Signs you Need Septic Tank Pumping in Leesburg, FL

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Septic tanks need to be pumped every three to five years in normal circumstances. However, the time frame can vary for a variety of reasons. And there are factors that can force you to empty the septic tank in Leesburg well ahead of schedule. Here are 9 signs you need septic tank pumping.

Your Drains Are Slow to Drain

One sign that you need septic tank pumping in Leesburg, FL is if all the drains in your home are slow to drain. For example, a single toilet or sink slow to drain may be clogged. However, if every sink, shower and toilet is slow to drain, get your septic tank pumped before none of them work. And in a worst case scenario, sewage could overflow into your Leesburg home if a bad rain floods the septic tank. You can always check for signs on Google too.

You Keep Having to Clear the Clogs

We’re assuming the problem isn’t because someone keeps flushing massive wads of toilet paper down the drain or you’re constant removing tangled messes of long hair. We’re talking about the need to continually send plumbing snakes down the drain to clear solid masses that have clogged the drains. This is one of the signs you need Leesburg septic tank pumping, because this suggests the unit is close to overflowing. This is one way to care for your septic tank.

Your Leesburg, Florida Yard Has Overgrown Patches Over the Septic Tank

If you live in a dry climate, it isn’t uncommon to see the grass green over the septic tank drainage field while the rest of the yard is brown. You may also have one tree healthier than the others if its roots have grown into the sewer line. However, a drainage field that is outright lush is a major warning sign. If the plants look like they’re getting fertilized instead of just watered, the septic tank in Leesburg is sending more liquids than normal downstream. Get the septic tank pumped before things get worse. And if the problem isn’t fixed by emptying or cleaning the septic tank, then you know that the problem is cracks in the pipes that need to be fixed. Yet you’ll have eliminated the obvious cause by arranging septic tank pumping.

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It Smells Bad

One symptom of a septic tank fill-up is the appearance of bad odors. If your front yard in Leesburg, FL smells like sewage, the septic tank is full. If there is pooling water that’s brown instead of clear, that’s another symptom of a saturated drainage field and full septic tank.

Furthermore, a septic tank that’s full can leave sewage in your pipes. Then the sewer gas builds up and may bubble up into your home despite the various traps intended to prevent this. If your bathroom always smells like poo despite flushing and turning on the fans, the problem is probably your septic tank.

Your Alert System Is Going Off

Some people in Leesburg, Florida have septic tank alert systems set up. If the alert light is flashing, the septic tank needs to be emptied. If you have an audible septic tank alarm, it will buzz or beep. Unfortunately, very few people in Leesburg have such a thing.

You’ve Been Flushing Things Down the Drain that Shouldn’t Be

You probably need to have the septic tank pumped ahead of schedule if you’ve managed to flush things down the drain that shouldn’t be. This list includes diapers, feminine hygiene products, cooking oil, grease, condoms, dental floss, cigarette butts, cat litter, or paper towels. These things can clog the drain as well as the drain pipes. If it makes it to the Leesburg, FL home’s septic tank, it will take up more space than you expect. More importantly, these things can clog the pipe sending sewage into the septic tank or sending the liquids into the drainage field. For example, smaller pieces of cotton could make it to the drainage pipes and then clog them.

If septic tank pumping in Leesburg doesn’t solve the problem, then it is possible that the smaller drainage system pipes are themselves clogged. This is the more likely culprit if you were flushing small but absorbent materials down the drain like cat litter.

On the flipside, pouring chemicals down the drain could cause leaks and clogs at any point in the process. For example, slow draining kitchen sinks could be due to grease poured down that drain. You know it isn’t due to the sewer line if other drains in the house work properly. Pouring toxic cleaners and chemicals down the drain could eat through drain lines, sewer lines or the septic tank itself. It could also kill off some of the good bacteria in your septic tank that helps to break down solids. While you could add septic tank bacteria to the system, it would be better to have a professional assess the system. Since in the long run this will save you money because the cost of a septic tank pump can get costly.

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There Is Always Standing Water in Your Florida Yard

Standing fresh water in your Leesburg, Florida yard may be due to drainage issues. This is a problem for several reasons. First, it results in water-logged soil. That in turn makes it almost impossible for sewage to drain into the drainage field. However, if there is always standing water in your yard, then the problem may be the septic tank. A full septic tank is certainly the culprit if the water smells like sewage. A nearly full septic tank may be to blame if you have water that’s standing in the drainage field. It is certainly due to the septic tank if the water is pooling right above the septic tank. In contrast, standing water near the water line may be due to a leaking fresh water pipe. This was first introduced with an article posted on Facebook by another plumber.

You Don’t Remember the Last Time You Had your Leesburg home Pumped

We mentioned that a septic tank needs to be pumped every three to five years. If you don’t know when it was last done, it is time to arrange another septic tank pumping Leesburg FL. Furthermore, you should have the septic tank pumped if you have gone through several rounds of maintenance like adding good bacteria to the septic tank.

If you have moved into a home with a septic tank, contact septic tank pumping to empty it out. Then you know exactly when to have it done next.

Your Leesburg Plumbing Problems Have No Other Identifiable Cause

Slow draining drains in Florida may be due to tree roots clogging the lines, crimps in drainage hoses, and physical items flushed down the drain. Suppose you’ve tried drain cleaner and plumbing snakes, and the issue isn’t resolved. The next step is having the Leesburg home’s septic tank pumped. This may solve the house-wide problems, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have significantly narrowed down the list of possibilities.

In closing, before you hire a Leesburg septic company to pump your septic tank make sure to check for reviews on Yelp and BBB.