Why you Should Consider a Concrete Shower

concrete shower

It’s no secret that concrete showers are common in homes and commercial spaces. And with the unending design options, they create a wow factor that you’d love every day. Here are the reasons why you should consider a concrete shower in your home.

Impervious to damage

Most concrete showers can withstand high traffic without wear. Some won’t even fade as a result of water damage. This means that you don’t have to worry about spills from sink or shower sprays. And if the concrete cracks, it will allow water to pass underneath. This is a common problem for showers that use plywood as water can seep through and cause damage. Of course, you should patch any cracks at first sight.

Durable and cost-effective

A concrete shower can last for more than 20 years – it could even last a lifetime. You may never have to think about replacing it ever. With this in mind, concrete remains the most cost-effective material to use in a shower. For instance, a block of polished concrete can cost $6 per square foot. If there’s a cement board underlayment, the cost may increase by $2.

Surprisingly, concrete strengthens year by year because cement can easily bond with the surrounding particles. Because of the unyielding nature of concrete, it resists erosion, weathering, and requires minimal repair. Still, concrete can be mixed with other materials to give a varying degree of strength. In terms of versatility, a concrete shower gives many options.

Don’t encourage mold and mildew growth

Concrete floors have no grout joints and hence practical to clean. If you suspect that your bathroom is absorbing moisture, you should invest in a waterproofing sealer. One way of preventing mold buildup is to ensure the concrete doesn’t sit on the wood. Alternatively, you can install a board that has a rubber membrane.

While some moisture may get through cracks, it’s unlikely that mold will grow. Generally, mold requires water and food to grow. If there’s no moisture, you can easily wipe the dust that accumulates on the surface. Unlike other materials like wood, concrete will never act as a source of food. As long as you clean it often, you’ll keep mold at bay. Another advantage of a concrete shower is that it absorbs moisture slowly, so there’s often insignificant damage over time. On the other hand, if the shower has good ventilation, condensation will not occur on the walls.

shower made of concrete

Allow for unlimited design options

With so many ways that you can use concrete, it’s becoming a popular material you can use in showers. It has amazing shape-lifting abilities and can be used in different areas of the shower to make it functional. Let’s look at some classic designs and trendy styles. You can use them on the floor, walls, or even on the soap shelf.

  • Geometric shapes and patterns

Here, concrete is used to create hexagon designs, interesting colors, and shapes. After that, you can add striking lines to ensure the shower is not boring.

  • Matte finish

Matte finish design soothes the body and spirit. You can choose the cement pattern you want or other not-so shiny design. Besides that, you can customize your shower with any color you may think of.

  • Arabesque shapes

This is a sophisticated design that works with almost every home. You can keep the shape unique by pumping concrete with bright colors. Additionally, you can cut it into different shapes to complement your décor.

  • Intricate Moorish patterns

Concrete can make a big impact on space when combined with intricate patterns. They add a pop of color to make the space more inviting. A designer can adapt to any shape or form he can think of.

  • Dark hues and bright jewel tones

Most homeowners who want to bring the wow factor in their shower use brightly colored concrete in black or deep navy. If the shower is closed off, you can use bold colors to separate it from the other living spaces. You can also give it a neutral finish like gray, beige, or terra cotta.

  • Multi-colored mural

Concrete can be stenciled to look like tiles and create an artistic mural. This unique finish will inspire you to break into a song.

hand carved concrete shower

Easy to care for

A concrete shower requires minimal maintenance. Besides, it retains its appearance longer when using a natural cleaning solution. Unlike wood which requires special cleaning products, you just need to sweep or vacuum. But there’s a caveat to this – be careful when choosing your cleaners as some may cause discoloration of floors. Needless to say, when you compare with other materials, concrete requires fewer repairs over time.

To ensure your concrete shower doesn’t stain, you can use a decorative color. But the best precaution you can take is to use a film-forming sealer. It also gives a bit of traction when using the shower.

Enhances modern decors

Concrete can be colored by staining or etching with other substances. Another reason why this material suits modern home décor is that it can be stamped with stencil patterns. You can also add integral pigments to make it look black or white as porcelain. This explains why concrete is a great addition to many homes. The shower is the best place where you can use cement tiles for the bathroom.

Safer than wood

A concrete shower is safer than wood because it cannot catch fire and doesn’t pose any safety risk. Besides, in the aftermath of extreme weather conditions, you can be sure your structure will be the most resilient.

Energy efficient

A concrete shower will help to moderate your building cooling temperature. This reduces the heating demands in your home. You can combine with technologies like geothermal heating to make energy improvements. In practice, the energy efficiency accumulates with time. According to recent research, a concrete building can reduce the energy used for cooling by up to 50%. In most cases, the concrete slab is placed over the insulation to create a barrier over the ground. This is what most countries recommend to mitigate the effect of heat.

Final thoughts

When you install a concrete shower, you’ll be surprised how beautiful and elegant it will look. This is the best choice if you have a shower with exposed iron fixtures or plumbing. And because concrete is durable, you can be sure your shower will stand the test of time.