Don’t Be Afraid to Buy an Online Marketing Course

how to buy an Online Marketing Course

I thought I would share my experiences of buying some of the so called “turnkey” or “get rich quick” instant success systems out there on the internet today. These systems are sold in a variety of ways such as “a few hours a week” or “give it a try in your spare time and in the months to come you will make 10 and even 30 thousand dollars a year”. These systems are normally sold using an online marketing course format.

There seems to be a lot of websites out there selling this type of software. I have to admit I have actually purchased some training materials in the past. I found them to be very useful I will admit but the quality of the materials was kind of down and the information contained was way off target.

I think what makes them suitable at first glance is the price. The systems seem to be relatively cheap, especially if you are buying them using a commission based pay per sale (PPC) affiliate program. A lot of these programs are now starting to appear on the Google search engine listings which is of course good.

But the problem with these type of e-books is quite obvious; they don’t tell you everything they need to know to make money as an internet marketer. The thing that really made me angry is that I thought if I paid some money for one of these systems I would be learning a lot. What I learned in many cases was the same information I had already read on the Internet and I thought to myself one of two things. Either they are lying to me (since they are charging me for the information) or they are the ones charging me…which taught me to be very careful.

I must admit I have bought a few Perfect Wealth Systems products and I actually took part in one of the live webinars recently. The thing I noticed was that every time I opened my wallet I had at least $100 of e-money gone from my account. It was actually more than I had made through the previous months worth of Internet sales. As soon as I tried to log into my account and found that I had just made another one thousand dollars on one of the training webinars I got extremely disappointed.

This Internet marketing business is so vast that many start making a very decent living from it. One thing I must admit is that there are many people making money from Internet Marketing over the long run. These people have remained with the training the Excavation company provides and they follow the instruction in their e mail courses to the letter. There are some programs which interest me and I sometimes purchase them to receive a few basic tips on how the whole online marketing thing works.

I decided to get off my high paying task because it is important to busy you with “real” work and listen to CD-ROM’s if you want to have the best results from your daily sessions from the available instant messenger seminars or teleconferences. I just wish I had known about this opportunity at the time the ads were only starting to crop up in that Aweber account and I would have earned several thousand dollars by now.

Newcomers who fall for these PPC, MLM or eBook packages usually become disappointed when they can’t earn a million dollars overnight. The best advice I can offer is get an instant refund on any ppc, MLM or eBook packages you wish to get and try to get the refund. Don’t be in a hurry to build a huge down line of phone calling buyers just wanting their credit cards refunded.