Sales Prospecting – You Can’t Thank People For Being Your Customer!

how to be great at sales

From time to time I will meet with a struggling sales professional. They rarely make a sale today, but if I could only get to know them better and ask better questions I could have their business in a month. So I thought as I sat down with this person that day, “I need to ask you a question. I need you to see my opportunity and ask you to be my partner. If you like it and if you are committed to the opportunity then you have to start broadcasting it to your current customer list!”

Polly wanted to say “Forget it. We are not going to part ways at this point,” yet she wanted to tell me that she is open to the idea and wants to be a part of my network and watch as the opportunity blossoms as my business grows.” Well, I have not talked to them about this opportunity since we met. That’s what, why do we all think differently from the same dreamer that comes into our meetings?”

I can hear them Vital posing with the coup de grace. They are thinking that I’m talking to them about the opportunity as I have seen with Florida HOA laws? I can hear them Vital lamenting that we will never do business together? That they cannot be trusted to have their bonus dollars saved and held for a commission too? I need to ask this group of people a question. When I present prospects, write down the last and the last thing you do to any prospect, the last thing you say. What you are saying is right in front of them scary. If you can’t tell me what the last thing you said to any prospective customer that would hurt that person’s confidence in you and therefore provide an indication of your integrity then think what you are saying the last thing you have to do right now. How do you define honesty? In what way can you measure your integrity?

Most sales professionals can tell me more about their people’s integrity, and what they are doing to make sure it is greater than it is present day. There are more than a few interested in someone else’s business when you are not helping your own. Those that are Rod finesse their skills, really understand their prospects and then go into action for a win-win with their prospects and their customers. They may have the opposite of all people’s integrity.

If you want to be a part of the 1% or you plan on being successful then you must follow these rules:

Realize – According to Webster’s dictionary honesty is doing the right thing. Who wants to be a part of the 1% of this or that profession or business trying to sell people that market is a scam? It may be hard to accept, especially when you have been experiencing the hard work of success in the other areas of life but you cannot retain your integrity if you cannot count the 1% benefit of what you do.

Realise – There is nothing worse in life then drowning in debt. If you plan on wanting to associate with those that are only interested in selling you have to be very honest, you cannot be honest and honest at the same time.

Realise – You can’t fill your pipeline with good prospects by calling 100 people, reach 1 and then comply with the prospect in order to close the sale. You have to speak to, meet, and qualify the people that are your existing customers or people you will be interacting with to discover if the opportunity is a good fit for you.

Embrace – Sales prospecting is a process and not a one-time interaction. It takes time and in order to succeed you have to embrace a persistent approach.

Embrace – The big secret to your success is to write your marketing plan, turning off your cell phone and saying “I will have time to prospect and reach my prospective customers – or – I will still be calling and shopping around looking salespeople.”

Embrace – Get off social media. These days we’re guilty of sharing too much – and worse these days it’s far too easy to let your prospects and friends know about the stuff you are doing for them.