Top Michigan News Stories of 2020

Michigan News

There’s no doubt 2020 was the busiest year in news history – and Michigan was no exception. From US elections, social unrests, to the global pandemic. With COVID-19 at the center stage, there were stories of hope and inspiration that we may have forgotten amid the turmoil. Here is a rundown of the top Michigan news that was featured in 2020.

Men charged with a plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer

On 6th June, Five Michigan residents Daniel Harris, Brandon Carseta, Adam Fox, and Kaleb Franks faced charges on a plot to kidnap the governor. According to the local police department, the group was brought under investigation. It’s believed that the five were of a militia group of 12.

They used to meet often to deliberate on how they would kidnap the governor. The FBI also gave a recorded conversation of Fox asking the militia to combine forces. Most Michigan news bulletins highlighted the story for a couple of weeks.

Catastrophic floods hit Mid-Michigan

In May 2020, catastrophic flooding in Michigan left shocking damage to houses, roads, and the entire city was in a mess. According to the reports that reached Michigan news media houses, it’s believed that the dam breached but didn’t break.

A week later, the House Energy and Commerce Committee questioned how the dam was allowed to operate. This is because it had received non-compliance for many years. And because there were gaps in the system, the authorities promised to do everything to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This information was well captured by Michigan news media houses.

But that the most important information that was highlighted by Michigan news journalists is that the dam wasn’t licensed to operate. Later, the House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote a letter to the regulatory commission and demanded answers. Some of the questions put across included:

  • What did the state do to prevent the flood from happening?
  • Why the dam was labeled `fair structural condition’?

While the local lawmakers tried to uncover the mistakes, the locals continued with the cleanup by the time this news was being aired.

A Michigan court gives parole to a man who was convicted for killing 3

The most unprecedented Michigan news in November 2020 was the release of a man who had spent time behind bars for half a century. Brent Koster admitted to killing three ladies in 1972. By the time he was sentenced, he was a teenager. The Kalamazoo man served for 48 years.

But not everybody took the Michigan news positively. The Kalamazoo prosecuting attorney stated that the department of corrections made a mistake in releasing the serial rapist. Brent pleaded guilty at 19 years of age. In response, the head of correctional facilities in Michigan stated that Brent was eligible for release under provisions of Michigan’s Lifer Law.

Lawmakers make changes to sex offender registry rules

In 2020, the legislators in Michigan made changes to sex rules after the federal court termed it unconstitutional. The new rules were passed by the senate and eliminate living 1000 feet close to schools. This law of prohibiting people from being around leaning institutions was vague. Over the years, those convicted of such offenses serve their sentence and continue with the normal life. And this is a reason why it should be scrapped altogether.

If you can recall, a federal court stated that it was vague to make changes to the current registry laws.ACLU attorney has emphasized over the years that the registry is counterproductive and doesn’t prevent one from committing an offense. In addition to that, Michigan news journalists have interviewed residents, and they believe the law is vague.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Criticizes the US government over vaccine shipment

A frustrated Michigan governor has criticized the Trump government over the shipment of fewer doses of vaccine. This was after the state received a fraction of the vaccine it was slated to receive. Whitmer pointed her fingers to the White House despite hospitals being ready.

At the time of writing this Michigan news, the spokesperson at the department of health was yet to give an official statement concerning the matter. However, a senior administration has stated that have been challenges on the distribution of vaccines.

There was even more confusion after Pfizer said that they were ready to distribute 2.9 million doses immediately. The government was also holding about 500,000 doses to cater for emergencies. To emphasize what the governor said, the CEO of the Michigan health & hospital association said the whole thing is confusing. And any delay means that the workers increase the risk of contracting the virus.

Epic Swim across Lake Michigan

Six friends embarked on an epic swim to cover 54 miles in 21 hours across Lake Michigan. Does it sound unrealistic? On 12th August 2020, the swimmers appeared with wetsuits and goggles. When the onlookers appeared, they cheered them up.

But what fascinated many Michigan news reporters is that they were to swim day and night. The day before, Jeremy, Dave, Jon, Hobson, and Todd has departed from the two rivers. They managed to complete 54-miles and clocked a record time of 20 hours and 54 minutes.

While this challenge may have looked like a big achievement, Joh is no stranger to such impressive defeats. About one year ago, he biked across the state of Michigan with a record 8 hours and 17 minutes.

What makes the swimming challenge unique for him is the fact that he had broken an elbow while cycling. In an interview with Michigan news reporters, he said that the accident was an eye-opener and made him even look for bigger challenges in 2020. Most people describe Jon as a person who is committed to being inspired by adding more things to his bucket list, not putting things off.

Detroit couple gets creative in their wedding after being downsized by COVID-19

Detroit couple gets creative in their wedding after being downsized by COVID-19

When the government gave strict measures on the social gathering, one couple in Michigan decided to do something that shows life has no limits. Bryce Huffman (a Michigan news reporter) was there to see how the whole thing would go down.

Before Covid-19 brought the strict social gathering measures, his brother had planned a big wedding that would be followed by a gigantic reception. But this was not to be. With all these things on hold, nothing could stop the couple. Just like in their previous arrangement, they wanted to include all their guests. They had at least 300 guests watching the ceremony at the same time.

Bryce brought his radio equipment, and that’s why this was possible. After the ceremony, he secured an exclusive interview with the new couple. They also held a bridal party with just a live stream.

A man tied to floating bags of marijuana

Glen Richard Mousseau admitted to smuggling drugs between Canada to the United States using a submarine, next to a crane rental near me. According to officials, he was found in Detroit River tied to bags of Marijuana in the middle of the night.

After arrest, the office of the Sherriff released information to the local Michigan news desks that they found a large plastic that contained money and drugs. Mousseau also admitted that he had successfully transported the illegal drugs seven times.

As the investigations continued, Mousseau admitted that he was the owner of the submarine. He also permitted the agents to search his phone and managed to get contacts where the drugs were being smuggled to.

Mousseau also gave links to a consignment that was to arrive in Detroit the following day.

A woman found alive after being declared dead

On 23rd August 2020, a 20-year old South Field woman was declared dead. According to reliable Michigan news sources, the family called 911 after being unresponsive. Sources showed that the woman was believed to be in cardiac arrest.

When paramedics arrived at home, they found that the woman was not breathing. And after performing CVR, nothing worked. So, given the medical conditions of the woman, it was determined that she had no signs of life.

The sources of this information reached Michigan media and stated that Southfield police saw the woman move. But the medics said it was the side effects of medication given to her. The female was later taken to a funeral home. And it was at this time that the workers in the funeral home discovered that she was breathing.

The employees called EMS and drove her to the hospital. According to Oakland Medical Examiner’s office, there was no indication of foul play. But upon arrival at the hospital, she was determined to be dead. Without a doubt, the story brought a lot of confusion to Michigan news reporters.

Judge refuses to block a ban on indoor dining

In the last quarter of 2020, Michigan’s ban on indoor dining seems to have caught businesses by surprise. Judge Paul declined the request in response to reduce the rising cases of Covid-19. And the court was very reasonable. The judge further argued that restaurant patrons can’t wear a mask while drinking.

But the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association argued that they were being treated unfairly. The head of the restaurant group asked for further explanation of the extended closures. Based on the information gathered by Michigan news journalists, the ban was met with some defiance.

But the judge considered all the claims as a matter that violates the state constitution. He asked for time to consult the Supreme Court for further guidance.

John James Concedes senatorial seat to Gary Peters

James was congratulated by many Michigan residents for conceding defeat after the senatorial election results went in the favor of Gary Peters.

According to the information gathered by Michigan news houses, James lost the race by over 92,000 votes. This was considered a landslide win. The move was unexpected because most supporters of John had asked the canvassers to delay the certification to give room for auditing.

While James didn’t call peters to concede, he wished him and his family good health. He also emphasized that the elections were over, and it was time to move forward and build the nation.

The court rejected the Republican attack on Joe Biden

The Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit that was meant to overturn the victory of Joe Biden. Being the nation’s highest court, it refused to subvert the will of voters. According to Michigan news reporters, the high court stated that the information presented was dubious and baseless.

In an earlier statement presented to Michigan news houses, the lawsuit filed was the big win. It focused on three states:

  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

The Supreme Court also stated that Texas did not have a legal mandate to sue other states. But Donald Trump continued to undermine the independence of the judiciary, stating that the panel did not look at the facts presented before it. But none of Trump’s appointees noticed any illegalities.

In another statement released to Michigan newsrooms by Nancy Pelosi, the court has rightfully dismissed the case without any favor. While some republicans expressed their concern about the outcome of the case, most of them remained silent amid Trump’s endless claims.

It’s worth mentioning that Trump had spent the better part of the week claiming that his victory was robbed. He even challenged the Supreme Court to show its `courage’, and win the biggest case in history. It was later discovered that Trump’s petition was based on conspiracy theories and election-related falsehoods.

Michigan police warned of an impersonating trooper

In December 2020, the state released a report to Michigan news houses that there was a man who was impersonating the local police. He was identifying himself as a state trooper and managed to make some stops over the weekend. The police advised residents to call 911 if they get stopped by a man driving a dodge charger.

Michigan Chief Justice requested vaccination for judges and court staff

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack

The chief justice requested the health sector to vaccinate judges and court staff to keep the system running. According to reports that reached most Michigan news desks is that the chief justice wrote a letter on 8th December 2020 to the Chief Medical Executive requesting a consideration.

McCormack stated that judges and court staff are among the group of essential workers. In another statement released by a health official in Michigan, the state was set to receive about 185,000 doses. The chief justice has been working with the local health to determine how to approach the matter. Keep in mind, the judiciary has a responsibility of identifying the staff who fall under the category of essential workers.

The chief justice also highlighted that most the business require in-person work. This request came at a time when most hearings were conducted online.