Why you Should Consider a Concrete Shower

concrete shower

It’s no secret that concrete showers are common in homes and commercial spaces. And with the unending design options, they create a wow factor that you’d love every day. Here are the reasons why you should consider a concrete shower in your home.

Impervious to damage

Most concrete showers can withstand high traffic without wear. Some won’t even fade as a result of water damage. This means that you don’t have to worry about spills from sink or shower sprays. And if the concrete cracks, it will allow water to pass underneath. This is a common problem for showers that use plywood as water can seep through and cause damage. Of course, you should patch any cracks at first sight.

Durable and cost-effective

A concrete shower can last for more than 20 years – it could even last a lifetime. You may never have to think about replacing it ever. With this in mind, concrete remains the most cost-effective material to use in a shower. For instance, a block of polished concrete can cost $6 per square foot. If there’s a cement board underlayment, the cost may increase by $2.

Surprisingly, concrete strengthens year by year because cement can easily bond with the surrounding particles. Because of the unyielding nature of concrete, it resists erosion, weathering, and requires minimal repair. Still, concrete can be mixed with other materials to give a varying degree of strength. In terms of versatility, a concrete shower gives many options.

Don’t encourage mold and mildew growth

Concrete floors have no grout joints and hence practical to clean. If you suspect that your bathroom is absorbing moisture, you should invest in a waterproofing sealer. One way of preventing mold buildup is to ensure the concrete doesn’t sit on the wood. Alternatively, you can install a board that has a rubber membrane.

While some moisture may get through cracks, it’s unlikely that mold will grow. Generally, mold requires water and food to grow. If there’s no moisture, you can easily wipe the dust that accumulates on the surface. Unlike other materials like wood, concrete will never act as a source of food. As long as you clean it often, you’ll keep mold at bay. Another advantage of a concrete shower is that it absorbs moisture slowly, so there’s often insignificant damage over time. On the other hand, if the shower has good ventilation, condensation will not occur on the walls.

shower made of concrete

Allow for unlimited design options

With so many ways that you can use concrete, it’s becoming a popular material you can use in showers. It has amazing shape-lifting abilities and can be used in different areas of the shower to make it functional. Let’s look at some classic designs and trendy styles. You can use them on the floor, walls, or even on the soap shelf.

  • Geometric shapes and patterns

Here, concrete is used to create hexagon designs, interesting colors, and shapes. After that, you can add striking lines to ensure the shower is not boring.

  • Matte finish

Matte finish design soothes the body and spirit. You can choose the cement pattern you want or other not-so shiny design. Besides that, you can customize your shower with any color you may think of.

  • Arabesque shapes

This is a sophisticated design that works with almost every home. You can keep the shape unique by pumping concrete with bright colors. Additionally, you can cut it into different shapes to complement your décor.

  • Intricate Moorish patterns

Concrete can make a big impact on space when combined with intricate patterns. They add a pop of color to make the space more inviting. A designer can adapt to any shape or form he can think of.

  • Dark hues and bright jewel tones

Most homeowners who want to bring the wow factor in their shower use brightly colored concrete in black or deep navy. If the shower is closed off, you can use bold colors to separate it from the other living spaces. You can also give it a neutral finish like gray, beige, or terra cotta.

  • Multi-colored mural

Concrete can be stenciled to look like tiles and create an artistic mural. This unique finish will inspire you to break into a song.

hand carved concrete shower

Easy to care for

A concrete shower requires minimal maintenance. Besides, it retains its appearance longer when using a natural cleaning solution. Unlike wood which requires special cleaning products, you just need to sweep or vacuum. But there’s a caveat to this – be careful when choosing your cleaners as some may cause discoloration of floors. Needless to say, when you compare with other materials, concrete requires fewer repairs over time.

To ensure your concrete shower doesn’t stain, you can use a decorative color. But the best precaution you can take is to use a film-forming sealer. It also gives a bit of traction when using the shower.

Enhances modern decors

Concrete can be colored by staining or etching with other substances. Another reason why this material suits modern home décor is that it can be stamped with stencil patterns. You can also add integral pigments to make it look black or white as porcelain. This explains why concrete is a great addition to many homes. The shower is the best place where you can use cement tiles for the bathroom.

Safer than wood

A concrete shower is safer than wood because it cannot catch fire and doesn’t pose any safety risk. Besides, in the aftermath of extreme weather conditions, you can be sure your structure will be the most resilient.

Energy efficient

A concrete shower will help to moderate your building cooling temperature. This reduces the heating demands in your home. You can combine with technologies like geothermal heating to make energy improvements. In practice, the energy efficiency accumulates with time. According to recent research, a concrete building can reduce the energy used for cooling by up to 50%. In most cases, the concrete slab is placed over the insulation to create a barrier over the ground. This is what most countries recommend to mitigate the effect of heat.

Final thoughts

When you install a concrete shower, you’ll be surprised how beautiful and elegant it will look. This is the best choice if you have a shower with exposed iron fixtures or plumbing. And because concrete is durable, you can be sure your shower will stand the test of time.

What is Flooring Demolition and How is it Beneficial for a Jacksonville Home Owner

flooring installation in Jacksonville
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Flooring plays a significant part in any place. From domestic environments to commercial setups, well-renovated floors sing thousands of praises. Plus, floors tender better functionality to any area. For these reasons, homeowners pay heed to the bottom part of their setup. However, floors are likely to sustain damages. No matter how careful you’re, they’re bound to wear out. Then some homeowners want to change the flooring for betterment. Also, calamities such as earthquakes and floods may warrant a floor change. In such situations, you ought to undertake flooring demolition Jacksonville. Flooring removal paves the path for a new floor.

What is flooring demolition Jacksonville?

You may think that floor demolition may just involve crushing the floor. While that’s true to a certain extent, it includes many other chores. Demolition is the starting point of the process. A reliable service will demolish the floor, grind the waste, and collect dust (in an attachment) that comes out during the process. Finally, the space is cleaned efficiently to get rid of left out dirt and debris. Once the process completes, you can add a new floor to the area.

Benefits of flooring demolition Jacksonville

Many Florida residents don’t understand the importance of flooring removal. They resort to window dressing of the damaged floor. These homeowners think that adding a new layer to the existing floor may be useful. Sadly, most of these folks regret their decision. The situation gets worse with time. Even a new coat fails to cover up the damaged floor. It’s best to avoid such a scene right from the beginning. For that, you need a service dedicated to floor demolition. Here are the perks of demolishing your floor before taking up any further step.

Health and safety

Many Jacksonville, FL homeowners try to cut corners when changing the floor. They just add a new coating to their old flooring. However, a new coat doesn’t offer protection to a damaged surface. Sooner or later, the issues with the underlying surface will show up. When that happens, your existing floor might crumble, posing health and safety concerns.

Someone at your place may fall and sustain injuries if the floor crumbles substantially. You may keep such issues from popping up through flooring demolition Jacksonville. When you demolish the old floor effectively, any instances of floor crumbling are rooted out. Consequently, you get an assurance that your new floor won’t pose safety issues. All it takes is the choice of a reliable service for flooring removal.

flooring demolition

Preserves the foundation

When the floor gets too old or becomes damaged due to an earthquake or flooding, it could affect the underlying foundation. Remember, the whole structure rests on the foundation. If the foundation is weak, the complete structure may fall. Such a scene can invite a major financial disaster. Not to mention, the injuries and deaths of those present at the place could be a big loss.

Just covering the damaged or old floor with a new layer won’t help out. Demolishing the floor safeguards the underlying mortar. When the old floor is removed, the underlying mortar becomes visible. You may fix any issues with the foundation before adding the new floor. By doing so, you avoid the likelihood of a major disaster.

Saves money

You may argue that flooring demolition Jacksonville, Florida might increase your expenditure. So, how can it save money? Well, you’re correct apparently. However, if you get deeper about vinyl flooring removal, you’ll understand the perks thereon. First of all, your foundation gets strong. A better foundation paves the path for a strong structure. Consequently, the instances of damages to the structure are minimal and occasional.

Secondly, any process that you undertake without flooring removal will turn out to be costly. Why? Any finishing or addition won’t last long. You’ve to add a new layer every once in a while. Plus, finishing and maintenance can dent your budget. If you add up the cost and expenses thereon, you’ll conclude that floor demolition is a better and recommendable option.

Speeds up the process

Most of the people upgrade their flooring from time to time. Some Jacksonville homeowners undertake the refinishing or layer addition process for aesthetics or longevity. Then certain folks wish to fix minor floor damages caused by a natural disaster. If you undertake any refinishing or related projects without flooring removal, it’ll eat plenty of time. As the existing floor is damaged substantially, it’ll affect the subsequent processes.

Not just that, you can’t attain even finishes or add the floor properly due to damages beneath the floor. Today, no one wants to shell out too much time. So, why not address the underlying issue through floor demolition in the first place? Once you demolish the floor, subsequent processes speed up. Consequently, you can add a new layer or new finish quickly.

flooring removal

Increase in Jacksonville, FL home value

You may wonder how flooring demolition Jacksonville could increase your home’s value. While it may sound too good to be true, it’s correct. Floor removal increases your home’s worth in two ways. Firstly, it’ll let you complete the finishing process effectively. If you add new flooring, it’ll look appealing. That will entice any potential buyer and help you gain a better bargain.

Secondly, modern buyers check any home through a home inspector before making a purchase. If the underlying foundation is weak, potential buyers will offer a low price. On the other hand, a strong foundation preserved due to floor removal will let you bag a better price.


Most Florida homeowners don’t opt for floor demolition due to the cost factor. However, the whole process can be completed on a budget. Many flooring removal services tender their expertise at a modest fee. Plus, the advantages surpass the cost on all parameters.

Finishing words

Flooring demolition Jacksonville comes with a slew of benefits for any homeowner. Safety, affordability, increase in home value, protection of the foundation, etc. are the key benefits of flooring removal. Just be sure you turn to an experienced service for floor demolition to make the most out of the process.

Why it’s Important to Have Your Bourbonnais Home Foundation Waterproofed

Bourbonnais waterproofing
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The waterproofing effort in Bourbonnais is always a top choice for people. The waterproofing project is held in high regard by all those interested. The home owner can take proactive steps to make the project a big success for them. Protect the house against a bevy of different problems later down the line. The natural disasters like flooding and rain water might take their toll. But waterproofing is a project that is going to be a success as well. The project is going forward and Bourbonnais, IL homeowners can do planning of their own. Choose the right time and which work team to manage the ongoing project as well.

Take The First Step:

The first step will just be finding a Bourbonnais, IL respectable waterproofing company. There are often many teams that work in any given city. They provide top notch services to the home owners in the area. The waterproofing service is a common request to make. It is unique, because it is a preventative service to request in time. Expect future flooding, especially if the home is in a certain area. Some regions are more at risk for flooding because of that fact. The right team is waiting to make the project a go ahead for the Bourbonnais homeowner. That should simplify the work that is ready to get going sometime soon.

The initial contact is a big step to take however. That will set the pace for how the waterproofing should take place. The best team should be ready to get work done as soon as possible. Waterproofing is a high priority project for a good reason. It can protect the house in the event of some major flooding. That is common, so people should be on the lookout for the new project. The work can get started when everyone is ready for it as well.

Get A Timetable:

One sure way to get work done is to ask for a time table. The Bourbonnais project will move forward when the whole team is on board. Some companies have a busy schedule and need added time. The time is added and the project will be a success in short order. The importance of the project is going to be a big success. Make it clear that the work should be done up to a certain standard. The time table will get the whole team focused on an end goal. That goal can be delineated for all those that waterproofing work on site. The manager is a good resource for future questions to ask as well.

The waterproofing business can also explain any delays to the project. They are usually good about the work that they are assigned. But delays can happen and home owners will learn more detail. Get updated about the status of the project as it was defined. That should appeal to Bourbonnais, Illinois homeowners who are on a schedule today. Think about the necessity of the project and what it means over time. That should allow time for delays and other issues in the way.

Bourbonnais basement waterproofing

Ask About The Bourbonnais, IL Pros:

The pros will be glad to explain their abilities to people. They can offer a demonstration about the waterproofing work as is defined. The Bourbonnais pros are ready to get work done as is intended. They have a good track record and the project will speak for itself. Waterproofing can minimize the damage that is done to the property itself. That is a stitch in time that is much needed by people. Illinois Homeowners can work to ensure the quality of the project. That is an investment of time and energy that most people will understand. The pros are eager to get started, so partner with them and make it work in time.

The pros are also ready to answer any on site questions. Homeowners might want to make the project a top priority. They can ask if the project is moving forward as was planned. The site foreman is ready to oversee how the work is handled. Their expertise will show through in a lot of core ways. Their pro team is eager to convince Bourbonnais, IL homeowners of the waterproofing project. The success could depend on the waterproofing team working together as well. That shows an effort from the company and convinces many people to complete the work.

Trust The Reviews:

Other Bourbonnais homeowners have completed the project in the past. Waterproofing in Illinois is considered a high priority task for many reasons. The waterproofing effort is on the rise for all those interested. The reviews can convince people to see the work through to the end. The business can also thrive because of the good reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, BBB and others. That encourages them to get good work done right. The reviews are composed by true experts in the field. The reviews could amaze anyone who wants work done right as well. Be ready for some successful work done on the house as is required by flooding.

Write new reviews and support the business if possible. The team appreciates all the feedback that they have gotten so far. The reviews are helpful and the team always appreciates the support. That bodes well for the future of the waterproofing Bourbonnais IL company these days. They will get psyched up to get work done at the house. The homeowner can show support and appreciation for the work as designed. The new reviews boost the rep of the business in time. Write reviews when the waterproofing work has been finished. That is a good end to the lengthy project that was planned on site.

Pay For Costs:

The costs of waterproofing are supportive and Bourbonnais, IL home owners should pay on time. Request more info that can be handled by those interested. The costs are delineated and people should be eager to start. Think about the payment as an investment in the house itself. The project is going forward and Bourbonnais homeowners can pay for it as well. The costs are paid by homeowners who want the effort completed. Timely payments keep the business going strong as they are working. They use the funds to buy tools and support the project in time.

What is the Purpose of a Spray Foam Insulation Machine and it’s Benefits

spray foam rig

The modern business is passing through a bad phase, thanks to uncertainties and economic problems. In such a gloomy scenario, many entrepreneurs look for a recession-proof sector. If you’re one such entrepreneur, consider investing in a spray foam insulation machine. Many people make a profitable venture in this lucrative field. However, getting info about the business is paramount and some don’t even know what insulation is. You ought to know the concept, purpose, and the benefits of putting your money in a new field. If you fail at these points, you’ll lag in the rat race.

What is a spray foam insulation machine?

Spray foam is actually a product made by mixing two materials such as polyol resin with isocyanate. When mixed, these chemicals expand about 30 to 50 times their volumes once you spray the mixture on an item or place and mostly used for attic insulation. This kind of expansion serves as a useful packing. Plus, it produces high thermal insulation that keeps air infiltration from getting inside the packaging. To spray the foam, you need a spray foam insulating device.

Purpose of the spray foam insulation machine

Now you know a little bit about the spray foam process and the machine. At this point, you may be eager to invest in this remunerative sector. However, before jump-starting in this business, you should know the purpose of spray foam and its applications and how insulation can save money. That will let you make an informed decision and choose particular fields. Here are the popular applications of spray foam machines.

spray foam equipment

Building and construction

The real sector is growing by leaps and bounds. You need buildings for offices and residents even during recessions. Thankfully, spray foam has its usage in this ever-growing field. In the past, fiberglass was commonly used to insulate buildings and attics. However, this method wasn’t too effective.

With the passage of time, spray foam became the most effective insulation method. Spraying devices use polyurethane foam for building insulation. In addition to using improved materials, a spray insulation machine is a speedy way to complete the job. As such, you can cover a large portion of the structure in a short time period.

In the construction field, roof tiles and concrete slabs are insulated with the spray insulating machine. A mixture of two chemicals comes at the tip of the gun to make expanding foam on the wall or other areas you intend to spray. Spray machines can spray even wall cavities. Today, many spraying machines are used to reduce air infiltration within rooms.

Packaging sector

Spray foams are also used in packing fragile items that are shipped via waterways. Computers, lamp bases, vases, furniture, busts, and other items need particular packaging when shipping through waterways. Any mistakes can affect the life and aesthetics of these products. Spray foam effectively protects any size, form, and weight when sprayed on the package.

Other applications

Many manufacturing units also use spray foam to keep the heat and cool air in. Sculpture and chandelier manufacturing factories need insulation to safeguard their products from getting damaged. Spray foam serves as protection during transportation and handling. Today, many businesses are considering the usage of the spray foam insulating machine in agriculture and sports.

Perks of a spray foam insulation machine

Now you know the varied applications of the machine. At this point, you’d like to assess the cost-benefit ratio for insulation before putting your money in this equipment. Here are the common benefits of this innovative machine.

Temperature control

Today, a spray foam machine comes bundled in a vehicle, usually a truck or a van. You could store the insulating machine, a generator, a compressor, and many other items of your daily usage. However, weather changes could affect your machine, its accessories, and the materials you use for spraying. If that’s the situation, your business could sustain losses every once in a while depending on the climatic conditions.

However, many spray insulating machines are portable units. You may move the machine and other items as and when you like for effective insulation. You could also cover your items and move them to a safe place. In a nutshell, your machine lets you control the temperature and protect your belongings from getting damaged.

Minimum setup time

Many businesses are seeking ways to reduce the time required for setting up the machine and the process. In this respect, the spray foam insulating machine stands as a clear winner. These machines hardly require any setup time. Within minutes, you could be ready to start spraying. That allows you to complete the project as fast as possible with any different types of insulation.

spray foam insulation equipment

Safety and convenience

Back then, insulating machines used to come mounted on long trailers. Those trailers and the machines were heavy. Operators had to face too much difficulty using and operating the machine. The good news is a modern spray foam insulation machine comes in a compact form on a box or towable truck.

You enjoy the comfort of storing your materials and equipment in an easy-to-access place. In addition to this, modern machines feature advanced safety measures. Consequently, any possibility of injuries and damages is rooted out. You may carry out the spraying chores without bothering about any issue.

Saves time

Today, time is extremely important. If you waste time, you lose business and the profits thereon. Conventional machines take too much time for the setup. Not to mention, the actual spraying job could eat plenty of time. Even a small chore takes a day or two. Major tasks could take many more days or weeks. These machines can delay a long project.

Nowadays, nobody wishes to expend more time on projects. Rather, people are interested in completing the project quickly to move onto other tasks. Modern spray machines come equipped with sophisticated generators, compressors, and other accessories. With these latest components, you can get going quickly and finish the job in less time. This is what makes insulation beneficial.


In the past, spray insulating machines were highly-priced. As such, only a few businesses could own them. However, modern machines come at a smaller price tag. Consequently, even small and medium businesses can buy them without investing too much. Plus, you need a small place to keep the vehicle, the machine, and the accessories.

Final thoughts

A modern spray foam insulation machine is handy for completing various chores in many sectors. Plus, it offers a slew of benefits mentioned above. In return for a modest investment, you could earn a decent return. If you’re serious about starting a profitable venture, invest in the spray insulating machine and you could scale big money soon.

What to Look for When Hiring an Electrical Contractor in Austin, TX?

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Austin electric repair

Electricity and electrical components have become an essential part of our lives. From fans and transformers to refrigerators and AC units, we’re surrounded by electrics. The truth is electrics tender the much-sought comfort and convenience in any setup, home and business. However, electric components are bound to sustain damages over time. Perhaps, the parts of the electrics have become old and outdated. Maybe, the components have started malfunctioning for some reason. In such a situation, you need the help of reliable electrical contractors in Austin, TX. A trained contractor will fix possible issues and let you enjoy the services of your electrics.

What to look for when choosing electrical contractors in Austin TX?

When your business or home needs an electric upgrade or repairs, it’s tempting to pursue a DIY route or rely on a handyman for the electrical work. However, installing upgrades or solving electric problems is something that shouldn’t be undertaken without proper training and knowledge. Hiring a credible electrical contractor in Austin, Texas is highly recommended. However, choosing the right contractor is the key. Here’s what to look for in a reliable electrical contractor.

Determine your needs

Electricity in Texas is a vast field. From simple fixes to major installations, electrics cover many areas and additions. You ought to figure out your problems and expectations before hiring an electrical contractor. Not all professionals are trained to handle all types of electricity chores.

Some Austin, TX experts specialize in fixing the wiring and other simple issues. On the flip side, certain services deal with major electrical upgrades and installations. Figuring out your needs will let you focus on specific electrical contractors in Austin TX.

Make a checklist

After listing your needs, your hunt for an ideal Austin, Texas contractor begins. Remember, the more number of contractors you review, the better. Keeping this fact in mind, try to cover as much ground as possible. Use every source to make a checklist of specific electricians matching your needs. Your friends, relatives as well as online sources could come in handy on this matter.

Austin electrical contractor

Check credentials and experience

By this time, your search gets finished, but your selection remains. Your actual choice starts here. So, how do you begin? First of all, verify the credentials of electrical contractors in Austin TX. Are they qualified enough to undertake complex electrical chores?

Have they successfully fixed complicated electrics in the past? All such inquiries will refine your search and let you weed out unwanted electrical contractors from your list. In general, focus on qualified contractors that carry a fair degree of experience in fixing your particular kind of electrics.

Check license and insurance in Texas

After checking qualifications and experience, you may be desperate to hire an Austin, Texas contractor from your list. However, don’t be stressed out to pick a contractor at random. If you do that, you’ll regret your choice. You need to continue with your search work to pick the best man for the job. Check the license and insurance of contractors on your watch-list.

Any Texas state-issued license lists the kind of electrical chores the license holder is eligible for. By checking the license, you’ll get a fair idea of what to expect from the contractor. Based on the nature and scope of their work, narrow your list. Electrics involve immense risks. There are high chances that someone may get electric shocks when upgrades and installations are underway.

You also run the risk of structural damages in due course of time. It’s here the insurance policy of the contractor comes in handy. A reliable contractor will carry workers’ insurance policy and general liability coverage. The general liability insurance will reimburse for structural damages, whereas the workers’ compensation will cover accidental or electric injuries.

Professional affiliations

Reliable electrical contractors in Austin TX bend hard before venturing into this risky field. They spend enough time practicing their craft to deliver their best. Not just that, qualified and renowned contractors are linked with various professional organizations. Find out whether the contractors on your checklist are associated with any such organization. As a thumb rule, focus on professionals that are affiliated with one or more organization.


Many people share their experience about hiring electric contractors in Austin TX on sites like mapquest, trustpilot, and yahoo local listings. A quick scan of genuine reviews will let you refine your search. Visit verified review websites and check reviews and opinions in the right category. Figure out people’s opinions and complaints about contractors in your attention. Based on complaints and feedback, narrow your list to a few highly applauded contractors.

Austin, TX electrician

Testimonies and references

Okay, you’ve verified the license, qualifications, and reviews of Austin, TX electrical contractors. What next? Should you make a final choice? No! Wait and be patient. Many other points need attention before you make your final decision.

First of all, seek references and testimonies on sites such as Google, Yelp, and BBB. A reliable contractor should offer a big list of happy customers with visible success levels. Contact past customers and find out their experience about working with the contractor. In line with testimonies and past work samples, trim your checklist further.


Do the Texas contractors in your consideration offer warranties on their work? This is an overlooked question that needs attention. If no, remove the Austin contractors from your list. Rather, concentrate on experts that offer some sort of warranty. Warranties will let you cover damages and repairs (free of cost) that may turn up after the project is finished.


Many people in Austin, TX fumble at the cost factor to hire an electrician. They go after cheap estimates. However, never make your decision on pricing alone. Instead, make a balance between work quality and price. Furthermore, you may bring down the cost through comparison shopping. Obtain estimates from contractors on your final list. Assess their charges, support, warranties, and work quality minutely. Finally, choose the professional that can undertake electric chores without costing you too much.

Bottom line

Hiring electrical contractors Austin TX isn’t a big deal, thanks to so many experts out there. However, choosing the right one can be quite a job. Just go through the above tips when checking electric contractors. With useful info, you can easily hire the best professional for your electric issues.

Signs you Need Septic Tank Pumping in Leesburg, FL

plumber leesburg fl
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Septic tanks need to be pumped every three to five years in normal circumstances. However, the time frame can vary for a variety of reasons. And there are factors that can force you to empty the septic tank in Leesburg well ahead of schedule. Here are 9 signs you need septic tank pumping.

Your Drains Are Slow to Drain

One sign that you need septic tank pumping in Leesburg, FL is if all the drains in your home are slow to drain. For example, a single toilet or sink slow to drain may be clogged. However, if every sink, shower and toilet is slow to drain, get your septic tank pumped before none of them work. And in a worst case scenario, sewage could overflow into your Leesburg home if a bad rain floods the septic tank. You can always check for signs on Google too.

You Keep Having to Clear the Clogs

We’re assuming the problem isn’t because someone keeps flushing massive wads of toilet paper down the drain or you’re constant removing tangled messes of long hair. We’re talking about the need to continually send plumbing snakes down the drain to clear solid masses that have clogged the drains. This is one of the signs you need Leesburg septic tank pumping, because this suggests the unit is close to overflowing. This is one way to care for your septic tank.

Your Leesburg, Florida Yard Has Overgrown Patches Over the Septic Tank

If you live in a dry climate, it isn’t uncommon to see the grass green over the septic tank drainage field while the rest of the yard is brown. You may also have one tree healthier than the others if its roots have grown into the sewer line. However, a drainage field that is outright lush is a major warning sign. If the plants look like they’re getting fertilized instead of just watered, the septic tank in Leesburg is sending more liquids than normal downstream. Get the septic tank pumped before things get worse. And if the problem isn’t fixed by emptying or cleaning the septic tank, then you know that the problem is cracks in the pipes that need to be fixed. Yet you’ll have eliminated the obvious cause by arranging septic tank pumping.

Leesburg FL septic tank pumping

It Smells Bad

One symptom of a septic tank fill-up is the appearance of bad odors. If your front yard in Leesburg, FL smells like sewage, the septic tank is full. If there is pooling water that’s brown instead of clear, that’s another symptom of a saturated drainage field and full septic tank.

Furthermore, a septic tank that’s full can leave sewage in your pipes. Then the sewer gas builds up and may bubble up into your home despite the various traps intended to prevent this. If your bathroom always smells like poo despite flushing and turning on the fans, the problem is probably your septic tank.

Your Alert System Is Going Off

Some people in Leesburg, Florida have septic tank alert systems set up. If the alert light is flashing, the septic tank needs to be emptied. If you have an audible septic tank alarm, it will buzz or beep. Unfortunately, very few people in Leesburg have such a thing.

You’ve Been Flushing Things Down the Drain that Shouldn’t Be

You probably need to have the septic tank pumped ahead of schedule if you’ve managed to flush things down the drain that shouldn’t be. This list includes diapers, feminine hygiene products, cooking oil, grease, condoms, dental floss, cigarette butts, cat litter, or paper towels. These things can clog the drain as well as the drain pipes. If it makes it to the Leesburg, FL home’s septic tank, it will take up more space than you expect. More importantly, these things can clog the pipe sending sewage into the septic tank or sending the liquids into the drainage field. For example, smaller pieces of cotton could make it to the drainage pipes and then clog them.

If septic tank pumping in Leesburg doesn’t solve the problem, then it is possible that the smaller drainage system pipes are themselves clogged. This is the more likely culprit if you were flushing small but absorbent materials down the drain like cat litter.

On the flipside, pouring chemicals down the drain could cause leaks and clogs at any point in the process. For example, slow draining kitchen sinks could be due to grease poured down that drain. You know it isn’t due to the sewer line if other drains in the house work properly. Pouring toxic cleaners and chemicals down the drain could eat through drain lines, sewer lines or the septic tank itself. It could also kill off some of the good bacteria in your septic tank that helps to break down solids. While you could add septic tank bacteria to the system, it would be better to have a professional assess the system. Since in the long run this will save you money because the cost of a septic tank pump can get costly.

leesburg fl sewer repair

There Is Always Standing Water in Your Florida Yard

Standing fresh water in your Leesburg, Florida yard may be due to drainage issues. This is a problem for several reasons. First, it results in water-logged soil. That in turn makes it almost impossible for sewage to drain into the drainage field. However, if there is always standing water in your yard, then the problem may be the septic tank. A full septic tank is certainly the culprit if the water smells like sewage. A nearly full septic tank may be to blame if you have water that’s standing in the drainage field. It is certainly due to the septic tank if the water is pooling right above the septic tank. In contrast, standing water near the water line may be due to a leaking fresh water pipe. This was first introduced with an article posted on Facebook by another plumber.

You Don’t Remember the Last Time You Had your Leesburg home Pumped

We mentioned that a septic tank needs to be pumped every three to five years. If you don’t know when it was last done, it is time to arrange another septic tank pumping Leesburg FL. Furthermore, you should have the septic tank pumped if you have gone through several rounds of maintenance like adding good bacteria to the septic tank.

If you have moved into a home with a septic tank, contact septic tank pumping to empty it out. Then you know exactly when to have it done next.

Your Leesburg Plumbing Problems Have No Other Identifiable Cause

Slow draining drains in Florida may be due to tree roots clogging the lines, crimps in drainage hoses, and physical items flushed down the drain. Suppose you’ve tried drain cleaner and plumbing snakes, and the issue isn’t resolved. The next step is having the Leesburg home’s septic tank pumped. This may solve the house-wide problems, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have significantly narrowed down the list of possibilities.

In closing, before you hire a Leesburg septic company to pump your septic tank make sure to check for reviews on Yelp and BBB.