fines and penalties from the tax authorities. Why? Most tax guides contain misleading and outdated information.

You can’t depend on outdated info for taxation only to find yourself in legal dilemmas. Plus, information and guides related to tax keep on changing. As a businessman, you may not have enough time to check various sources and stay updated about the changing tax laws. You ought to have someone by your side to tackle this issue.

A reputed CPA in North Palm Beach takes care of this problem. You can trust him about your tax requirements. An expert CPA will mitigate problems that could come along when filing taxes. Consequently, any instances of misfiling and fines are rooted out in the beginning.

paying taxes in North Palm Beach

Enriches your accounts

Federal tax laws and guides are extremely complicated. Very few individuals understand those complexities. Plus, changing laws could take a heavy toll on any business. However, staying updated with the frequent changes is important. If you don’t do that, you may invite a series of issues.

For instance, your accounting records may reflect the wrong picture due to outdated tax calculations. In addition to this, some laws may require you to account for particular expenses in a new way. Failing to comply with accounting updates could also affect your profit and loss picture. Do you wish to face such situations?

Of course, no! So, why not appoint an experienced North Palm Beach CPA? An expert CPA will carry internal auditing of your finances and tax matters. By pointing mistakes, the professional will see to it that your finances and taxes are in accordance with the latest state laws.

Help with debt reduction

Many North Palm Beach businesses wonder what a CPA has to do with debt reduction. This is mostly the case with busy entrepreneurs. They think that the scope of a CPA is limited to tax affairs. However, that’s not correct. While CPAs mainly focus on tax-related matters, they offer help with other business issues, especially finances.

You might have piled enough debts in due course of time. Due to tight schedules, you may not pay heed to such debts. However, debts can eat plenty of your profits and keep your business from flourishing. Reputable CPAs in Florida check your financial statements minutely and come up with ways to reduce undesirable debts. By doing so, they help you get your venture out of debts and enjoy better profitability.

Maximum tax exemptions

Everybody wants to save on taxes. Whether you’re a working professional or a corporate owner, saving tax is a top priority. However, some businesses attempt to evade taxes. Sadly, many of them pay more than required in the end. Legal fines and penalties add up quickly, making the scene worse.

Instead of evading tax, it’s advised to follow tax-saving practices. For that, you need a proficient CPA by your side. A professional CPA knows ways to save money on taxes. He’ll study your business and its scope in the light of tax exemptions offered by the state.

Based on your finances, the Florida professional will guide you about those exemptions. You may channelize funds in tax-exempted schemes and save substantial taxes. You rather earn money through those schemes while saving tax in the process. It’s a win-win situation for your venture.

tax season 2020

Accurate filing of taxes

Perhaps, the most important reason for hiring a CPA in North Palm Beach is accuracy in tax filing. Any state government requires you to file accurate, timely tax. Mistakes in filing or late tax filings are subject to fines. Do you want to pay huge fines and have a black mark on your business? Obviously, no! Rather, you want to maintain a clean record and enjoy the maximum benefits offered by the state.

A certified North Palm Beach CPA will assess the right amount of tax. By avoiding any undesirable mistakes, he’ll make certain that your tax returns are free from errors. Consequently, you get peace of mind knowing that you won’t be called by the state for tax irregularities.


Despite the varied perks offered by a reliable CPA, many businesses stay away from these professionals. Why? They think that hiring an expert CPA might be out of their budget range. However, their fears and assumptions are wrong. Many reliable CPAs in Florida tender their services at a modest charge. Plus, the benefits you gain surpass their charges. In the end, hiring a CPA turns out to be a profitable option.

Concluding words

Appointing an expert North Palm Beach CPA is highly advised for any business, small as well as big. Accurate tax filing, updated accounting records, maximum tax deductions, help with debt reduction and financial decisions, affordability, etc. are the top benefits of hiring a professional CPA. If you wish to capitalize on these advantages, hire an experienced CPA and scale your business to a new level.

When Should a Laguna Beach, CA Business Declare Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

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filing for bankruptcy in Laguna Beach, CA

Filing for bankruptcy is difficult, and the decision to do so is painful. This is true whether you’re filing as an individual or for your business. In both cases, you can liquidate everything. For Laguna Beach businesses, this is called a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Businesses also have the option to reorganize under Chapter 11. But when should a business declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

You Want to Save Your California Partnership

Chapter 13 in California allows small businesses to reorganize and continue operating as they shed or pay off debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not an option for partnerships and LLCs. They are forced to go through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, though it is time consuming and complex. Chapter 13 is reserved for sole proprietorships, businesses owned by a single person. A chapter 11 is thus the only option for partnerships.

One of the benefits of partnerships is that there are several people who are contributing to the business, though each has an equity state. Partnerships like LLCs often protect the individuals from lawsuits against the business. Unfortunately, partnerships mean that the death, divorce and bankruptcy of one member affects the others. Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Laguna Beach is the best option for protecting a partnership when one member if filing personal bankruptcy, and the rest of the members would like to settle their debt without dissolving the partnership. Furthermore, Chapter 11 is an option for entering a debt repayment plan without liquidating the partnership.

California debt restructuring

You Don’t Qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, like liquidation bankruptcies for Laguna Beach, CA individuals, has a financial threshold you have to meet in order to qualify. If you have more debt than this, you have to go through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of this writing, a small business debtor can file for Chapter 11 if they owe no more than around 2.7 million dollars, excluding obligations to family members with a stake in the business. Chapter 11 is also preferable than personal liquidation bankruptcy when you own a small business in California and the debts exceed 400,000 dollars in unsecured debts or 1.3 million in secured debts. Consult with a bankruptcy attorney to determine if Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an option for you.

Your Laguna Beach, CA Small Business Is an LLC

Limited Liability Corporations or LLCs in Laguna Beach, California are not allowed to go through Chapter 13. They have to go through the more complex Chapter 11 process. This is the downside of an LLC, though it protects your personal assets from a lawsuit or business bankruptcy as long as the corporate veil wasn’t pierced.

A Chapter 11 filing in California may be preferable if you have a lot of unsecured debts. For example, small business debtors don’t have to deal with a creditor’s committee under Chapter 11. On the other hand, there are additional filings and reports that are required. For example, they have to provide balance sheets, statement of operations reports, cash flow statements and tax returns in addition to the bankruptcy petition. Small businesses don’t have to file the disclosure statement large corporations do.

Small businesses have 300 days to propose a Chapter 11 plan. The California court can extend that deadline. You may have the ability to file a competing bankruptcy plan under Chapter 11. Creditors could file for liquidation or a takeover of assets. The small business debtor has 180 days to propose the plan before creditors can do this. Large businesses have 120 days.

The California court will oversee the payments made to creditors and any affiliated lawsuits. When the payment plan and/or bankruptcy plan has been completed, most or all remaining outstanding debts will be discharged. The business continues operations within the rules set by the courts or the creditors, but it is able to continue. Once it has shed its debts, it is free to take out new loans or make new acquisitions.

California Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Your Laguna Beach Business Is a Corporation

Chapter 11 bankruptcies in California hit the news when large corporations file it. However, smaller corporations can file for Chapter 11, too. Chapter 11 allows the business to reorganize its structure and renegotiate its financial obligations. For example, they may be allowed to break unsustainable union contracts or lay off personnel. The layoffs and other personnel actions must still comply with state and federal law. For example, you can lay people off or refuse promised bonuses, but you can’t pay people less than the minimum wage. Money in a 401K or pension plan is off-limits to creditors, but the company can stop making contributions to it.

Chapter 11 in Laguna Beach involves more than downsizing. The debtor is allowed to sell some or all assets to pay its debts. They can also continue operations, paying their creditors on a new payment plan.

You Are a Single Asset California Real Estate Debtor

A Single Asset Real Estate debtor or SARE debtor is able to take advantage of Chapter 11. A Single Asset Real Estate debtor is one who owns a single, large piece of real estate. The bankruptcy code before 2005 defined this as a single piece of real estate worth less than four million dollars.

The SARE debtor is a person or business in California for which the single property or project generates most or all of their income. Note that it is possible for a person or parent organization to have several limited liability corporations, each of which is a SARE for a particular project. This could be an apartment building, strip mall, office building, warehouse or industrial building. SARE does not include family farmers, residential buildings with less than four units or a business that generates income outside of income from the given property. The SARE designation doesn’t include hotels, golf courses or hospitality businesses. They typically have too many additional sources of income like golf carts, restaurants, bars and complementary services offered to visitors.

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Laguna Beach immediately stops foreclosure on the property. It also gives property owners breathing room, because the creditors have to go to court before they can take any action against the company.

You Are Not Sure What You’re Going to Do

Filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy Laguna Beach like other types of bankruptcy pauses all lawsuits, collections and foreclosures. A business filing for Chapter 11 will thus give a California business several weeks to stall legal actions. This gives them the time to formulate a solution. This may include allowing foreclosure on a property to go forward, filing lawsuits against those who owe you money or planning an orderly liquidation of assets.

How to Hire a 24/7 Locksmith in West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach 24/7 locksmith 
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The thought of hiring a West Palm Beach 24/7 locksmith never flashes your mind until you get stuck outside your locked car or a jammed house door. The truth is a locking professional is hardly considered important. Yet, there are times when you need the services of these experts urgently. Perhaps, you lost your home key and wish to get inside your house. Maybe, your office locking mechanism looks compromised and you need instant help on the matter. Regardless of the reason, hiring the right professional is the key to success.

Tips to hire a 24/7 locksmith in West Palm Beach, Florida

When it comes to hiring a locking expert in Florida, most people just haggle around and pick the professional they think fit. Many Floridians turn to a street lock and key vendor for the job, but usually turns out to be a fake locksmith. In some cases, these vendors come in handy. However, they only provide temporary solutions. You may need help on similar issues from time to time. Many street lock and key vendors aren’t available all the time. You need access to professionals that can help you even in the wee hours. Here’s how to hire a reliable locksmith.

Jot down your needs

Many Floridians don’t do any legwork before hiring a 24/7 locksmith in West Palm Beach. However, hiring the right locking expert begins with some labor and homework on your part. For instance, you need to figure out what kind of help you need.

Do you want to replace your home locking mechanism? Are you seeking help with your auto locks? All such queries will refine your search. Plus, it’ll give a clear idea of what kind of services you need. Certain locksmith services specialize in particular locks and keys. For example, some experts are proficient in home locking mechanisms. However, always be on the lookout for bad locksmiths.

Then you’ll come across Florida professionals dedicated to business and auto locks. You could also stumble upon services committed to offering a wide range of locksmith chores, from home to auto keys. Your little bit of labor will save time and help you focus on suitable experts.

West Palm Beach emergency locksmith

Seek help from close contacts in West Palm Beach

Remember, locking mechanisms aren’t a matter of locks and keys. Rather, they’re more about the security of your house and belongings. You ought to act wisely and pick the best locksmith to enjoy high-quality locking mechanisms. Your close friends and relatives in West Palm Beach are your best bet to rely on.

Those who’ve hired a 24/7 locksmith in Florida for their emergency situations will offer the much-desired help. As people in your contacts and relations are trusted individuals, you may depend on their suggestions when making a list of locking professionals.

Explore the net diligently

Today, the Internet has become a reliable source for obtaining information on any matter. Floridians spend most of their time online to search and find many things. To tap the presence of their prospects, many West Palm Beach locking experts stage their presence online.

Just scan the net using suitable keywords such as a Florida 24/7 locksmith. Within moments, you could compile a huge list of experts dedicated to locking mechanisms in and around your area. The best thing about web-based search is you can find hundreds of lock and key experts without leaving your computer desk.

Look for certifications and license in Florida

You can find a West Palm Beach locksmith in every nook and corner. Even a person in your close contact could offer some help on this matter. However, that doesn’t endorse him to play with sophisticated locks. If you rely on any such person, you’ll end up punctuating the problem. It’s best to check a locksmith with credentials and the license.

The Florida state-issued license testifies that the license holder is eligible to carry out particular types of locking chores. The credentials, on the other side, verify the qualifications of the locksmith in consideration. As a thumb rule, narrow down your checklist to professionals that are licensed and certified by relevant authorities.

Check insurance

Although West Palm Beach, Florida locking experts are proficient professionals, mistakes could happen even by an expert 24/7 locksmith. In certain cases, damages could occur to your business, home, or car during the lock-pick job. Perhaps, some issues turn up after the security solutions and locking mechanisms are installed. Such issues can jeopardize the security of your place.

So, how do you avert such problems in West Palm Beach? Checking the license of the locksmith is perhaps the best way to resolve this problem. A reliable locking professional should carry general liability insurance. Such coverage will reimburse you for losses that may occur due to damages caused to your car or home during the lock-pick job.

West Palm Beach certified locksmith

Check professional associations in Florida

Any reliable 24/7 locksmith spends enough time practicing the art before venturing into business. Most of the locking professionals in West Palm Beach, FL are active members of professional associations. Find out whether locking experts in your attention are linked with professional organizations or not. In general, go for experts that are affiliated to more than one association.

Look for online listings and reviews in West Palm Beach, Florida

Past customers are a great source to determine the legitimacy of a locksmith in your consideration. Just scan popular review and listing sites such as yelp, facebook, BBB, and Google. Read reviews and feedback posted by people who’ve hired particular locking experts on your list. Based on feedback, narrow your listing to a few highly-rated experts.

Check their emergency services in West Palm Beach

A 24/7 locksmith is a professional that renders the services 24 hours round the clock. Find out whether the professional locksmith can tender support at an unearthly hour. Locking chores could turn up at any time and you don’t wish to stay stuck during shivering nights or rainy days in Florida.

Locksmith cost in West Palm Beach, Florida

No one wants to expend too much on hiring a 24/7 locksmith. However, cutting corners on quality isn’t advisable. It’s best to compare the estimates of various experts to make an affordable choice. Scan the rates, support, work quality, and types of services offered by each expert. Finally, settle with the one that offers top of the line lock and key chores at an optimum cost for a West Palm Beach Locksmith.

Bottom line

Choosing the right locksmith is imperative for lock-pick chores. While many professionals tender their expertise, not all of them are worth considering. Just follow the above advice when checking locking experts in and around your area. With handy info, you can easily pick a 24/7 locksmith West Palm Beach for your specific needs.