What to Look for When Hiring an Electrical Contractor in Austin, TX?

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Electricity and electrical components have become an essential part of our lives. From fans and transformers to refrigerators and AC units, we’re surrounded by electrics. The truth is electrics tender the much-sought comfort and convenience in any setup, home and business. However, electric components are bound to sustain damages over time. Perhaps, the parts of the electrics have become old and outdated. Maybe, the components have started malfunctioning for some reason. In such a situation, you need the help of reliable electrical contractors in Austin, TX. A trained contractor will fix possible issues and let you enjoy the services of your electrics.

What to look for when choosing electrical contractors in Austin TX?

When your business or home needs an electric upgrade or repairs, it’s tempting to pursue a DIY route or rely on a handyman for the electrical work. However, installing upgrades or solving electric problems is something that shouldn’t be undertaken without proper training and knowledge. Hiring a credible electrical contractor in Austin, Texas is highly recommended. However, choosing the right contractor is the key. Here’s what to look for in a reliable electrical contractor.

Determine your needs

Electricity in Texas is a vast field. From simple fixes to major installations, electrics cover many areas and additions. You ought to figure out your problems and expectations before hiring an electrical contractor. Not all professionals are trained to handle all types of electricity chores.

Some Austin, TX experts specialize in fixing the wiring and other simple issues. On the flip side, certain services deal with major electrical upgrades and installations. Figuring out your needs will let you focus on specific electrical contractors in Austin TX.

Make a checklist

After listing your needs, your hunt for an ideal Austin, Texas contractor begins. Remember, the more number of contractors you review, the better. Keeping this fact in mind, try to cover as much ground as possible. Use every source to make a checklist of specific electricians matching your needs. Your friends, relatives as well as online sources could come in handy on this matter.

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Check credentials and experience

By this time, your search gets finished, but your selection remains. Your actual choice starts here. So, how do you begin? First of all, verify the credentials of electrical contractors in Austin TX. Are they qualified enough to undertake complex electrical chores?

Have they successfully fixed complicated electrics in the past? All such inquiries will refine your search and let you weed out unwanted electrical contractors from your list. In general, focus on qualified contractors that carry a fair degree of experience in fixing your particular kind of electrics.

Check license and insurance in Texas

After checking qualifications and experience, you may be desperate to hire an Austin, Texas contractor from your list. However, don’t be stressed out to pick a contractor at random. If you do that, you’ll regret your choice. You need to continue with your search work to pick the best man for the job. Check the license and insurance of contractors on your watch-list.

Any Texas state-issued license lists the kind of electrical chores the license holder is eligible for. By checking the license, you’ll get a fair idea of what to expect from the contractor. Based on the nature and scope of their work, narrow your list. Electrics involve immense risks. There are high chances that someone may get electric shocks when upgrades and installations are underway.

You also run the risk of structural damages in due course of time. It’s here the insurance policy of the contractor comes in handy. A reliable contractor will carry workers’ insurance policy and general liability coverage. The general liability insurance will reimburse for structural damages, whereas the workers’ compensation will cover accidental or electric injuries.

Professional affiliations

Reliable electrical contractors in Austin TX bend hard before venturing into this risky field. They spend enough time practicing their craft to deliver their best. Not just that, qualified and renowned contractors are linked with various professional organizations. Find out whether the contractors on your checklist are associated with any such organization. As a thumb rule, focus on professionals that are affiliated with one or more organization.


Many people share their experience about hiring electric contractors in Austin TX on sites like mapquest, trustpilot, and yahoo local listings. A quick scan of genuine reviews will let you refine your search. Visit verified review websites and check reviews and opinions in the right category. Figure out people’s opinions and complaints about contractors in your attention. Based on complaints and feedback, narrow your list to a few highly applauded contractors.

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Testimonies and references

Okay, you’ve verified the license, qualifications, and reviews of Austin, TX electrical contractors. What next? Should you make a final choice? No! Wait and be patient. Many other points need attention before you make your final decision.

First of all, seek references and testimonies on sites such as Google, Yelp, and BBB. A reliable contractor should offer a big list of happy customers with visible success levels. Contact past customers and find out their experience about working with the contractor. In line with testimonies and past work samples, trim your checklist further.


Do the Texas contractors in your consideration offer warranties on their work? This is an overlooked question that needs attention. If no, remove the Austin contractors from your list. Rather, concentrate on experts that offer some sort of warranty. Warranties will let you cover damages and repairs (free of cost) that may turn up after the project is finished.


Many people in Austin, TX fumble at the cost factor to hire an electrician. They go after cheap estimates. However, never make your decision on pricing alone. Instead, make a balance between work quality and price. Furthermore, you may bring down the cost through comparison shopping. Obtain estimates from contractors on your final list. Assess their charges, support, warranties, and work quality minutely. Finally, choose the professional that can undertake electric chores without costing you too much.

Bottom line

Hiring electrical contractors Austin TX isn’t a big deal, thanks to so many experts out there. However, choosing the right one can be quite a job. Just go through the above tips when checking electric contractors. With useful info, you can easily hire the best professional for your electric issues.